Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Playing Catch Up.

-An entire week has flown by since my last post-I'm never going to catch up with blogging until at least one of my daughters is in school. When do you find time to write? To read a blog? Send me suggestions--I'm begging you!

-I finally got contacts--and I love it. Can you believe in my twenty plus years of assistance in sight that I never once tried contacts? Now that I have them I love them. As in I never want glasses again. Eventually I would love me some Lasik, but until then these will do.

-Our new living room furniture FINALLY arrived. I say finally because it took two months to make it to our home. That's a post for another day...

-I had my first ER worthy injury on Saturday. I was playing with Madelyn and I was lying down on the living room floor. She does this thing where she starts to make herself fall and you're supposed to catch her. Only this time I couldn't catch her and she landed on my face. Her head literally crushed my nose--I'll never forget the sound *shiver*. I stood up and had blood coming out of my nose...turns out she shifted my nose, I have severe bruising and swelling inside of my nose. Crazy, right?! It hurts like hell...

-We've been having so much fun outside. Beach trips, yard work, playing in the sprinkler, spring's been 80 degrees almost every day and I'm totally taking advantage of it!

-I recently bought new bedding. Ohmyheavens. It's wonderful. I bought the Dream Quilt from Garnet Hill in the color cottage blue. It's the softest quilt that I have ever felt in my life. I bought some cool white sheets from JCPenney...they are the softest sheets EVER. I also bought a cute throw for the bottom of our bed. Now I need to get some cute decorative pillows, curtains and wall decor. Slowly yet surely my house is looking how we want it. I'm going for crisp, clean and cleansing--with a chic flair.

-I think that's it--hoping to find some more time one of these days to make my blog a priority again. I miss everyone!


Jenny said...

Ouch on the nose friend! Hope it is starting to feel better.

That bedding sounds heavenly...I kind of have an obsession with that and sheets. Going to have to check them out.

As for blogging...I'm with you. It is so hard to find the time. It is not 9:30pm and I am just getting around to it!

Anonymous said...

Miss you too!! Yay for contacts! We need to see a picture!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Contacts are pretty awesome..well, except right now when the pollen is terrible. It's funny, though, you almost never have your glasses on in your pictures:)

I hope your nose is feeling better now.

amanda said...

so sorry about your nose honey!! ouch!!

do we get to see the new living room??

ps - i just got new sheets from pennys too!!