Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Catch Up

* Time is really getting away from me right now. Can I blame it on the holidays? I have been making lists of gifts, searching online for gifts, planning holiday meals, trying to get decorations organized--you name it, I am doing it.

* This year's Thanksgiving is already a much, much happier time for me in my life. Last year Leo was deployed. I was pregnant. My girls were wondering where their Daddy went. I am positive that this year will be amazing--just to have my husband next to me and my baby girl here is such a blessing. I am blessed for sure.

* So, I am really hooked on a book--as in I am up late every. single. night. reading it. It's SO good--I promise I am not just saying that. It is called Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes by Denise Grover Swank. It starts with the main character, Rose, who has a vision of herself dead on her living room sofa. When in actuality it is her mom who is the one who gets murdered. I'm not giving anything away (this info is all on the book jacket). I have probably 20 pages or so and I am determined to finish it. I love it!

* Did I tell you that I finally got my hair done and LOVE it? I found my hair girl! Finally after living here for FOUR years I have found an amazing hair stylist. I already have my next appointment scheduled--that is how I know I love her to pieces.

* I have been a selling machine. Let me explain that. I've been selling a ton of my movies on eBay and the base that we are stationed at has a Facebook group to sell items--like a yard sale. I have been decluttering and finding new homes for so many awesome things that we don't use any more. I love it--plus the extra money doesn't hurt either!

* Brynlie turns 6 months old on Monday. Seriously--6 months. I am in awe with how quickly time has flown by with baby number three. I remember with Isabella I felt like she would be a baby for so long. Not true--time will fly by and I am definitely soaking it all in.

* Speaking of 6 months, as of Monday I will mark my 6 month breastfeeding anniversary. I am SO happy with the success of breastfeeding Brynlie. It does make me sad that I didn't try harder with my other two girls, but they both turned out wonderful, so I know that it's fine. I just love the bonding experience that I get with Brynlie. Being the little one and the youngest of three I think it allows her to have extra mommy time which we both adore.

* Have you heard of Lalaloopsy dolls? Holy cow. These things are definitely an "it" factor toy this year. They are sold out everywhere--and of course both Isabella and Madelyn want one. They're pretty cute and I found a few available online. I am going to be buying them now before I can't find them anywhere.

* I hate it when I have dreams that are so real that I get real life mixed up with them. Or when they just feel so real that I keep thinking about them all of the time. The other night I dreamed of knitting a scarf. Mind you I have no freaking clue how to knit. Anyway, I woke up and now for 48 hours I have an urge to knit a scarf. Weird, right?


Lindsay said...

hehe you could totally teach yourself to knit! I taught myself this time last year! So relaxing!

amanda said...

happy breastfeeding anniv :)

so happy for you friend!!

we have maybe a week left...cue the tears!!

soak it up mama!!


Denise Grover Swank said...

I am so happy you loved Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes so much!!! Thank you. <3