Sunday, October 19, 2008

From the Top of My Head

* Woke up this morning, made Bella breakfast. It was BEAUTIFUL outside so I opened all of the windows. Wiping up breakfast when I hear the LOUDEST barking of my life. Went to the front window where our cat looks like she had a mini stroke....she was frozen in shear terror....and saw it. A bassett hound. I called my sister (I was so stoked by the way--I love bassett hounds) and she told me that I must take a picture of him. Except then she told me not to--we figured that if his owners came looking for him and we were all outside taking family pictures with their dog....well....that would be a little awkward....(he has left our house, by the way. After a few naps on our front porch looks like he got some energy to find his way home....)

* I bought some mums yesterday. So excited! They are gorgeous and it feels even fall-ier around here.

* Speaking of fall, it is now only in the high 70's. Gorgeous weather....finally! I made a pot of homemade chili last nite. Bella loved it and said, "". She was a little um, gassy, last nite in her sleep though. Is it bad that I was giggling each time she did it?

* Isabella now calls her dada "daddy". So sweet.

* She still calls me mom. Or mom-mom.

* Short story time: we have a satellite provider. We live somewhat in the country. When we moved here a year ago no cable networks would come out this far--that is why we have crappy satellite. Anyhow, due to our location we couldn't receive any local channels. We rigged some oh-so-fabulous 1980's rabbit ears in order to get ABC and FOX. We applied for a waiver last year for CBS and NBC. The networks denied them. We reapplied this past week. We now have East Coast CBS--however we have to pay a monthly fee to have it. NBC's is still pending. How ridiculous is it that in the year 2008 this type of crap is still going on?! We have one more year until our contract is up. Then we will be getting rid of our satellite for tv and our satellite for the internet (which is so. freaking. slow. I hate it!!). Just wanted to gripe a little bit about that....

* We are driving up to Indiana to see my Grandpa in a few days. So glad we can go and see him--plus (bonus time) my Mom, Dad and my little sisters will be there as well. Be on the lookout for some majorly cute pictures of Isabella with her fun aunts!

*Once again I am behind on my blog reading and commenting. I promise I will be all caught up. Again. I was just in a funk last week....I was sick for a few days and the weather was rainy. Yuck.

* Due to my bumminess, Leo surprised me with a trip to Barnes and Noble last Friday. It was exactly what the doctor ordered, let me tell ya. I bought Nicholas Sparks' new book, The Lucky One, and then finished out my trip with a pumpkin spice latte. Pure bliss.


The Nice One said...

Can't wait to hear how you like that book. I like most of his stuff.

Did you see the coupon for B&N 15% off and a free cappuccino? I'll e-mail it to ya if you want.

Jill and Rick said...

So glad you're finally getting a taste of fall! & I still don't have any mums. :-(

Clare said...

sounds like the weather is finally cooling off! have fun visiting your family, that is great!

Jennifer said...

We missed you:) Spend a lot of one on one time with your grandfather:) You never know:)

Wendi said...

Yum...breakfast with Bella and abasset hound.

I love mums...always makes it look like fall.

Our weather cooled off first thought: A pot of chili!

Love it when they can say daddy!

I would gripe too if my fall lineup had to be viewed like that!

So glad you will be able to visit your family soon.

I am so behind too. My reader was about to burst today. I am getting there...and I am learning to just read some and comment some. We can't do it all! Right?

Nicholas Sparks? He is my favorite!!! I still don't have his latest! Must. get. it.

Happy Week Chelle!

Elaine A. said...

The weather has been really nice here this last week too. I wish it could always stay this way. That's funny about your gassy girl {tee hee!}

Kristen said...

I can't wait to read Nicholas Sparks new book! Please remember to tell us what you think! I LOVE him!!

Sorry to hear that you have been under the weather, and hope you are feeling fabulous again here soon.

I am originally from IN. Where are you headed to up there?? Glad to hear that you are able to go and spend some time with him!

Susan said...

Yay for fall finally making it to you!
Right now it feels like winter here. A lovely 34 degrees.
Enjoy your trip to see your Grandpa!

Leslie said...

You are too funny... laughing at your gassy baby~ lol. And YUM! Chili. I would love some of that too. Glad your sweetie took you to B & N. It always cheers me up too. Wish I could go now!

amanda said...

yay for fall!!

and the b&n trip with a side of pumpkin spice latte!!

true bliss is right honey :)

Mrs de Miranda said...

ohhhhh you have to tell me if you like the new nicholas sparks book!! i saw it at costco the other day, but it's only out in hardback and im too cheap to buy it. So maybe i'll ask for it, for christmas!! :) but until then you can gloat to me how good it is!

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

i just love the way mums make fall seem so much fallier :) they're so beautiful!