Friday, September 5, 2008

What a Strange Little Man

Remember how I was rambling on and on how strange things are always happening to me?

Something else happened to me yesterday.

It was weird.

A little creepy.

Here's the story (you may want to pour a glass of wine, a Diet Coke, grab some chocolates.....):

Isabella and I had to run some errands yesterday. She was not her usual shopaholic self (and no that is not my random weird thing. Keep reading.).

After getting home I felt that she was warmer than usual. Took her temp. 101.5.

Decided to give the little sick one a bath and while doing so our puppy Daisy was hanging out with us.

After sitting in the water for so long and her fingers were pruned to where they could prune no more, I got her out.

Her teeth were chattering, she was cold and I knew I should let Daisy outside before I started getting Bella dressed with lotion, detangler for her hair, etc. ( I use the detangler to keep her hair a little more in place. Works like a charm!). I didn't want another poop episode to happen.

We let the pup outside.

After Bella is dressed we snuggled together on our recliner chair.

She is getting comfy and just as she was falling asleep my cell phone rings.

It's not a number I recognize and I usually don't answer these calls, but I was hoping it was the appointment line letting me know that we could bring Bella in for an appointment on Friday rather than come in as a walk-in during the morning.

Not the appointment line. At all. Here is the conversation that awaited me on the other line:


"Are you missing your dog?" a male asks me.

"Um, excuse me?" (Mommy brain had taken over--I momentarily forgot I had a dog. I then remembered that I did have a dog but had no idea where she was. Or why this creep was calling me).

"Are you missing your dog." he says yet again.

"Oh! Um, I'm not sure. She was just outside. Like just outside." I stammer (I am so not the you-can-catch-me-off-guard-and-I'll-be-prepared-and-witty type of girl).

"Well, I have Daisy. Where do you live?"

Okay, I am NOT giving this creep my address. He is weird and just giving me a bad vibe.

"I live in ______"

He then says, "I KNOW that. But where? What's your address?"

I didn't give it to him. So he asks for my name. Which I stupidly tell him.

He then gives me his address and says he'll meet me out back with my dog. Way to run to the creepiest guy on the block, Daisy.

Way to freaking go.

I go outside with Bella (who is in her jammies) and he walks over with our dog.

"Wow, you have a baby and a dog?" he says.

I just gave him a half smile, apologized for the inconvenience and went inside.

Where I went around and double checked every single lock on my house.

He was a little creepy and just how he kept going on and on with the whole what's your name, what's your address thing was weird. I left out some of the conversation because he was so repetitive. But it was weird.

This now concludes my second lesson in random weirdness that enters my life.


Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

yah, thanks but no thanks creepfest! that's so not cool, i would be weirded out too.

Allison R said...

creepy! Hope Isabella is feeling better.

The White House said...

That is so creepy. I really get weirded out by stuff like that.

Krystyn said...

That's a little weird. Hopefully, he was just being nice. But, I would have double checked my locks, too.

How's Ms. Bella feeling this morning?

amanda said...

honey i don't like this. not one bit. booo creepy guy. go home and leave my friend alone!!

ps - hope bella is feeling better this morning :)

The Mom said...

I hope Isabella is feeling better today...and that is why I had an alarm put in our house...just in case a strange little man is hanging around. Be safe.

Allikaye's Mama said...

Yes...lock those doors! Isn't this fun...commenting on my new swappy bloggy friend!? Woohoo!!
Hope that pretty girl is feeling better! Allikaye is down in the dumps a little too!

Susan said...

Ugh! That would totally freak me out. You definitely have to go with your gut on those things. Better safe than sorry!
Hope Bella is feeling better!

Patrice said...

Ugh I hate creepy people like this!! Good thing you handled it perfectly! I would've been so caught off guard I probably would've given my address because I always feel like I'm being rude when I don't do something what someone wants... anyway good job! haha
I hope Bella feels better! Poor Bella being sick is no fun!

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

People definitely are bizarre! Leave it to Daisy to run to Mr. Creeps! Just the way he started the phone conversation is weird - he should have said something like "I'm so and so and I think your dog may have escaped, just wanted you to know I've got her . . . blahdy blah blah"

And of course, you had no choice but to go rescue your dog from said creepy man!

If he lives near you (within visibility, as in, he can see your house from his, etc.), I'd make sure Leo is rather visible around the yard over the next few days!

I hope Bella is feeling lots better! Tylenol and Motrin will work wonders - I personally love Motrin for fevers.

Jennifer said...

Hope Mr creep is gone!
Isabella feel better soon!!

jOni lAnE said...

Sorry to hear Isabella isn't feeling so good. No fun. Good for you in sticking with your instincts. You just never know these days.

Elaine A. said...

So was your cell on her dog tag? Creepy is right! And you know us women with our intuition - If he gave you bad vibes then I am sure he had them! ugh!

Kristen said...

OK, so that is super creepy and yes, I too would have been weirded out!

Hope that you checked all the locks and tell Leo to be outside and looking in charge here for the next couple of days!

So sorry that this happened. Eeek!

Kelli @ "Writing" the Waves said...

Ewww! I'm glad you didn't give him your address. And I'm glad you got Daisy back. I hope Isabella is feeling better!

Becks said...

That is creepy! How the heck did he even get your cell number? Yuck!

Becks said...

Oh by the way what detangler do you use for Isabella? That is a great idea. Sophia's hair is getting a bit crazy and hard to tame these days.

I am glad she is feeling better! Nothing worse than having a sick baby!!

Dana said...

OMG, so weird. I would have been really creeped out. I'm like you when caught off guard. I always think of things to say afterwards.