Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Since I Haven't Posted for a Week...

Seriously? An entire week since I have read another blog or bothered to write a post? I swear time slips away from me much too easily...I blame it on there not being enough caffeine in the world to make me feel like a normal, functioning woman. Here is a little of what's running through my head:

* Leo will be painting my entire home next week! The girls and I will be living it up in Texas while he is here painting away. For the record this was his idea...and I couldn't be happier since I've been only begging for us to painting for 4 years that he made such a sweet offer!

* When Leo bought me a Nook Color I was a little on the iffy side. Seriously. I love books. How they smell. Bending the pages. Turning the pages with my fingers. Now that I have a new baby and am awakened frequently at night? Hello, Nook Color! It's like my new BFF/must have/highly recommended product. Trust me.

* Hello, fall lineup on tv! I'm excited for the following shows to return: Grey's (no brainer there), Survivor, Modern Family, and I'm starting to get into Parenthood. Excited for these new shows: Whitney, Up All Night, 2 Broke Girls. What shows are you excited for this fall? I'm going to love having a full DVR to watch at night when the girls are all asleep!

* Getting my hair done on Friday! I'm cutting it. I'm so not a long hair type of girl. It's below my shoulders and I've had enough. Also going to be doing some highlights/lowlights. Cannot WAIT.

* Where do you buy clothes at? I've been losing weight (now at my lowest since having Brynlie!) and I am over yoga pants. Help! I love Anthropologie, but we don't have one here and honestly I wouldn't spend that much money on clothes for myself at the moment.

Okay, so that's it in a nutshell. I'll *hopefully* be catching up on my blog reading this weekend and next week. I always get a little extra time when we're visiting the's a win/win for us all!


Jewls said...

I'm excited for Castle, Glee, and New Girl (a new one that looks funny!)

I shop at Ross or Kohl's...I'm a cheapo though! :)

Daniele said...

I'd love to hear responses on the clothes too...I'm in the same boat being over yoga pants but not wanting to spend a ton on new stuff. I need fall/winter clothes bad!

Yay for the painting, I've been wanting my house painted for four years too and my stepdad has his own painting business so will do it whenever--it's ME that cannot decide on colors. I cannot commit lol!

Working Mommy said...

Wow...sounds like someone is getting spoiled!! Lucky you!


Jenny said...

Love all those shows! Parenthood happens to be one of my favs!

Yeah..for the little getaway for you and the girls! Hope you have a great time.

I love the Gap..I have always found great stuff and it lasts! But if you want some cute tops for a reasonable price...H&M. They have great stuff for kiddos too.

Can't wait to see the new haircut..enjoy momma!

Mellisa Rock said...

Parenthood is one of my favs too. I was jumping for joy this week when I realized that some of the shows were starting. :) Have fun and I bet your house will look beautiful when you get back. Lucky Girl!

Kmama said...

I love Parenthood!!

I shop at Ann Taylor Loft, Kohls, Limited, and Express.

Krystyn said...

We need the outside of our house painted...don't think the hubby will take that on!

I love modern family...hilarious!

Clothes? Umm...honestly, I don't buy them. Like hardly ever. Sad, right?

Brittney said...

yay for painting :D
Enjoy your trip.
Clothes.. you mean new clothes hmm not sure about that lol I will admit I sometimes go to thrift stores or Ross i love ross!