Thursday, October 29, 2009

Randoms...That's What I Got....

*I'm so excited for Halloween! I LOVE watching scary movies, trick or treating w/the girls and handing out yummy candy. Seriously fun--and Isabella has been saying "tricktreat" all. day. long! I love it!

*Speaking of Halloween, she was going to wear the tutu that she wore on her birthday as part of her Halloween costume. Um, yeah...she is now refusing to wear it. I panicked. Freaked out. There are no costumes left! Thankfully my mom came to my rescue. She mailed {2} of the cutest costumes ever--and I've decided that Bella will be Minnie Mouse. Awww!

*For Isabella's birthday and Madelyn's birth this sweetheart mailed the girls each these cute gifts.  Isn't she amazing?!  She is SO talented and I'm hoping to meet her one of these days--we live a few hours away from one another.  How exciting!

*Is it sad that we still have to run our air conditioner?  Because I'm so bummed out.  I am really ready for cooler days and cooler nites.

*My new blog name 'The Winey Mommy' is based on the fact that I *heart* wine. Not that I'm a whiney mommy, hehe!  Although you will find me whining occassionally....

*Do any of you get random emails from PR companies writing a long email and expecting you to write about their product?  Without a review available?  Because I've been flooded with them lately--and I'm sorry, but I'm not going to write something if I know nothing about the product.  I would hate to be told about a product and go buy one and really not like it at all.  Am I right on this one?

*I have a hair appointment in two weeks and I've decided that I am going short again--bob short.  I cannot stand my hair long!  And all I do is throw it up in a ponytail.  So boring and lazy of me.  I want hair that I love and can fix and be happy about.

*What are y'all getting your husbands for Christmas?  I have no clue what to get Leo.  Like zero clue.  He loves grilling out, video games, running, a good beer occassionally.  But he has things for these already.  Help!

*A neighbor's dog came over the other day when Leo was installing Madelyn's new carseat.  It sorta-kinda found its way into our laundry room.  And Isabella may or may not have given it a doggie biscuit.  When Leo made it go home Isabella was in tears about the dog.  I told her the doggie went ni-night (thank you, Mom, for the suggestion) and now she always tells me that the doggie is sleeping.  Oh--and she now wants her own dog.  Um, no.  Not now.  Maybe in a few years.  Maybe.


Bombtastic Belle said...

We're still running the AC here too! I swear I can't stand this weather right now with it jumping from 60's - 80's like it was today. Hurry up cooler weather! *lol* Rich is so hot natured that we usually have the AC down pretty low, so I"m actually in sweats, so it's atleast feeling like it should, it's just inside. *lol*

I've never gotten the hang of wine... or maybe I've never tried any that was good. I was always a beer kidna girl, but since I can't have anything with carbonation now, I don't drink but on the rare occassion and it might be a lemonade slushie with Southern Comfort. There is a winery here though and we keep saying how we'll eventually go to it at some point, and we've yet to make it. *lol*

Me and Rich usually don't exchange gifts at Christmas, or we haven't in forever. He's also huge into video games, I swear the Xbox 360 will be the death of him. He played Live today for a few hours - he did ask for a years subscrition to that, so maybe I could do that for him.

G-Zell said...




Lindsay said...

I'm super excited about Halloween. I'm at the office today and everyone is dressed up I love it! Sammy is coming in his costume to see everyone :-) Don't write a review with out a product to review or that you use regularly. Thats crazy! Now for gifts.. my husband loves coffee so I am thinking about getting him a Keurig.. but its kinda on the high end of the budget :-P

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Can you believe that we are running our heater? I was hoping for several weeks of nice fall weather but it seems that we have passed that already... that's Missouri for ya!

I am so pumped that Halloween is tomorrow! Post some pics of your adorable little girls in their costumes!

I have been trying to figure out what to get Josh for Christmas. I know that he wants a smaller gun to carry when he is off duty and he also wants one of those mini laptops...I don't think he likes sharing a laptop with me! Of course it is all super expensive so I am planning on making a decision soon to start saving!

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

Yes, those freakin' press releases are driving me insane.

You are such a wine-o!

Elaine A. said...

Well you know, if you come here to meet Lauranie then you can meet me too! Whee!

And yes, the random review emails have been driving me nutso lately too!

amanda said...

hubby and i are counting the new finished basement plus couch as christmas this year.

which is good. bc i too have no clue what i would get him!

can't wait to see the girls in their costumes!!

Lin said...

ha ha, we have the AC on most of the time too. When is it going to get cold & rain?

You're totally right about the reviews. You never want to review something without having the product. I cant believe they'd even ask that of you. Lame.

I'm still giving the hubs' christmas gift some thought. He too loves video games & beer. He's been hinting at wanting the new Call of Duty 2, Left 4 Dead 2 & Borderlands XBox games so I think those are definite yes. Maybe I'll throw in some PJ's too...

blueviolet said...

A bob sounds really cute! A nice change of pace. :)

A/C is almost impossible to relate to. It's cold here!

I'm glad your mom stepped in and saved the day today with the costumes. Have fun tonight!

~Sandy~ said...

I get those PR emails all the time and just click on DELETE! I can't wait to see pics when you get your new hair cut...a bob sounds like fun! I am getting my hubby the Play Station 3...he is going to be so surprised because I told him it's a waste of money. But our DVD broke a couple weeks ago and the PS3 had a blue ray dvd play in it, so I decided to get it for him :)

Happy Halloween! Enjoy your weekend Chelle :)

Krystyn said...

We went from AC to heat in one day! Hopefully, a cool off is coming your way.

And, I don't even typically respond to the emails asking me to just post something. Yeah..I have a life, and I really, I'm not working for free!

And, the crown and bib are adorable!