Sunday, March 18, 2012

Too Sweet.

Blogger has been making my pictures' color look really bizarre...sigh.

Miss Brynlie is almost 10 months old. On the 21st she will be two months shy of turning one.


Where has the time gone?

With turning 10 months comes new and exciting things! This has been a busy, busy month for her as you are about to see...

She has TWO teeth as of now. Two. Just a month ago she was my toothless honey. Now? She has chompers!

She went through a biting/teething phase while nursing. That was horrible.

Speaking of nursing, we are almost to 10 months. If you asked me 10 months ago how long I would nurse her for I would of answered that I did not know if I would be able to do it. I am so proud of the both of us for making it this far!

She says mama any time she cries. Is it bad that I kinda hope she cries just to hear her say mama?

She also says dada and baba (which I assume means mama milk, haha). Oh-and gaga as well as "vvvvv". Love the sound of her voice!

She sings little songs. Sometimes I join in and she grins ear to ear and belts the notes out even louder. Heart melting.

Talk about a cruiser! She has mastered cruising.

Her big sisters are her world. She smiles anytime she hears their voice. She laughs at them constantly--which encourages Isabella and Madelyn to be even sillier. I love seeing the love she has for those two. There's nothing like seeing the love your children have for one another.

Last, but not least, she cannot stand baby food. Besides nursing she only wants real food. Can you blame her? Her favorite dish is pinto beans. Those are her favorite!


amanda said...

they look beautiful on this end mama!!

seriously can't believe she is almost one!!

Meg from Megs A Mommy! said...

I never understood jarred baby food, personally. It tastes awful.

I would love some tips on surviving the biting/teething nursing phase....when Logan got his teeth, I was sooo happy when he started to ween himself, but we only made it 8 months. I want to go longer with Maddie, of course!