Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dreams Part Uno

I have an issue with past jobs and my dreams.

My first job-ever-was pretty demanding. It was at a frozen custard shop and before you laugh at that being demanding....let me give you a few "highlights" from working there for years.

*They used to time how fast we could scoop custard. Cones, concretes, etc. They timed it.

*After they set down their stopwatch they would get out a scale and weigh it. Seriously.

*I would work until sometimes after 1 am. While in high school. And then during college. It. was. horrible.

*I once slipped in the walk in cooler. Someone had spilled custard mix and wiped it up. With water. Which then turned into a black ice. I ran to get some stuff during an extremely busy summer nite and totally wiped out! I was SO black and blue and they were so nice to me. In fear of being sued. Ha.

*A man once claimed he gave us a $50. Except there was no fifty in the register. He then threw all of his custard items (I distinctly remember a root beer float exploding as it hit the wall). Now that was fun.

Anyway, I used to have dreams about this place all the time. Now that I am having those "crazy" pregnancy dreams? I can't stop dreaming about this place! I dreamed about a woman who abducted a baby there on her bicycle and then tried to shoot me--which never happened, btw! I dream about just working and working....scooping one treat after another.

Does anyone else have dreams about old jobs? Anyone? Or am I the only one who was so traumatized by this job that it is forever engraved into my brain....

Because let me say--there are many things I would love to dream about....but it is always this place...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Going for the Role of Miss Piggy...

Leo brought these home for me tonite:

I've managed to eat half a box so far.

And he's only been home for a couple of hours.

Did I just admit that?

Out loud?!

Help...someone come and take the other box and a half away....

Friday, February 20, 2009

Whoa, Baby!

Last nite I felt Baby G moving around!

It was an amazing feeling and I couldn't believe how much Baby G was moving around in there.


There are just some things in life that really make you remember how truly blessed you are.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Appointment Update 16 weeks 5 days

I had my appointment today with my AMAZING midwife today. Have I mentioned how much I adore this woman?! She is such a kind woman and I feel so blessed to have such a great provider for this pregnancy!

I hope I get to see her at every appointment...(the military healthcare system is quite a bit different than civilian healthcare....)

Anyways, I've gained 2-3 lbs total...not bad for 4 months pregnant. I've been eating lots of fruit, water, cereal, and really trying not to eat a lot of junk. I do not want to blow up into an enormous whale like I did with Isabella! Yikes.

The tech couldn't find the heartbeat for what seemed like forever. For any woman out there that has had this happen, the few minutes that they can't find the heartbeat on the doppler can feel like a lifetime.

She finally found it (was in the 160's and yay that Baby G was okay!!!) and the baby was just floating low today--probably dodging his/her big sister's feet, legs, etc up higher *smile*

I call in a little over a week to schedule the *big* ultrasound and for my next appointment. Oh--and I promise to have Leo take a pic tonite!

My morning sickness is pretty much gone now! I get sick in the morning after waking up but other than that I feel pretty good now. Except when I'm really hungry...then watch out....

That's pretty much it for this appointment. Now I'll be counting the days/weeks until we find out if it's a boy or a girl!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Baby Got Treasure

After dinner tonite I decided to have a snack.

A yummy Rice Krispy Treat. Store bought, not Chellemade.

Anyway, Bella and I were sharing it and she picked up the empty wrapper after it was gone.

She looked at me with concern in her eyes and "asked" me (in so many words) where'd it go?

I told her it was all gone and gave her a kiss.

She then looked at the wrapper in her hand, and stuffed it on the side of our recliner.

What-in-the ??

Very clever, I thought.

After she went to bed, I was laughing so hard telling Leo how are baby girl can "throw" away the trash.

He was on the couch, we both looked at each other with the same, uh-oh look.

He reached down and pulled out the following items:

-Dora fruit snacks, Dora wrappers
-a tube of Neosporin (how did that get there?!)

We will now be tearing apart each and every couch cushion this weekend and cleaning out the loot.

I gotta hand it to her...that was pretty clever!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So, this is Isabella's favorite word now.

Snack time:

"Isabella, do you want a snack?

"No." She says this as she runs into the kitchen for a snack...

During a tantrum:

"Isabella, I think you need some quiet time to yourself now."


And my favorite so far:

"Isabella, are you excited for maybe a baby brother?"


"Hm. Okay, how about a baby sister?"


Crap. Let me do the ultimate test.

"Okay, well, do you love momma and daddy?"


Shew! And all along I thought we would have problems with the new baby...

From My Mom's Blog

Okay, I totally stole this from my mom, but thought maybe some of my reader's would be interested, too.

" This precious 14 month old baby Yu is in urgent need of heart surgery. Love Without Boundaries is trying to save her life. She needs $8,500 raised for the complex surgery necessary to save her life (I'm always amazed at how little it costs compared to the same surgery here in the states. . .)

As of this evening, they need only $2,369 more to make the arrangements for Yu's surgery. I've fallen in love with this precious baby girl with her blue little lips and fingers and tears in her eyes. If you can find any extra $$ to contribute for her surgery, please help her. Please see the link for her sponsorship page below.& if for any reason that link doesn't work, just type in lovewithoutboundaries.com Click on "sponsor a child" and then click on "sponsor a child for surgery." You'll find Yu's picture in the "urgent need" category.Thank you, friends, for helping her in any way that you can.& for all of you bloggers, if you could share her picture and info on how to help.

For those who don't know, my family has adopted three beautiful, sweet girls (my sisters, Bella's "fun aunts") from China over the past few years. My family is very compassionate in helping the children in their orphanages. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Little of This, Little of That.

* It has been so nice here lately--in the 70's! Isabella and I played outside for quite awhile today. We pulled weeds, played chase, threw around a ball and she collected quite a collection of acorns. I saw the cutest outdoor shovels and watering cans--I think we will go back this weekend to pick it up for her.

* I am now over 15 weeks pregnant! Wow. Time is FLYING by. With Isabella each week seemed to last forever...not this time! I am starting to feel better and better. My latest cravings? Fruit, lots of fruit. Especially strawberries, blueberries, plums...yum!

* I'll be posting a "baby bump" pic this week. I am already showing! I haven't gained any weight thus far, but am sure that will change since I am eating more and keeping everything down.

* Isabella's latest vocab words: "ewwww? (this means hello)", "cooka" (cookie, cracker, anything you cook in the oven is a cooka), "go", "get down", "sat?" (what's that), "cheeee" (chewy our dog), "tee" (tree). I'm sure there are a few more, but her vocab has literally exploded in the past few weeks. LOVE my little girl!

* Isabella has a book called Feelings. Today I probably read it, oh...20 times? At least? I try to act out each feeling. She loves all of them....except the following: sad, mad, frustrated, scared. When I read her those she whimpers and hugs me. *sigh* She. is. adorable! And sweet, right?

* Leo tested for his next rank today...E-7 (Master Seargent). He doesn't feel very hopeful, but I do! He's so smart and knows so much about his job and the military. We won't find out until June, so I will be doing a lot of praying until then.

* I am addicted to Dum Dums. Guess it's better than chocolate, right??