Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oh, Isabella

Isabella is changing.

And quick.

I swear there are days when I cannot keep up with her!

In any way.

She has another tooth on the top row. This is her 5th tooth. I saw it and it looks like it's been there for a little while. When did I miss it coming in?

She is walking more. And more.

She says the following words: doggie, Daisy, kitty, dada, mom (I so know she means momma. She just doesn't know it yet), tickle, yeah. It makes me laugh how she says doggie, tickle and kitty. But no momma. Should I be worried?

The biting has ceased. For now. Ever since she has been sick she has stopped biting. But now I am wondering if it was all because she was teething? Hm...I don't know and who cares---no more bruises, no more biting! Yeah! Oh--and I must add that she only bit me. Never anyone else.

I bought her one of those corn poppers that you push around. Except hers is pink and girlie. So cute. So Isabella. She loves it and I love it. It takes me back to being little again and seeing how happy it makes her makes me happy.

She loves Noggin. Especially Moose A. Moose. Say the following scenario is playing out in my home: Isabella is screaming. Throwing a tantrum. And getting madder by the second (no kidding, friends. This girl KNOWS how to throw a major on the floor kicking and screaming tantrum. I think we may be in trouble later on.). Noggin is on the television and Moose comes on. Everything suddenly turns quiet. All focus is on Moose. I don't know what it is about him, but she is in love. And for all it's worth? I am 100% fine with that.

She loves anything pasta. And oatmeal with raisins. And broccoli. If any of the mentioned foods are placed in front of her she tears it up. She can't get enough. Cracks. Me. Up. Every single time.

She had asked me to update everyone on the above. She told me in so many words if I'm not feeling so creative to write about her because it'll make her momma happy. Plus she said she had to update her friends Beans, Ella and Will. Actually, she said she had to give them a shoutout. Is that word even used anymore?


Carol said...

My youngests first word was Tractor, I think mummy came about 40th. Typical.

They change so quick, cherish every second!

Elaine A. said...

The child tears up at broccoli, like in a good way? WOW! That's truly amazing! HA!

Also, yes, I bet the biting was in relation to the teething.

And, she's saying more words than my 16-month old who seems to refuse to talk and loves to call ME Dada. Good times... ; )

Susan said...

Austin has always loved Moose A. Moose too. Noggin must have done their research on what kind of character would be a hit. Maybe it is his voice?
It sounds like she is good eater. I hope she stays that way.
I have rarely heard of Mama being a first or even 10th word in a baby's vocabulary. No worries!

Thanks for being my first and only follower so far!

andreawilliams said...

Am I the only person who does not know who Moose is? I am missing out!!

HappyHourSue said...

Wait, I LOVE that your one-year-old calls you "Mom" - that's hilarious!

Kristen said...

How cute! Sounds like she is growing up super fast.

And I am just in love with the beans shoutout! Isn't that the cutest thing ever? :)

Krystyn said...

These are all very important things to write about! Isn't it fascinating when they start talking and doing....you have so much more ahead of you.

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

it's a word if you were in high school in the late 90s early 2000s haha!

and i don't actually know who moose is either, what'd i miss?!

The White House said...

That's it! You can always write about the little one you love. It was beautiful and so is she.

BTW, I love those corn popper toys- very cool, where did you get it?

Jill and Rick said...

Bella updates are ALWAYS good! (& pics of Bella and Daisy = good too - hint hint)

I loved reading all about our girl and loved hearing her babbling at breakfast this morning.

Love you guys!


amanda said...

hi bella it's me, beans. thanks for the shout out (pretty sure that yes the kids these day say that). anyways just wanted to say that our mommies are big saps!! they get so impressed with the little things don't they??

silly mommies :)

ps - sorry that's exactly what beans told me to type. i get it friend. the little things are huge!! and i can't believe our babies are getting so darn big!!

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

Yo Bella, my mommy said that "shout out" is still cool to use-at least in KS:)

Congrats on the walking, talking, and teething. What a big girl!

Mamasphere said...

Oatmeal with raisons sounds soooo good. I might make that my next splurge (I'm on Atkins)!

Isabella is so freakin' cute.

Allikaye's Mama said...

Oh my..Isabella and Allikaye would be great homegirls! Ha! Sorry...just following up from the "shout out" comment! Seriously - reading that was such a great memory of fun Allikaye things too! Just precious!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

It is astounding how quickly babies change. It's like I don't dare blink sometimes.

I love that Isabella loves broccoli! Judah was the same way and it just made me smile every time. It was so atypical.

Kiss those baby cheeks for me!


Patrice said...

lol as far as I know people still do say shout-out! Too cute! Yay for Bella getting so big! It's so fun to read about what she's doing. Really, it is, I mean it!
That is too funny Bella says mom and not momma! I'm sure she'll come around after awhile. After all, I'm in college & still call my mom Momma! Never did start the whole mom thing! So hopefully Bella will catch on to that! haha
Oh, and I LOVE those Popcorn popper toys! I know exactly what you're talking about! How fun!

Becks said...

Oh how fast they grow!! I love that she says tickle! Too cute!

I haven't seen this Moose fellow. I must meet him. I am sure being in Canadaland Moose doesn't exist. Sophia will stop whatever she is doing and crawl to the TV when this stupid show called '4square' comes on. I am thinking of PVR'ing it and using it when she is having a meltdown!!

P.S. I bought the Johnsons Buddies detangler! It is awesome! It keeps her hair so much smoother and easy to tame after bed head!! Yay thank you for the tip!! :)

Becks said...

P.P.S. (or is it P.S.S.?)
Anyways I just want to say how awesome it is that Isabella says soo many words!! The only word Sophia says is 'momma' and she SCREAMS it non stop these days. It gets a little emberassing. Yet it still melts my heart!