Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An Award? For Me?!

Summer from Sumo's Sweet Stuff recently gave me this gem of an award! I know I have mentioned her before in posts...how talented and crafty she is. Not to mention her little girl? So adorable! Thank you, Summer, for giving me this award!

For this award I need to tell my faithful readers {10} random things about me that you may not know. I then need to tag {10} other people with the award. Finally, I will notify all {10} that I have left them something on my blog and link to them. They in turn will link back to me who gave them the award. Easy, right?
Lets get started!

(1) I hate finding a random stray hair that is wet...say in a pool, hot tub, bath tub...ewww! With the exception of the bath tub you don't know who that lonely hair once belonged to...and when it's wet?! Omg--it sticks to you. That. truly. disgusts me.

(2) I come from a large family. There are {7} children with me being the oldest of everyone. I have {4} sisters and {2} brothers--and {3} of my sisters are adopted from China! They actually aren't too much older than Isabella. I call them her "fun" aunts but usually just to get my other sister into claiming she's the fun aunt. Which I have to admit, she is pretty fun...

(3) My main food cravings this pregnancy have been green pepper and mushroom pizza, spaghetti, and chicken quesadillas that my honey makes me. Poor Leo, I know he is probably so tired of eating the same things over and over, but nothing else really sounds good to me!

(4) I always spell "night" like "nite". I'm not sure why...I just do. Same with "light". I spell it "lite"...it's just my thing, I guess!

(5) I am addicted to my CrackBerry BlackBerry and it's little blinking red lite. I keep it by my bed because I have such a hard time sleeping at nite...and if it's blinking I get soo happy! I love getting FB alerts and emails....especially because it makes my phone start blinking. Ha!

(6) I love the fall. It's my favorite time of year. I hate living in the south because of our lack of seasons. In Missouri we would get the crisp, cool weather, the leaves that turned yellow, orange and red. I love getting bundled up for football games and sipping on hot chocolate in the stands. I love baking banana and pumpkin bread. I love having my windows open and having the cool air come through my window and me snuggling with my layer of warm blankets. I told Leo before we got married that after he is done with the Air Force I will not live in the south. I must live somewhere that we get all of the seasons...I'm anxious to see where we'll end up once he retires....

(7) I always try to remember to write thank you cards. I was brought up to always write a thank you card--even if it's just a quick note. Not too many people write them anymore and I'm not sure why? But I will definitely pass this on to Isabella and Madelyn just like my parents passed this on to me.

(8) When I can't sleep at nite I watch a lot of reality shows. I love to watch I Survived, I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, the ID Channel, Mystery Diagnosis...I could go on forever! I think my insomniac ways drive Leo crazy...but hopefully I'll be back to sleeping somewhat normally after Madelyn is born--with the exceptions of night feedings, etc.

(9) My thumbs are double jointed. I can bend them back to my wrist. Weird, I know.

(10) I loooove to read. I'm such a book nerd and I love it! Nothing makes me happier than taking an afternoon to head over to Barnes and Noble to enjoy a Starbucks and pick up a new read for Isabella and myself. I've tried to get Leo into reading, but I haven't had a lot of luck there. Isabella LOVES to read so that itself makes me super happy!


I am passing this award on to the following:


And because I don't always follow the rules I won't be going to each blog to tell them they have an award from me right this second...I'll get to it eventually *smile*


amanda said...

whoo hooo honey! thank you :)

ps - i am hoping leo decides to retire right back where you belong - then we can be neighbor states!

Anonymous said...

ooo thanks for the award! Loved this post!

Elaine A. said...

Congrats on your award and it was fun to get to know you better! : )

Summer said...

This was so fun to read!

I'm with you on the stray hairs - yuck!

Fall is definitely the BEST season! I hope you get to end up somewhere where you can experience it more! :)

I spell nite the same way as you! It drives my husband crazy!

And yay for book nerds! We should swap reading lists. I'm always looking for some good recommendations. Are you on goodreads?

Thanks for posting - it was fun to learn more about you!

Krystyn said...


And I loved your random things!

Allison R said...

I love your randoms :)

we have lots in common! i love late night reality shows (i suffer from insomnia too). i'm an avid reader - i try to read two or three books a week. I'm a thank you note writing fool. I'm addicted to my iPhone and sleep with it by my bed too.

Loukia said...

Aww, thank you!! I'll get to working on this next week! :) And wow, you have a huge family! Lucky you, that is so much fun! And how did your mom do it? WOW!!!!!! I find it hard with two childen! And I love writing thank you cards, too... I LOVE stationary!

Loukia said...

P.S. I LOVE books, too!

Anonymous said...

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