Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Infantino: Right Angle Tummy Triangle

Tummy time can be a frustrating time for your little one. It's hard work to be on your tummy and trying to control your head and neck. After Brynlie was born and we were doing her daily tummy time she would start crying after a few minutes. She couldn't understand why I would place her on a blanket, on her stomach, and want her to try and hold her head up.

As she has gotten older she has gotten to be a pro at tummy time. Taking time out for my daughter daily to practice neck and head control is still a must, but now that she is interested in her surroundings more I try to make her tummy time a lot more fun for her.

She has gotten to try out the new Infantino Right Angle Tummy Triangle and we both give it two thumbs up. The Right Angle Tummy Triangle is angled and allows your infant a different tummy time experience. It comes with a fun bar, mirror, crinkle bee and musical timer which allows mom or dad to keep track with how long your little one has been playing on their tummy.

The Right Angle Tummy Triangle encourages your infant to use their tummy time in three different areas which you will notice them progress as they get older. The different areas include head control, neck and arm strength, and the third is lifting the torso and reaching forward. It is approved for ages 0 months and older.

Brynlie and I both love the Right Angle Tummy Triangle! It allows her to play in a different way and I love how different this toy is. She loves the crinkle bee and I love watching her actually enjoy being on her tummy.

I think that it would make a great toy to purchase for your newborn and you can even buy it for the next baby shower that you'll attend. It will be a huge hit with baby's parents to be! You can purchase the Right Angle Tummy Triangle at Babies R Us online and in stores. It's also available on Amazon for pre-order.

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I am a participant in a Mom Central Consulting campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products as part of my participation.


Working Mommy said...

I absolutely LOVE her face in the second picture...such a cutie!!


Jenny said...

She is getting so big! Looks like a great product...

Rebecca D said...

She is so cute... I am just glad mine were babies before "tummy time" was required... I'd never even heard the term until a year ago when a mom left a Bible study I was part of that had gone long so as not to cut into her baby's "tummy time"... My poor kiddos had little "tummy time"... Of course those were the dark ages when they slept on their tummys.