Friday, November 4, 2011

Best Friends Forever...

Madelyn has become quite the little character--from her wild dance moves, to the things that she says, I am constantly laughing with her. 

Some of my favorite things about my girl include:

Her love for her family. She loves with all of her might and the love she has amazes me every day.

Her love of pumpkins. Now that Halloween is over it breaks my heart a little--especially when her Ariel carved pumpkin will be in the trash can and no longer on our front porch...wish me luck with that one...

Her dance moves. I have no way to describe these. She does a gallop, toe, hop move that has me laughing hysterically--seriously, it's beyond hilarious!

When she toots she says "I poot!" OhmyGod. SO hilarious.

The way she snuggles. When Madelyn was little it was very rare for her to actually want to be snuggled. She's always been independent, so for her to want to come climb on my lap? Heart melting.

Her love of Ariel, Snow White--basically any Disney princess. But her top fave? Ariel, hands down. She walks around singing the song that Ariel sings as Ursula is stealing her voice. YouTube it--and then imagine a two year old walking around singing it. 

I could probably go on and on and on...girlfriend is such a sweetheart and my own live in comedian. I adore the little person she has become--and can't wait to see who she becomes in the future.


My Mercurial Nature said...

Oh, this made me want to get all weepy! Some of my favorite moments (between wanting to throttle my children for making me nuts) are those times when my Lauren (4yrs old) says, "Come dance with me Mommy!" Heartwarming!

amanda said...

my new most favorite picture of her friend.

how lucky are we that we get to love our littles?

so so so lucky!