Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Heavy Whipping Cream vs Cool Whip

This all begins with Leo and I staying home this year for all of the holidays. We're doing a huge Thanksgiving dinner for our family of five. 

As each day passes I add more food dishes for us to cook. I have come to the conclusion that I over estimated serving sizes in the stuffing department. So much so that we currently have two 9x18 pans and one 8x8 pan of bread and seasonings drying out on my counter top.

I hadn't really planned to do a cranberry side dish. Until I talked to my Mom--she asked if I was making her (to die for) cranberry salad. I told her no, I didn't think so. She agreed and we laughed that it wasn't like I had the ingredients (whole cranberries, lemon jello, heavy whipping cream and more) on hand.

After thinking it over I text Leo who was battling the masses at the grocery store. I shot him a quick text on a few key ingredients to buy. 

When it came time for me to text heavy whipping cream I even added in parentheses to NOT buy whipped cream in a can. I even laughed thinking he probably already knew that and I will probably get a smartass response back. 

Fast forward to him getting home. He's putting some stuff away while I am trying to get dinner to the girls. 

Leo: Hey, babe! Want me to put this whipping cream in the freezer?

Me: Um...why would you put it in the freezer?

I look up to see him holding the biggest container of Cool Whip that I've ever seen! Freaking hilarious--I died laughing!

I want to add how glad I am that he is not in Afghanistan this Thanksgiving. I am so blessed that he is home this year!


amanda said...

that is all sorts of awesome!

and if you have any cool whip left i have a husband who will make it go away for you :)

happy turkey week friend!!

Anti-Supermom said...

My husband would do the same thing, and then be mad at me for not being more specific.

Too funny!

Lin said...

Well on the upside, it wasn't in a can. Haha!