Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Little Bit of This....and a Little Bit of That....

* I had to call Poison Control on Monday. Now, before you panic, it wasn't anything extremely horrible, but after consulting my BFF Doctor Google, I decided to call. Why? Because Isabella ate part of an acorn (go ahead and say it....that girl eats anything!).... To be fair it wasn't even half of a half of a half. But when I saw they could be poisonous...well, I freaked! The woman was very kind and told me that unless she ate A LOT of acorns more than likely my little one would be okay. She called us back in a few hours to make sure she was okay. Which she was. Shew!

* This past weekend was amazing. After doing Isabella's pictures we went to....wait for it....Target! I found the cutest kelly green and pink striped cardigan. I fell in love with it. It was also on clearance which was awesome. Isabella got a book and then we got some food items. After Target we ate dinner at Panera Bread. Ohhh...I love Panera. We have some Panera's where I grew up and I love it! It was a special day and a simple day. Life is good.

* We watched Lars and the Real Girl. I loved the movie. It was a sweet story line and I love movies that aren't so mainstream. It was simple and made me happy. If you haven't seen it, I say watch it. And I hope you love it as much as I did.

* Leo and I bought Skip-Bo last week. We now have nightly card games. Usually we do our own thing, but lately I've missed doing things with him. A lot. So we now try to play a game, watch a movie, work outside together. As a family. Again, life is good.

* Our cell phone bill this month is ridiculous. It's over $300!! Turns out awhile back we lowered our plan b/c we had SO many rollover minutes it was funny. Yeah, we weren't laughing last nite when we got that slap in the face. Looks like we will be upping our plan once again. Grrrr....

* The outfit Bella is wearing in her pics is from Target. Have I mentioned how much I puffy heart Target?

* The bow Bella is wearing is something that I made her. I love making her bows! It's a lot harder than I thought it would be, but at the same time it relaxes me. Plus I save a ton of money from making them myself rather than buying in a boutique somewhere.

* Isabella's birthday bash is this upcoming Saturday. A lot of Leo's family will be coming in town starting on Friday. We can't wait to see them! It will be nice to have a fun, relaxing day filled with more yummy cake and ice cream.

* Leo bought me the new charge adapter for our laptop. Our previous one was destroyed by an unnamed little girl....it was my fault that she got ahold of it, but I have been really shook up by NOT having my laptop. Okay, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration, but once you have a laptop...well, going back to your desktop is not the same. Trust me on this one.


Krystyn said...

Love the randomness.

Love Target.

We used to do games at night too, but we've got so many other things going on....good for you for sticking to it.

I hate that cell phone bills can go up so quickly! Yikes.

Jennifer said...

I miss game night:( We did it all the time before a little one came.

Ah another party is all ways fun, more cake and more gifts:) :)

Susan said...

That's great that you make Isabella's hair bows. I imagine I will have to get crafty once Mia finally gets some hair.
We used to do game night too. We have talked about reinstating it, but my husband is always really busy lately with work stuff at night.
I hope the big birthday bash is a great time for all.

Leslie said...

Glad that your sweet pea is doing fine! ;) And lucky duck you are that you got to go to Target. Totally jealous here. Sounds like you got some good stuff, as well as a good meal too. I love her one year pics. Isabella is so beautiful. And I love her dress. Sooo cute!

Elaine A. said...

Acorns are poisonous? I had no clue.

I think it might be possible that you are more of a Target addict than I am and that is saying something girl! ; )

The Mom said...

Love these posts!

Vashey Fam said...

Oh I hate that sinking, helpless feeling when you get a renegade cell phone bill. I actually canceled our callwaiting b/c it was doing that(long story). Anyway, I *love* the pictures! You did such a good job! You really captured your little girl....and I know how hard it is to photograph a toddler on the move!

The Nice One said...

That's a great idea that you and Leo have, playing a nightly game. I like it.
And, yea, when BoyChild was about...2, I think I called poison Control on a monthly basis. That boy got into EVERYTHING.
Lars and the Real Girl was so much better than you expected, right? Very deep. Loved it.

Cleo Patra said...

My mama says NO! to acorns too! She says dhey gets on dhe porch and I no suppose to eat dhem. I be so glad Isabella be otay!

She so pretty! I look at all her pictures and I think I like to play with dhat little girl lots and lots.

Happy Birthday!

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

I just went to Target yesterday. I love it:)

Will you come to KS and teach me how to make hairbows?:)

amanda said...

*thanks for the acorn tip. i had no clue and we have a yard full of em!!

*you are sooo right target and panera all in the same day also equal my perfect day!!

*loved lars and real girl.

*can't wait to see pics of the big bday bash!! i am sure you will all have such a great time!!

Jenny said...

look at you Chelle, being a Creative Momma with Bella's bow!
glad you got to visit a target, i am sure you were thrilled! i am so excited b/c this weekend we are having a 2 level one open up by our house..just can't get enough of TARGET!

anti-supermom said...

Pictures and hair bows, you certainly do it all don't you!

I love Target too, is there any momma that doesn't?

Shannon said...

No Target here . . . no Panera either. Must be time for a trip to the US soon for me. So sorry about the acorn, that really sucks. Leah puts everything in her mouth these days too . . . I pulled an elastic out today - yikes! And bummer on the cell phone bill - they can really get you sometimes.

Becks said...

Do you know how jealous I am that you can go to Target?!?!

It makes my heart hurt that Canada is Target-less. Whoa is me, Tear.

I wish i was being over dramatic..but I am not!

Love that you make the bows for Isabella. I do the same thing. It does relax me to and knowing I made them makes them extra special!

Peace out home girl.

Mamasphere said...

Tonight is my Awana Wednesday two hour freedom night! I'm heading straight to Target to see if I can score that cardigan. LOVE Target clothes.