Monday, September 15, 2008

Randomness Once Again

I am sort of getting used to this randomness Monday thing.

And I like it. A lot.

Here we go with my random thoughts that I just had to tell you....

*Thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts for my Grandpa. You guys are all the best, seriously. I have much love for you all and hopefully Thursday will be filled with news that will be somewhat good.

*Isabella loves to gag to herself. It's kind of funny. But kind of not. Yesterday we decided to do some shopping. I got some things for my swap partner (I hope you like it!), some fall decorations and a birthday present for Isabella's bestest friend. So I'm carrying her, we had just eaten at Chili's and she puts her finger in her mouth. Not bad you say? Wrong. She starts gagging herself. She will not stop doing it and it's kind of funny at this point. A woman looked at us--her eyes were wide open and she was kind of laughing--and says, "Is she really gagging herself?" To which I reply, yep. And she does it all. the. time. Oh, Isabella.

*I saw a movie that made me cry last night. It's called Grace is Gone. I loved it. It's an indie movie, which I almost always love, and this one was no exception. It's about a father that has to break the tragic news to his two young daughters that their mother has died while serving in Iraq. Such a sweet movie. I think Leo liked it, too....which is a plus for us to like the same movie.

*Finished reading Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster. Loved it!! If you have never read any of her memoirs I am demanding that you must. She. is. freaking. hilarious. I laughed so hard through so much of the book--Leo thought I was crazy and I tried to have him read the parts that were funny, but he didn't....anyhow, read it! You will NOT be disappointed!

*Went to the Beau Rivage on Saturday night with one of my bestest friends. I love the girl--it's Isabella's best friend, Isabella"s, mommy. Did that make any sense?! Anyway, we looked in their shops, drooled at all of the overpriced stuff--which I loved--and prayed to win big at the slot machines. I did go home with $15 more than what I went there with, so that's good! Leo thought for sure I would lose, but I proved him wrong. However, with only winning $15 I did not get to buy any of the overpriced items in the stores. Bummer. Maybe next time?

*Forgot that another thing I love about fall is candy corn. I bought some yesterday and cannot put it down. Know what I had for breakfast? Coffee and candy corn. But to give myself some credit Isabella woke up at 5:30 and to me that justified fueling my body with caffeine and sugar.


Kristi said...

Coffee and Candy Corn sounds awesome!!!!! I love candy corn...AND coffee!

Glad you got to go out and have some fun - you needed a night like that!

Love ya!

Jill and Rick said...

Yep, cried all through Grace is Gone. Dad liked it too but gave me a hard time for my "light choice" of movies that night!

& guess what I bought yesterday? Candy corn and peanuts. All mixed up for a little handful of sweet/salty delight!

Love you!


Elaine A. said...

Oh my hus loves the Candy Corn. Me. Not so much.

Glad you had fun with Isabella's mommy! (wait, that's you...) ; )

Continued prayers for your Grandpa...

The Mom said...

Oh my gosh the 'gagging' both my girls did that for a phase around age one and it was so frustrating. They loved to do it while I drove and couldn't get them to stop. Often they'd actually vomit which was so lovely! ;)

Formercitygirl said...

Yup! I remember the gagging phase. . .
Candy corn, hot coffee, fall fashion, what's not to like about the fall?
BTW, love the new haircut.
Finally, and most importantly, you're dad is in my prayers.

Krystyn said...

Loving the randomness.

Continued prayers for your Grandpa.

Izzy loves to gag herself, too, and thinks it hilarious. Maybe we should just let them puke?

I heart Jen Lancaster! All three books are hilarious.

Went to Beau Rivage in summer 2005 (before the hurricane); is it still the same?

Really, candy corn, not my fav!

Jenny said...

So there with you on the candy corn...that stuff is like crack. Not that I would know anything about that but it is addicting. LOL!
Love the randomness. It is so great to be blogging again. Who cares if it not in the morning which I prefer. At least I am blogging!
Love your pic on the side bar! Gorgeous darlin!

Jenny said...

So there with you on the candy corn...that stuff is like crack. Not that I would know anything about that but it is addicting. LOL!
Love the randomness. It is so great to be blogging again. Who cares if it not in the morning which I prefer. At least I am blogging!
Love your pic on the side bar! Gorgeous darlin!

Kelli @ "Writing" the Waves said...

A candy corn and peanut mix is pretty good too. :) I still can't believe Halloween stuff already out. I'm not ready for summer to be over.

amanda said...

pretty sure are mom's are bff's - candy corn and peanuts!! she makes it all the time!!

sorry about the gagging...can you make sure bella keeps that trick to herself? pretty sure beans doesn't need to know about that one :)

still sending love, hugs and prayers for grandpa!!

Kristen said...

Yum, I love candy corn too! :)

And Anya used to do that gagging thing ALL THE TIME too. Drove me nuts. She would do it in her carseat while I was driving. I swear because she knew that I could not make her stop.

But the good news is, that she doesn't do it anymore. There is hope!

anti-supermom said...

Gagging sounds normal around here, but so nerve-wracking isn't it?

Now I have to head out to Target to get me some candy cone~

carrie said...

The Jen Lancaster books are delish, aren't they? And I've got that movie, Grace is Gone, coming soon via Netflix -- thanks for the hanky heads up!

Thinking good thoughts for your grandpa.


Wendi said...

Love your randomness.
I have done a random the last two Monday's too.
I have been calling in Monday Mumblings.
Because that is as clever as I got.

*Prayers for your Grandpa.
*We know all about gagging around here. I am the worst of all!
*Love candy corn and Fall!

jOni lAnE said...

Yeah! I need a new book to read. I'm totally requesting it from the library. Yuck on the gagging. Seriously. Yuck.

Leslie said...

Thanks for the book and movie recommendations. I was looking for something new to read. As far as the gagging thing, I had a gagger too. Eddie, my dear boy, was a gagger. And he used to do it to the point where he would actually throw up. I'm not kidding. It was not pretty. I had to put socks on his hands so that he would not stick his fingers down his throat. It was unnerving. But alas, it passed. But then again, girls are smarter than boys, maybe she will stop with the unpleasant feeling it creates. lol~ kids are so silly!

Mamasphere said...

It's so fun to read your posts- Isabella does a lot of the same things that my daughter did at her age, and it's a total trip down memory lane.

Yes, my daughter was a gagger. Esepcially in the carseat where I couldn't reach over to stop her. I had to carry wipes and towels in the car for the longest time because her gagging would often lead to puking. FUN times, lol.

The Nice One said...

Ooooh the gagging. Gagging...that was a phase I don't miss.
Mmmm CANDY CORN!!!! There goes my diet. Again.

Prayers for your Grampa ;)

gina said...

Totally justified!

And I'm going to see if B&N has that book when I go tomorrow.

Prayers for your Grandpa.

Clare said...

Love fall and some great candy corn! love the randomness, the gagging sounds interesting:)

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

I love candy corn too! YUM!
So sorry to hear about your grandfather, I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.
LOVED the pics of Bella and the mandarin oranges. SO. ADORABLE.
And finally, LOVE your hair! It looks absolutely fantastic on you.
And don't you feel like a million bucks?

Sorry for multi-tasking in one comment, but I am trying to catch up on blog reading and commenting and am trying to save a bit of time!