Thursday, September 22, 2011

Outdoor Fun with My Family

If there is one thing that my family loves to do it is playing outside. We could spend hours at a time playing and just enjoying one another while we have fun outside. Being such an outdoors loving family I wanted to share a few of our favorite outdoor activities that we do with one another.

1. We love going on walks. Whether we are walking around our neighborhood, walking the track at the park, or even when we were on our vacation in the Smoky Mountains hiking their beautiful trails outside. Walking not only encourages you to observe different things with your children, but also is a great way to sneak in some exercise.

2. Paint with water. I love getting some water in containers and gathering up many different sizes of paintbrushes. The girls then "paint" with water out on our driveway or one of our porches. They love creating and then watching the magic of the sun dry it up. This is a fun and expensive outdoor activity that you can virtually do anywhere with your children.

3. Head to your local park. My family is so lucky that we have a gorgeous and spacious park literally less than a minute away from our home. There my daughters can run, climb, jump, swing and then when they are done they can play in the splash pad to cool themselves down. If we go during the early evening hours I take this opportunity to walk the track for some exercise while my husband watches the girls.

4. Hook up your sprinkler! We have bought and tried so many expensive sprinkler toys out there on the market, but our favorite is a normal sprinkler that you would use to water your lawn. The girls beg to put on their suits, turn on the sprinkler and play with one another under the sprinkler. Bonus? We are watering our lawn at the same time. It is a win for everyone!

5. Go on a hunt for something. I cannot tell you how much fun we have collecting different things. Some of our favorite hunted items include flowers (I try to name a specific color for them to collect), rocks of all shapes and sizes, pinecones from the pine trees we have lining our streets, acorns to gather for the squirrels. The girls love the little scavenger hunt and it really works out well for all seasons.

There you have five of my family's favorite outdoor activities. What are some of the activities that you love to do as a family while you are enjoying the outdoors?

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amanda said...

oh how i love being outside with my girls (especially in the fall). they literally cry when we come back inside. silly girls.