Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Story of Squirmy Wormy

You're probably asking yourself what in the world or more accurately, who is squirmy wormy. Before I go any further I am certain that we all know a squirmy wormy or two--whether by birth or just association.

Madelyn is my current squirmy wormy. As in when I change her diapers she morphs into a squirmy wormy which can be a full out battle at times! I can't remember what age this all began, but it is still continuing to this very day. Diaper changes with my Madelyn, as they were with Isabella, are a battle. I hope you have your battle gear ready if you have the job of changing her diaper.

Need a visual scenario to play out in your mind? Here is a quick replay of a diaper change with Madelyn:

  • Madelyn tells me she's 'tinky or "poppy"
  • I go and gather all of the needed gear (Huggies wipes & diaper, bag, etc)
  • I hunt her down
  • Once she is caught and I start pulling out the wipes she runs away once again
  • I catch her yet again where she proceeds to scream, go boneless, crying
  • I pin her down, take off the dirty diaper and try to get her new one on
  • Due to her wiggling, squirming, fighting, the diaper gets placed on crooked
  • Repeat diaper putting on until it is on perfectly

As Madelyn has gotten older I have figured out a few tricks along the way to make her less of a wiggle worm during her diaper change. A few of my favorite tips and tricks include:

  • Have all diaper changing necessities in one place--preferably where you do diaper changes at
  • Always, always, always make sure your wipes container is stocked! Nothing is worse than needing wipes, opening the wipes container and seeing that--ack!--you are out!
  • Distract your child with something. Whether it be a small toy, small book, or engage in counting/abc's/song. This usually works like a charm for us. 
  • Offer your child a wipe of their own. I will hand one to Madelyn and ask her to clean her hands. She loves this and it gets her to practice cleaning up her hands or face.
  • Doing one of these usually will result in a successful diaper change without failing to get it on and secured properly.

I hope that by me sharing a few of my favorite tips it will help you out in the diaper changing department. If they all seem to fail on you, I am excited to announce that Huggies has come up with a great diaper (one that I've wondered since having Isabella why they weren't around yet!). The Huggies Little Movers Slip On diapers! Seriously--how great is that?! I can't wait to buy a pack and test them out on Madelyn.

If they will help in diaper changing I am all for trying them out. Especially once Brynlie gets older and learns that moving around is a lot more fun than staying still!

Do you have any nicknames for your little one during diaper changing time? Or do you have a tip to share to cut down on the frustration of changing a squirmy wormy's diaper? I would love to hear what you have to say. Leave it below in a comment to share with me and my readers!

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Brittney said...

oh I remember that all to well and will be experiencing it again soon enough LOL