Tuesday, September 23, 2008

When the Husband's Away, the Momma Will....SHOP!

Recently I have become back in touch with an old side of me.

Not the side that wanted to go out and play darts all night.

Not the side that would hunt down the best bands and listen to them play while drinking apple martinis (or pineapple....or chocolate).

This side is a much safer, more sound side.

The shopping side.

I'm not sure what's gotten over me.

It's not like Leo's salary suddenly doubled or anything.

But I have just been in the mood. To shop.

Take Monday for example.

Isabella took an extra long morning nap, we had our lunch and we were off.

We went to Petsmart and bought some things for the cat and dog.

Next we went to Hallmark and bought all of the needed birthday cards through the end of October.

And we then ventured to our favorite store. Our most favorite place to go, relax and browse.

Know where we went? Barnes & Noble.

I got a pumpkin spice latte for me and a Rice Krispy Treat for Isabella.

We were in Momma and baby girl heaven. I bought the latest issue of Real Simple, Bella got a book and Leo got a BBQ Bible (which may be a Christmas gift. Not sure, though).

As you can see, our day was perfect. We had such a fun time together just browsing and talking.

And the plus side? We didn't spend very much money at all.

Leo will surely be pleased.....


american mum said...

Sounds like a perfect time!

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

i love how you talk about spending time with bella like she's someone your own age :) i think that is just so cool, and i hope i can be that awesome when I have my own kids!

Allison R said...

What a perfect girl's day out! I love days like that with Megan :)

Krystyn said...

Sounds fabulous...even better that you didn't spend a ton of money!

I've got to get me a PSL from starbucks. I love those things. So fall-y!

Mrs. Newlywed said...

I love just browsing at Barnes and Noble. It is so relaxing.

It sounds like a great day!

The Nice One said...

Ahhh, barnes and noble. I love hanging out there. My kids, too.
You've inspired me for today.

anti-supermom said...

I'm the best at window shopping. I can pretend shop with the best of them.

Spending a little bit of money is OK too :)

The Mom said...

i'm so jealous, i haven't shopped for MYSELF in ages!! ;)

amanda said...

sounds like a perfect day friend - barnes and noble with a pumpkin spice latte?? hello bliss :)

maybe next time we could just meet at barnes and noble with the girls??

i can dream right?

KD @ A Bit Squirrelly said...

I am going to (dare I tell you) TARGET later. The kids need new winter jammies since in a matter of three days it went from 65 at night to 45. Nice. But YEA SHOPPING!

Susan said...

Sounds like a great day!
Mmmmmm..pumpkin spice latte...must.have.one.TODAY!!!

Jenny said...

what a great mommy/daughter day it sounds like it was...i love barnes and noble too!

Mamasphere said...

I love perusing Barnes and Noble! It smells so good in there. I could spend hours if Gabi would let me, but her cut off seems to be about an hour. We have such good times there.

Elaine A. said...

I'm tellin' you shopping is like nothing else out there. It certainly chased away some of my blues today. Glad you girls had fun together too!

Kristen said...

That does sound like a fabulous day!!

Can I admit that I am just slightly jealous that I can't have days like this with two kids in tow. Jealous! :)

carrie said...

I think it may be saner for me to drink pineapple martinis! I can be dangerous when I shop!

Glad you had a good day with your little one. :)

Vashey Fam said...

Oh that sounds like fun! I love bookstores....wish I had a Barnes and Nobles here. I miss it. What in the world is a BBQ bible?