Friday, October 16, 2009

Swine Flu, Candy Corn and Monkey Gyms....

Due to my battling the swine flu--Swine: 0 Chelle: 1--and winning, I'm all about the randoms tonite. Enjoy!

*I no longer feel like death. Which is always a plus in my book. However, Madelyn broke out with a fever today. Leo took her to the doc where she got prescribed with Tamiflu. Hoping that this is what Isabella and Leo had last week so they won't be next. What a week.

*I'm in love with Scrapblog. I made our Christmas cards yesterday and designed my twitter page. You could say that the Swine flu allowed me to stay in bed all day and be online...which I may have secretly enjoyed...

*Fall has arrived. Finally! It'll be in the 40's tonite and highs in the 60's tomorrow. I am in heaven and need to go and buy myself some fall clothes. Like asap. I won't be doing any shopping until next week, though. I would hate to still be contagious and risk getting others sick!

*Isabella has discovered the joy in Christmas catalogs. Girlfriend wants it all. For her and Maddie. She points out and tells me which is for Maddie and which is for her. Seriously cute. And seriously hard for me to say no to such cuteness.

*One of the things Isabella found was this monkey gym type of thing from One Step Ahead. Isabella showed me and then showed Leo who told her that it was pricey. She looked back down and said, 'pricey'. And looked a little longer before turning the page. So cute and I secretly want to buy it for her...even if it is a little 'pricey'...

*I've been craving a pumpkin spiced latte the entire time I've been sick. I haven't wanted much else except that. And orange juice. I am so heading to Starbucks on my get well shopping trip!

*Kind of grateful to the swine flu that it has curbed my cravings and inhaling of candy corn. I've even lost a couple of pounds. So, thank you swine flu for helping me out in that one department. Although I would have rather worked out to my 30 Day Shred dvd....

Well, that's all I can think of right now. I just wanted to post something of relevance to let y'all know what's been going on. Hoping nobody else catches this miserable flu, that's for sure.

Because it sucks.

Big time.


Loukia said...

Well, I guess looking on the bright side, getting H1N1 means losing a few pounds, and for me that would be totally awesome!
In all seriousness, glad you're feeling better and I hope your little girl recovers quickly, too! What a nasty flu this is!

Becks said...

I cant believe you got the swine flu!! That is so completely awful for you :( I hope Madelyn gets better fast and that everyone else stays healthy!!

At least you can look on the brightside.I could use the swine flu to lose a few pounds. I kid, I kid, knock on wood!! Please dont let me get the swine flu!

And now for some reason I really, really want a big glass of orange juice!! Heading to the fridge as soon as I post this! :)

Have fun on your get well shopping trip!

Grissell said...

OH girl I hope you feel better. I have to get the kids their shots. We always get the yearly flu shot and I have been laging and now we have a new one to get.

Awwww poor thing. Chloe totally wants everything in the world. She has a list. She just had a birthday and everything she says is mommy I want this OK? OK? I say ok Chloe add it to the list.

For her birthday She got this:
jewelry box
make up
moxie girl

She was so stoked that my family got her stuff on her list, yes alittle spoiled... but there was one thing on the list a guitar! Yes a guitar noone got it. Cuz dang those things are expensive LOL..

the next day she was like MOMMY I didnt get the guitar, noone bought me the guitar.. I said add it to your new list for christmas or your birthday ROFL..... girl is still talking about it.

Hope you feel better.

Anti-Supermom said...

So sucky for you Chelle, but I'm happy that you are able to keep us updated and surviving the flu stuff.

I love it when kids say adult stuff like 'pricey'. ;)

blueviolet said...

I'm glad you're starting to kick its butt and get better!

I like these cooler fall temperatures for sure!!!

Kristin said...

UGH, I hope you feel better swoon. That little piggy flue stinks!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

I am so glad that you are feeling better! Glad that Maddie got some Tamiflu - that stuff seriously kicks the pigs but!

I will have to check out scrapblog. I have an itch for some Digital creating.

Every commercial Carter sees with a toy on it he wants. I wish he would just tell me the things he really likes rather than it all. I have no idea what we are going to get him for Christmas. He is usually so easy to shop for.

Julie said...

I'm a little behind, but... ugh, SWINE FLU? That sucks! I am so glad that you are on the mend :) I'll be sending you healthy thoughts so that you can pop out of bed and go get a pumpkin spice latte!

Sophia's Mom said...

oh no, swine flu! I hope you are recovering quickly!
I have to get sophia vaccinated...

MoodyMommy said...

I absolutely LOVE this post!!!! I love your blog!! I think our daughters are twins...LuvBug wants it all!!!Her Birthday was on the 15th..she got a Moxie and Liv Doll. The Next Morning she said 'at my birthday party, I also want a Pillow Pet and a DVD player'...I am like really...cuz, I didn't just spend $40 bucks and I wont be spending $150 on the actual party??? Girls!! What can you say??

Jennifer said...

Sorry your not feeling well! Hope your back on your feet again soon!

Grissell said...

Can you believe that LMAO.... I think I am going to so shopping today for a rocking chair. Call me good ol' G from now on.

Do i qualify for aarp? LOL

Meg from Megs A Mommy! said...

Oh my! I am glad you are feeling better now. I am camping out at home most of the time trying to avoid it!

Thanks for the link to scrapblog too! I didnt know about that one!!!

Anonymous said...

so glad your feeling better! I sure hope Madelyn feels better quickly and no one else gets sick either!

Llama said...

Feel better sweetie!!! I love scrapblog too! Isn't it awesome?!?!? p.s. Get her the monkey gym!! It's so cool!