Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sand Between Her Toes...

I ventured out to the beach on Monday and did it all. by. myself.


I had my girls and met a couple of friends with one of their little boys.


The point that I am making is that I braved the sand, water and seagulls without my husband. If that's not a miracle I'm not sure what is.

We survived, had fun and I even snapped some pictures. After all, it was Brynlie's first time in the sand.

She loved it. She ate some sand. She had fun. She ate sand covered Goldfish.

I survived. I have a weird pattern on my back from where I couldn't reach sunscreen. I, too, ate some sand.

Did I mention that I survived?



Venassa said...

Oh how I miss the beach. Sounds like she enjoyed her first trip to the beach. Eating sand is like a rite of passage for the little ones.

Lin said...

How fun! I'm glad you had a great time and conquered this voyage without your husband :)

Jennifer Gilbart said...

What a precious photo. Glad you survived the excursion and I hope you rewarded yourself when you got home with a little glass of vino!
I remember the first time I took my oldest to the beach...he was about 9 months and he absolutely hated the sand. Totally freaked him out. But he's 7 now and loves it.

amanda said...

so so so proud of you friend!!! this is HUGE!! can you pretty please do this for me at least once a week? the sandbox out back sure isn't the same as the beach!!

happy weekend!!

Meg from Megs A Mommy! said...

You are a brave woman!! Water scares me sooo much. But, your girls are the perfect ages right now to do stuff like this!

Great shot of baby B!