Friday, April 25, 2008

Time For a Post!

I am so sorry we haven't updated for awhile! It has been one crazy, hectic week around here, that's for sure. Did I tell you earlier in the week Isabella wasn't sleeping well? Basically screaming all night long? Well, she was. On Wednesday she was barely eating a thing--which is very very unlike my little girl, and she had a little temperature. So off to the doctor we go. The doctor said it was either a virus or teething. ~Sigh~ I am voting towards virus bc her temp got higher that night and she wasn't showing a lot of teething signs. Yesterday she was back to her old self, eating, playing, shrieking, laughing....yay!! My little girl is feeling better! Thanks to all of you who said a quick prayer for my little girl. I always get worried when she isn't feeling good. It's amazing how worried I get now that I am a mommy! It doesn't help I am a natural "worryer" either :)

This weekend we are going to Alabama to stay with our friends that stayed with us last weekend. We are so excited to go and see them! I still have a mountain of laundry to iron, wash and dry the white load, my and Bella's baths, wash and dry my hair, run to Wal-Mart and pack....all before we are set to leave around 5'ish. Wish me some luck! I'll be sure to post some pics on Sunday/Monday. Next week will be just as busy bc we leave for Houston later in the week and then Miss Bella and mommy will be flying to Missouri to see my family. I can't wait to see you all!

Have a wonderful weekend and be safe!

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