Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tooth Soap {Winey Mommy Review}

Being a Mom I am always wanting the best for my family. Whether it's cleaning my home, helping outside for yard work or everyone's health...I want them to have the best. Another important part of taking care of my family would be their dental health. Having healthy gums and teeth means a lot to me.

I know we have been told to brush teeth, floss and choose our foods carefully--those are all important parts of a healthy mouth. But have you heard of Tooth Soap? I had never heard of Tooth Soap until recently--and I also go to try it. I was told to give it more than one chance--the texture is totally different and it doesn't get "foamy" like a normal toothpaste. I remember what does it do?

After receiving my Tooth Soap {I chose mint--there are TONS of different flavors to choose from} I went and got my toothbrush. I wanted to see for myself how this stuff worked. I got my dropper, dropped some in my mouth and started brushing with my {wet} toothbrush. The texture of it was definitely different, but I kept brushing and brushing. After I was done my mouth felt, well, clean. It's hard to describe the difference....but it felt a lot cleaner than normal. The mint flavor was great, too. I'm not one for crazy toothpaste flavors, but if you like to experiment you can choose from a large variety of flavors.

One last bit of info about Tooth Soap--it's all natural and they only use products that you would find in your kitchen. You will not find any crazy named ingredients where you sit and wonder what it is and how could that be harmful to you and your family. That has been one of the top reasons why I loved this product. I actually know that I'm giving to my family.

I received one bottle of product in order to write my review. No other compensation was given.


Heather said...

I have heard of Tooth Soap. I would love to try it.

KLZ said...

I'm not sure I love the name (sorry Tooth soap guys) but I love the way it sounds like it works...I could use a cleaner mouth and Orbitz gum ain't cutting it.

Lindsay said...

I am always looking for products like this! I am off to check out their site! Thanks for spreading the word Chelle :-)