Thursday, October 30, 2008

Total Sucker.


I'm Chelle.

Which is aka "total sucker".

Oh, you didn't know that?

Well, Isabella did.

And she still does.

Leo knows this, too.

As he is the one who came up with this new name for me.

You may be thinking why.

This is why:

The time: Every nite, 7:30-8'ish.

The location: Isabella's crib

What's thrown down: Momma and Daddy lay Miss Bella down. No biggie. Give her kisses. She's happy. May play the wave game (which, by the way, is! I love my little girl. And I LOVE her sense of humor). It's all good.

Next scene: 20 minutes have passed. Isabella is up talking, giggling, playing in her crib. Total sucker (me) goes in. Bella gets excited. Gives momma a few claps and happy hollers. Momma is so struck by the lack of exhaustion that she decides that Miss Bella gets to come out and play.

This continues until Bella starts getting grouchy.

And fussy.

And mean.

Then total sucker (me) realizes I should have just let her stay where she was happy. And more quiet.

I am now trying to break this "game".

Beginning tomorrow....


Susan said...

She's got your ticket alright!!!
Resisting all that cuteness is a hard job, but you can do it!

Allison R said...

So cute! It's amazing how quick they learn to minipulate :) It never stops either.

The White House said...

You are such a sucker! Just kidding, I couldn't resist that either.

Shannon said...

Let me know when you come up with the answer, I need some help in the getting baby to sleep department myself lately :-)!!

amanda said...

oh friend you are a total sucker aren't you??

it's ok. i am pretty sure with the new title of mommy we also get a new middle name...sucker for super cute baby.

good luck tonight! you can do it!!

Krystyn said...

Good luck! And stay strong. She'll fall asleep! It's so hard to resist when they are cute and happy isn't it?

I keep trying to convince hubby of this...Izzy needs to go to bed but he says she's in a good mood. Yes, because she went to bed on time last night!

ElfTea said...

I have been know to crawl behind the sofa when the boy is falling asleep in dad's arms. If he sees me and cries, I have to take him. Then I am lost again.

Jamy said...

Good for you for trying to break the habit! IT WILL BE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO worth it! I secretly (and evily-is that a word?) laugh at my friends who's kids STILL battle with them at bed time. Who wants to do that every night?! Not me. And I don't! Good luck!

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

uh oh! you are in TROUBLE! have fun with that one ;)

Big Boy, Baby Girl, and a Precious Pug said...

Oh honey, I am such a sucker too!

Sorry, I have no wonderfully brilliant advice for you. I am always the first one in the room when my babies scream:)

Maybe that is why Kyler sleeps with us most nights:)