Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Already?!

Happy Monday to everyone! How was your weekend? Ours was pretty good. We got some more landscaping done and got the Jeep washed. We all enjoyed the spring weather, although it was cooler than it has been (which is good!).

Isabella pulled herself up to stand yesterday, I couldn't believe it! She is so strong and such a quick learner! I think we may get her ears pierced this weekend and also get her pictures taken. Hopefully we accomplish both! Some friends from Alabama are coming down on Saturday, so we'll need to get everything accomplished on Friday. Wish us luck!

Not much else is going on here this week. Pretty quiet and hopefully relaxing :) Our menu for the week is:

Monday-beef enchiladas, pinto beans

Tuesday-chicken lickin casserole, green beans


Thursday-grilled chicken, potatoes and veggie

Friday-probably will make pizza...or have spaghetti (still undecided!)

Well, I need to get going, I have some things I want to get done. Enjoy the pictures of our silly little girl. Isn't she adorable?! She never ceases to make us smile and laugh, that's for sure! She is very spunky and outspoken :) The card is the card I made for Bella's aunt and my sister, Allie. She turns 4 in one week! I hope she loves the card :) Bye to you all and have a blessed week!

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