Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bella-isms...All Things About My Girl

**When I tell Bella "thank you" she always replies with "elcum, elcum". Love it!

**Our bathtub in the master bath is really deep. I can barely get out of it now! But Isabella must have noticed this as she now grabs my hand and tells me "up, up, up!". Man I love my little sweetheart!

**I can no longer drink any juice. It makes me beyond sick. I usually have milk, water and a Diet Coke during the day now. The other morning I was getting out the milk for our breakfast and Isabella handed me not one, but two Diet Cokes--I must have been looking extra tired that morning.

**Today at lunch we were sitting there and talking about what a fun day we had had so far. Outside time, snow cones, art projects and singing our favorite songs. She then took a bite of her lasagna, looked at me and said, "Mmmm! Ee-so-so!" In case you're unsure of what she was telling me she was saying, "Mmmm! Delicioso!" from Dora. Ha! Now she can't stop saying it. I definitely need to tape this one.

**She's caught on pretty quick that our dog, Chewy, will gobble up pretty much anything she drops on the floor while eating. The other day I gave her some Goldfish and set up a Dora movie in her new playroom. I'm assuming she didn't want anymore because she dumped over her bowl and yelled, "Cheeeewwwwyyyy!" It. was. hilarious!

**I love it when we're driving and a song will come on that just makes her want to dance! She sits in her carseat, smiles and wiggles back and forth--I love it! She definitely makes me want to dance when I see her dancing around.

**Her newest thing is helping throw trash away. She's mastered unloading the dishwasher with me, helping with the laundry so I assume the only logical thing left would be trash, right? While it's awesome that she's the first to help out with throwing things away, I've found a few non-trash items tossed in there as well. The latest? A Dora movie box and one of Madelyn's baby hats. Hmmm....not sure why those were in there, but I cracked up when I saw that combo.

**She's beyond obsessed with bubbles right now! I bought her a Fisher-Price lawn mower that blows bubbles--she uses that thing forever! Probably one of the smarter purchases that we've bought our little munchkin!

**I can't figure out what I want to buy Isabella as a gift for when Madelyn arrives. She already has a baby that goes everywhere with her. And I mean everywhere! I found one of those wooden bead mazes--she loves those, but I just don't know. Did you buy your older child a gift? I also want to have a few little gifts for her to open when people come to visit. There's a Barbie she loves, maybe a book...I just don't know!


Lady Mama said...

Very cute post. :) We didn't buy our son a toy when his brother arrived - he was only 19 months old so he wouldn't have understood. But I think a gift is a great idea for a slightly older child. I'd definitely go for something you know she loves like the barbie.

Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

We bought Kyler a little something to open each day we were gone and then a bigger something to pen when we got home. It made him feel special.

grandma (great gma) said...

Little Bella... What a sweetheart! Sure wish we could see and play with her at this stage.. She seems so considerate of her mommy right now.
I can't remember if I got the older kids a little gift or not.. those days were different than now, but I do know grandma's and great's think of the older one too and often get them a little something too!..Think it would be good for her to have a little something special for when you bring Madelyn home. Like I said though, bet grandmas will have something for her too. By the way, are you "needing" anything special for the baby??
love you all and big hugs!
gma (and gpa)

Formerly Gracie said...

I'm thinking of getting Avery a gift for after the grandparents leave... just something to keep him busy and distracted while I'm on my own settling in with the baby.

amanda said...

love all things bella :) beans and her really would get along so well!

as for the little gifts - i think it sounds like a great idea! although of course i have no suggestions - i plan on "borrowing" all your great ideas!

a H.I.T. said...

Bella is adorable. I just want to follow her around all day so I can giggle at everything she does.

As for a gift...I would. But then again, I spoil my nieces. Apparently, I'm the older niece's "sugar daddy". Every toy she sees, she says, "Aunt H.I.T. bought me this," or, "Aunt H.I.T. will buy me this." I really haven't bought her THAT much, just a little something every time I see her. I digress. Any who, when her sister was born not too long ago, I sent my sister a gift for my new niece and I included a matching outfit for her sister.

I knew that my newest niece would be receiving alot of attention and gifts from people and I didn't want the older sister to feel left out at all. After all, there is plenty of time for her to get used to the idea when birthday's come around.

Vashey Fam said...

She is hilarious! Dora is definitely an obsession here too. I much prefer Wonderpets myself. Oh my goodness, where can I buy a bubble blowing lawnmower?!

Elaine A. said...

It's so good to record these things. She will love reading these things someday! : )

Maythi said...

Hi Chelle! Your Isabella sounds like my Reilly :) And we did get her something when we brought Reese home. She was very into dress up at the time and was dying for the Tinkerbell outfit, so it was waiting when we got home with the baby. We were really surprised to see how many people would show up with a gift for the baby AND a gift for the big sister (even if sometimes all it was was a sleeve of stickers) it meant so much. Good luck and hope you're liking the Spooneez. Thanks again :)

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

Awww! I love these Bellaisms.

Anonymous said...

aww love the Bellaisms.. hmm for gifts.. does the baby doll have a stroller? Or something else for the baby like a crib? Then I would have something for her for when people come over with baby gifts.

Krystyn said...

She sounds so sweet. Maybe a baby accessory? Something like that?

We were cheap, we got Izzy a My Little Pony. She loved it.

Amanda said...

What a little angel you have there!
I bet Chewy follows Bella around everywhere!!
Amanda x

Sweet CuddleCakes said...

Hi, there!! How are you holding up?? I wanted to let you know that the new contest is posted and it's soooo cute! Come take a peek!

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

I love, love, love when you post this kind of stuff! Bells is such a little sweetie and you are such a proud and adoring momma. It is so clear how much you adore your little princess and being a mom. Bella is going to be such a special big sister!