Thursday, August 11, 2011

Five Things I Must Have When I Have a Cold...

Leo has gifted me with his cold. Lovely and miserable.

The good news is that I have kept up with my workouts. I'm pretty sure Jillian would give me a high five for that one...

Back to my must haves and what has kept me somewhat in a great mood in between my sneezing and coughing.

  • HGTV. Pretty sure I have recorded too many shows. Wait, there is no such thing as too many HGTV shows, right?
  • Comfort foods. Totally screwed over my healthy eating with the following foods: my Mom's oatmeal cookie recipe (NOT your average oatmeal cookie, my friends. I may need to pass this one along to the rest of you...) and homemade banana bread that is to die for yummy.
  • A new book. I'm currently reading Everyone is Beautiful and I LOVE it. It's a mom centered fiction book and she kind of reminds me of me. Granted I just started it, but I love when I can connect to a character. Here's a link to an excerpt from the book from Katherine Center's site.
  • Coffee. Had to make more this afternoon when I was practically falling asleep. Blah.
  • Tantrum free days. That's pretty much a wish. And a non reality. 
  • Since I put in a wish I'll throw in a 6th must have. Lots of comfy pillows and blankets. Heaven for my aching body when I finally manage to get some sleep.

So there you have it. My must haves...well, one was a wish, but wishes do come true sometimes, right?

What are some things that you need to survive when you get sick? Can't wait to see--and add them to my list!


    Lin said...

    Aw, I'm sorry to hear you're sick. Hopefully you'll get better soon!

    Anonymous said...

    ugh sorry you are sick.. i am getting a cold.. i so feel you on the drama free days!

    Lizbeth said...

    I hope you're feeling better! One must have for me is Tylenol cold and sinus--nite time. I need that little whatever's in there to give me some sleep!

    The Royal Family 2 said...

    hope you feel better soon,
    me i have to have apple juice when sick


    Rebecca D said...

    I hope you feel better soon! I'm all for lots of blankets and pillows when you don't feel good... I think napping on the couch has medicinal qualities too.

    amanda said...

    i know you are sick and all but i need that cookie recipe asap!! i need cookies!!

    seriously though hope you feel better soon honey!!