Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Think I'll Call Myself Shredder...

You guys. You guys.

I am starting to get addicted to working out. As in I'm loving it.

I love Jillian and her shred time. I just completed day 8--yeah!

Isabella asks me where Jillian is every day when we wake up.

The best part since the beginning of my workout regime?

I have officially lost 7 lbs as of this mornin.

That's with a few diet slip ups. That's with enjoying some Skinnygirl here and there.

I'm happy to see the numbers going down--and I even managed to wear a pair of jeans I wore pre-Brynlie!

Granted they were my fat day(s) jeans, but I can wear them. Just a few weeks ago I couldn't even zip them.

That's my workout update with my weight loss. I am happy to see that working out 6 days a week is starting to pay off. I have to admit that it's a little disheartening on mornings where my weight hasn't budged, but it's super encouraging to see those numbers drop like they do!

If you need a workout/diet motivator let me know--I would love to start a link up where we can blog our progress, our setbacks or if you just need some encouragement!


Anonymous said...

woohoo wtg girl!!

amanda said...

so proud of you honey!!! so proud!!

ps - drinking my skinny girl right this second! yum!!

Jewls said...

I need some serious motivation! I have a 1/2 on Friday and I've been slacking like crazy...ugh!

Kristin said...

Seriously, I saw the title of this post and all I could think of was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Congrats on the 7 lbs!

Kristen said...

Ok. I'm insanely jealous of you right now. Did you see my bandwagon post from today? *sigh* I want to be a shredder. Good for you girl. I'll get back on the bandwagon tomorrow. Kristen @ www.alittlesomethingforme.com

Lin said...

Love it! I'm so excited and happy for you.

Jessica @ My Simply Complicated said...

Wow! That's super exciting!

I've recently been counting calories and I must admit that I have no clue what I weigh. Well, I'm sure I could make a guess, but I've decided that I want to start keeping track of my health by the way I feel.

I feel like my body tells me so much, you know? Since I've been counting calories I just FEEL lighter and I look lighter, too.

I love that you've found something that works for you, too! So proud of you, girl! Kick Jillian's bootay!

Angie said...

Great job!!! I keep thinking as soon as we get settled into a house I *need* to make myself get into some kind of workout routine!

Anonymous said...

Way to go I did the shred in June. If you want to see my results. :) http://naptimemomtog.com/category/30-day-shred-2/

Vanessa said...

Way to go! I'm on Day 5 today of the Shred. I don't think I've lost any weight (but then again I rarely do while nursing) but I have firmed up and I'm proud of myself just for exercising and sticking to it!