Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cloudy, Cloudy Days

I miss the sun. No really, I do. It has been pretty cloudy all week with a few light showers. Now we are supposed to get those horrible storms and I am a little nervous. Clouds make me just kinda *blah*, you know? I get a lot done, but no satisfaction from it. For example, today was my cleaning day. Usually I get pumped up and stuff, but no so much today. *Sigh* When will my sun come back?

I just had a whole paragraph written and it got deleted. I will take that as a sign to end here. *Laughing* Enjoy the pics above. Of course one of our beautiful daughter, the other is a picture of some flowers that are growing up front. I'm not sure what kind they are, but if you know leave me a comment, I would love to find out! And the last picture is a birthday card that I made. I hope you enjoy the pictures and have a good night.


llespy said...

Hi Chelle,
I'm not sure, but I think your flower is either a lily or daylily of some sort. I love the pictures of Bella. Keep them coming. Love, Aunt Lisa

Jill and Rick said...

Beautiful flower, beautiful girl!!

Miss you guys!