Monday, April 7, 2008

Beautiful Park Day

Isabella holding on and a little scared....

Shrieking and having fun being pushed...

Having a fun time swinging on the swings....

Today was such a beautiful day that Isabella and I decided we would venture to our new favorite park. We got there around 10:45 and it was already a warm, spring day. There were a few kids there when we got there, but we were lucky enough to get a baby swing for Isabella. She loved mommy pushing her and smiling and tickling her as she swung closer to me. After the swings we parked ourselves on a bench where we shared a snack of Cheerios (Bella's new favorite snack) and she drank some nice ice water from her sippy cup. Isabella kept trying to talk to the older kids, but they all ignored her :( Poor thing! She was getting so excited and patting mommy's legs and "talking" away to them, but they didn't do anything but give her a quick glance. I could tell she was a little confused why they weren't giving her a second thought, so mommy quickly started talking to her and tell her in a few weeks her fun aunts would play and talk and listen to her. :) After that we went back to the swings where some little girls were asking all sorts of questions about Isabella and talking to her. She was smiling at all of them and that made mommy happy.

Here is our menu for the week. Some of it may look similar to last week's but some things happened and we didn't follow the menu due to those circumstances...enjoy!

Monday; chili w/sour cream and cheddar cheese; strawberry shortcake

Tuesday: lasagna and green beans

Wednesday: leftovers

Thursday: fish fillet, mac and cheese and salad

Friday: grill out steaks and potatoes, corn

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