Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fancast Review

I recently was told about a new site, Fancast, from One2One Network.

If you're like me there are times when the DVR will only let you record two shows at a time and you can't watch or record another show. Or there are times when I simply forget to press record--with two little ones demanding attention that's bound to happen!

I had never heard of Fancast before this campaign and I admit I was interested in it. One spot to find my favorite television shows? I'm in! It gets hard to remember what shows are on what channel--and with just one click you have so many shows to choose from!

When I visited Fancast I knew right away what show I would watch--that was simple--it was an episode of Grey's that I had missed. *Gasp* I cannot believe I forgot to check the DVR to check if it was recorded or not! I never miss an episode of Grey's!

The site was simple to navigate and I loved the layout. Everything I needed to know to find my show was right there and so simple. That is a must for me for a site. If it's designed poorly and hard to navigate I will find somewhere else to go. Easy. But Fancast had me hooked with their great design and easy navigation.

I encourage you to go and check out Fancast if there is a show you know you need to catch up on. I really think you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

*The above opinions are based solely on my own opinion. I received no compensation to write my opinion. I am entered into a drawing for a giftcard for taking the time to review Fancast and post my own opinion on their site.

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