Friday, April 4, 2008

I Love Days Like This...

Have you ever had a day where you wish there were just more like it? I'm not saying I want everyday to be like today because then these days wouldn't be special. I just wish we had more days like this. What did we do for today to be so great? It started with us visiting our realtor (who is an amazing woman--she is the best!) to bring Isabella by for a visit. She hadn't seen Isabella in person yet, so we thought today would be a perfect day to bring her in for a short visit. We had a fantastic time and she told us where a beautiful park was downtown to take Isabella.

After we left her office we went to the Commissary on base to buy some diapers, fruits and veggies. Just some stuff that we wanted in the house and to snack on. The diapers, well, were for Isabella :) After our quick stop Leo took me to a fantastic little Mexican restaurant. It was sooo good! They brought our drinks in what I call "mini-pitchers" and our big-little (does that even make sense?!) sat in a highchair. She also ate some of mommy's bean and rice, which she loves!
We then drove back towards home since we were in another city and took Miss Bella Mella to the park. She had fallen asleep on the way towards the park and didn't even wake up when we got her out of the car. She was, at this point, exhausted. Leo and I walked around the park while I was carrying our sleepy head. The park was gorgeous! Flowers blooming everywhere, azaleas in full bloom (which I am determined to get some for our backyard--simply gorgeous), a wooden bridge with a stream running underneath and tropical type flowers, and the trees were gorgeous....tall, towering trees that you know have been there for a very very long time. Our sleeping beauty woke up and we took her to the little swings. Let me say, this was also her first trip to a park. Once in the swing, she was a little nervous w/her little arms shaking, but once she was in it for a little while she was squeeling (is that how it's spelled?! it looks totally wrong lol!!) and laughing. She LOVED it!
After we were done at the park we went to the beach which was right down the street. This, too, was a brand new adventure for our little girl. Once there she was captivated by the waves washing up to the shore. She would turn her head to watch the wave come up and quickly turn her head to watch it retract back into the Gulf. It was simply adorable and I am so mad that we didn't have our camera! I tried to have her stand up on the wet sand and let the wave wash up on her feet, but she immediately dismissed that idea. We did have a lovely time and I picked up a seashell that I want to paint on there today's date as a little token.
I hope you enjoy the pictures above. She's wearing the new headband I bought for her...adorable! I really want to start making her hair accessories and hope to make it to Hobby Lobby one of these days.
Have a wonderful, lazy weekend....we are supposed to have bad storms all weekend long, so we'll probably just cozy up at home. May you have a blessed night and I'll talk to ya'll tomorrow.

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