Thursday, May 27, 2010

The One Where I Have Nothing Witty...

I cannot believe I have been seriously not witty for awhile. I'm sitting here listening to Leo watch some political type TV show where it makes me want to shove nails into my eyeballs. I'm serious. He watches this show Monday through Friday which leaves me a TON of time to be witty. But, alas, today...nada. Not a single witty thing escapes me. The rest of this post will probably be of me and my rambling. And my feeling sorry for myself that people I L-O-V-E-D unfollowed me on Twitter. I know, I know, sniff sniff.

But my feelings still get hurt. I am sensitive. Gah. I know...I shouldn't care, but I do!

Anyway. Back to having the nada for brains lately. And to justify this I blame being on vacay for a week in Texas. Which reminds me...I'll be on vacay in Tennessee for my birthday week in June. If you want to guest post contact me--leave a comment and we'll set it up! I have never had guest posters and would love a few of you to come and write over here.

I sometimes wonder if I had actually finished college instead of becoming a full-time party girl and eventually joining the Air Force if I would have better posts, more ideas flowing. But honestly? I don't think so...I have loved my life thus far and wouldn't change a thing. But then I read other blogs where they are practically geniuses and don't have to depend on a glass of wine to wind down from one hell of a hellacious week...totally not me.

I am seriously that mom who is counting down the days for the weekend. Because weekends to me = relaxation time. Some wine. A few margaritas. You know--I get to unwind a little. I've always been like that, though. Seriously--if you knew me back in the day? You would really wonder if this? Was really me. For real. That's one reason why I joined the Air Force {where I still got to party, but it was in a much, much more somewhat responsible way...} and got my life in order, became an actual real life adult, met the man of my dreams, had two beautiful girls {and a baby in heaven} and now?

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend. And please take a moment while at your bbq's, the lake, or wherever you may be to remember our fallen men and women. The ones who we celebrate the lives of and their sacrifices for our holiday.


casey aubut said...

Your hubby sounds like mine- so into politics and I am left to my own devices when he is off watching yet another program I could not care less about!
Oh- and my #'s on Twitter- my blog, etc fluctuate everyday and Im left wondering "What did I say?" haha!

A glass of wine to wind down from the WEEK? Mine is from the DAy!!! You are showing willpower lady! :)

I would love to guest post for you while you are gone!You are one of my fav blogs!

goodygoodytutus said...

You are a girl after my own heart!! Cheers (holding a lovely glass of red)!!

And thank you for mentioning our fallen heroes.... sadly, so many forget what Memorial Day is really about.

Take care:)

Lisa said...

My hubby is the same way. I get so tired of FOX news!

I'd be pouty if someone unfollowed I don't have enough friends to lose any!

Shell said...

I love you, Chelle! I'm too tired for more than that right now. ;)

Much More Than Mommy said...

I almost forgot it was a holiday weekend, thank you for the reminder!! You need to vacation in Florida!!! :-)

And I've done a guest post or two in my 'time'. Let me know. :-)

The Mommyologist said...

OMG when in June are you going to be in TN and where in TN are you going to be? I will be in TN the first weekend in June visiting a friend. If we are in the same place at the same time and don't meet up for a glass of wine I might have to kill myself.

Kmama said...

I didn't know you were in the Air Force! How interesting.

So totally not a boring post! ;-)

Mellisa Rock said...

I hope that you have a great weekend too...sorry about the twitter unfollow - Thanks for the reminder about what the weekend is really about. I will be outside bbqing watching the kids play on the water slide...but maybe I will pick up some margarita mix - it's been a while since I had a drink...GASP I know.

Krystyn said...

Doesn't it stink when you feel like you have to be the witty one and you've got nothing?

Here's hoping a nice chill and relaxing long weekend is just what you need.

Lin said...

I totally get what you're going through. My brain has been on strike all month, my posts sound lame & I lost a follower...ugh.

My husband watches all that political stuff too. He even DVR's all the news shows on MSNBC so he can re-watch them later. He's so boring, lol.

Jenny said...

Lew watches those same shows and i feel like poking out my eyes too!

You are a wonderful blogger and writer and you will always have many followers!

Have fun this weekend!

amanda said...

unfollow you? how dare they?

they will be back friend..they will!

happy long weekend :)

DeAnn said...

I will never unfollow you hehe. I hate it when people unfriend me on FB or whereever.. I lost a blogger follower.. but I think she deleted and I only had 10! I was crushed! I love all your posts.. and your sense of humor.. I did not know you were in the AF either! Love you girl!~ have a great weekend~

amber. said...

I often hit a ceiling when under pressure to be witty. lol. I think it happens to the best of us. (At least that's what I want to believe.)

Proud to still be a faithful follower. ;)

Erin said...

Even if you don't think you are being witty, you are still fun to read. I love learning about you and your life with every new post!