Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where is Her Bleeping Paci?!

Can somebody come over with a bottle of wine? Please?

Isabella has misplaced all 73 of her pacis.

As in, they are all magically gone. Which could have been a blessing.

But, see, she doesn't understand the whole fairy thing.

Or that her pacis went shopping.

Or that pacis aren't for big girls. They are for baby sissy.

Yes, I have told her all of the above. And, no, none of them worked.

What has worked?

Moving her playroom tv and dvd player into her room {shoot me...I've listened to more screaming, crying and 'Mommmmmy, paciiiiiiii!' statements than anyone should have to endure for {2} plus hours}.

I now have to listen to Max & Ruby's Christmas dvd on the baby monitor until she is fast asleep and I can turn off the television.

I knew I should have stopped at the wine store tonite after I ran to Target for formula. I knew it.


Lindsay said...

oo no!! thats the worst! I hope today goes better and you find some paci's!

blueviolet said...

Get off the computer and start searching!!!

amanda said...

maybe the pacis are hanging out with beans missing pat the bunny!!

how do these girls lose the most important things??


thinking of you friend - xoxo

Llama said...

hahaha! you are hysterical! poor little thing is looking all over for the paci!
you def. deserve a glass (or two or three) a matter of fact...lets share...CHEERS!!!

Christmas is starting early this year! haha

MoodyMommy said...

I am not laughing at you!! I was completely in that boat a few years ago!! I had hundreds of binkies. Ohhh, and not just any binkie. It was some strange one that I could only find at Baby Depot!! Great!!

I also had to move the TV into her room. She is now 7 and it is still there.

Oh well...

Midday Escapades said...

Live and learn, live and learn - more wine for the Winey Mommy. ;0)