Monday, September 19, 2011

The One Where I am a Dance Mom...

 Isabella has recently started dance class which consists of tap and ballet. She has wanted to dance for so long and I really think that this will do wonders for her firecracker personality. Watching her do the tap moves and ballet poses is one of the cutest and funniest things ever. I am constantly giggling and grinning from ear to ear while I watch her. You can definitely tell who the newbie mom is that has never had her daughter enrolled in anything...I probably embarrass her to death. Poor Isabella!

Madelyn, unfortunately, is too young to be in the class. On the first day of Bella's first class Madelyn insisted on wearing her own dance attire. She was so happy and felt so big in her own precious leotard and tights. Isabella was so great about it and really was happy that Madelyn was dressed up which really made me proud of her.

Once the first class had started the students were sitting on the floor, legs stretched out in front and hands in their laps. They were each telling the teacher, Miss L, their names. I was holding Brynlie and before I could stop Madelyn she was sitting at the end of the row with the students.

It was the sweetest thing ever, and absolutely shattered my heart that I had to go and remove her from the class. She broke down in tears and was sobbing. I felt so bad for Maddie! She was so proud of herself and even made sure that she was sitting just like the big girls.


I'm thinking once spring arrives that I'll enroll both big girls in gymnastics somewhere...but until then Madelyn will keep wearing her leotard and tights to dance to her big sister's class.


Jenny said...

That is too sweet! They look absolutely beautiful in their little ballet outfits...too cute for words.

Vanessa said...

They are so, so beautiful! :)

amanda said...

oh my goodness!! look at that little pouty face!! i love it!! and i have a feeling we might see the same face tonight from our little...big starts another tumble class tonight and i am 100% sure little is going to try her best to get out there on the mats with her :)

Babes Mami said...

they are adorable and sadface you had to take her away!