Monday, November 7, 2011

Remember When "Fall Back" Was a Glorious Event?

I remember many many MANY a few years ago when this whole "fall back" business was an awesome event in my life.

Extra hour to go out at night?


Extra hour to sleep in before waking up for work?


Extra hour to sleep in the following day?


Now? Not so awesome.

I thought I would kick off the whole fall back event with a trip to Target for a little time out. I shopped my little heart out and followed it with a little stop at my favorite local wine store to pick up a bottle of vino for later this week.

I got back home, popped a DVD in, popped a little popcorn and relaxed.

I stayed up until well after midnight thinking smugly to myself that it was so much FUN to stay up late. And as a bonus? I got to subtract an hour. It was no longer 12:16 in the morning, it was now 11:16 at night. 

I should have known right then and there that I was tempting fate. My daughters woke up Sunday morning at 6 something. I was so tired I couldn't even read the remaining numbers on the clock.

All that I knew was that I was no longer a single twenty-something.

I am now a mom to three girls four years and younger.

I love sleep. I need sleep. This whole "fall back" business backfired in my face.

I no longer love "fall back".


jazzygal said...

Give it another few years and you'll love it all over again! We had our 'Fall back' a week ago and I enjoyed the late night knowing that I had the extra hour in the morning. Thing was, I felt that every day could do with an extra hour!

Xx Jazzy

Shell said...

I hated it so much when the kids were younger- though since we have to be out of the house by 7:30 for school- it actually made it a lot easier today.

Btw, I LOVE your new look! (or new-ish look- I'm behind!)

Patty @ A Day in My NYC said...

Fall back always meant a night that I could break curfew as a teen & then fix it as soon as I walked in the door! ;)

Ah the good ole days!

Daniele said...

Bahahaha I talked about this all day yesterday!! Hubby and I went out Saturday night to a Marine Corps ball. It was about 11 and I said we should probably get going since we had an hour ride home. Someone said no you have an extra hour tonight, stay out! I said kids do not honor time changes! lol. We didn't get in bed that night till 1 something and the girls were up at 6:00. I was a zombie yesterday, and also thought a lot about when fall back was a bonus for me ;)

Venassa said...

Fall back should've been great for me - my daughter was at her grandmother's house for the night so I could sleep for that extra hour before picking her up. Except I couldn't sleep for some reason. It was a big fail.

amanda said...

it's so hard isn't it. i remember when lilly was a baby and the sleep books just said - just switch them to the new time. it was like literally one sentence. i thought it needed a whole flippin chapter!! bc really??

looking forward to finding our new routine :)

Anti-Supermom said...

See, forget the me time, I kept those kiddos up as late as possible in hopes that they sleep until close to their regular bedtime,

it kinda, sort of worked ;)

Heather's Happenings said...

I am so hating the time change. My daughter is falling asleep super early and waking up super early.