Wednesday, March 31, 2010

That's Lucky...

I consider myself lucky for so many life is great. And I hate how I can seem to focus on negativity so much. Not so much out loud, but in my head? Oh, man...

Examples of what I think:

I wish I could fit in my skinny jeans again...two whole sizes away.

I wish I had new furniture...

I wish Leo would let me get a puppy. Or kitten. Or talk about another baby.

I wish I had a bff down here...

I wish I had more money for _____, _____. or _______.

Do you see what I do to myself? It's awful. Seriously. I have SO much to be grateful for in life--so, so much.

I have my health. I'm healthy. I'm not having to fight for my life. That's lucky.

I have my daughters. My husband. That's lucky.

I have my home. My OWN home. That's lucky.

I have money to buy food for my family. To take them out to dinner. That's lucky.

I even have money for nice wine. That's lucky.

I get to have my hair done every couple of months. That's lucky.

I have amazing medical care. Free medication. Thank you military and Leo. That's lucky. 

I get to play with my daughters at the park. Hear their laughs. Their voices. That's lucky.

I am able to laugh every single day--good day or bad. That's lucky.

Do you focus on negatives a lot? Always wishing for something you don't have? Play along with me--and link up below. I would love to read what makes you lucky.

Yoplait Greek {A Winey Mommy Giveaway}

 All of the girls in my house are huge yogurt fans--Isabella is addicted and Madelyn is just beginning to realize how yummy it is. As a Mom, this is great to me--I can offer my girls a delicious yet healthy snack to have during the day and not worry that I am feeding them something that I shouldn't be.

When I heard about the new Yoplait Greek yogurt I was definitely interested in trying it out. It has 12 grams of protein and has a taste that is both unique and delicious. From its thick and creamy texture to the multiple flavors, I can't wait to taste it. The flavors include Strawberry, Blueberry, Honey Vanilla and Plain.
Yoplait has teamed up with actress Izabella Miko who is the Greek Goddess Athena in the epic adventure from Warner Brothers Pictures & Legendary Pictures--"Clash of the Titans" which is set to release April 2nd in 3D. Both Yoplait and Izabella Miko want every woman to channel their own inner goddess--which sounds like a great plan to me!

You can save $0.30 on one cup of Yoplait Greek by clicking here for a coupon. 

 Winner's Gift Pack

To help you channel your inner goddess I have one gift pack to help ONE of my readers channel their inner goddess! {coupons are not valid in some states including California, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, New Jersey and Tennessee.}

***How to Win***

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No compensation was given for this review and giveaway. Yoplait provided the gift pack for this blog through MyBlogSparkTM.

Splenda--The No Calorie Sweetener! {A Winey Mommy Review}

At the beginning of the year I vowed to myself and my family that I would stop making so many baked goods for us at home. I noticed that I wasn't losing weight--and then it hit me. Look at the cookies, the brownies, banana or pumpkin bread that are constantly filling up my home. While I have gotten much, much better at baking less, there are still occasions that we want something sweet to eat.

Insert Splenda and their granulated no calorie sweetener. Not only can you now use it to bake with, but they have an online Splenda Tastebook I consider this a genius idea for a couple of reasons--I can now use their sweetener to bake with thus saving me hundreds of calories and I can also browse for delicious recipes to try out. Their recipes are also rated--so if you're interested in trying one out you can read the reviews and ratings first. I hate trying a new recipe only to find out that I hated it after it's been baked.

The Splenda Tastebook is filled with many different recipes to satisfy what craving you are having--pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting, vegetarian chili, cream cheese stuffed apple bread...I could go on and on an on with the variety of recipes that they have on there!

Celebrity mom chef Katie Brown has teamed up with Splenda  to give America healthy eating tips, tips on leading a healthier life and also shares her favorite recipes that she uses Splenda for. I love getting tips and tricks for healthier eating--anything that makes a healthy meal taste delicious is a winner in my book.

Next time you're having a craving check out the Splenda Tastebook and try to find a delicious recipe. There are 100's to choose from!

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Splenda and received products necessary to facilitate my candid review. In addition, a donation was made in my name to the Meals on Wheel organization to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

SmartShield Self Tanner {A Winey Mommy Review}

I recently got the opportunity to review a bottle of SmartShield Self Tanner with SPF 15. I was happy to get this review for many reasons--I love having golden skin, but I am fully aware of the dangers associated with tanning beds and/or baking out in the sun. With spring finally here I was embarrassed to be going out with such white, pasty skin. Ew! I prefer myself to be a little tan...but without the risk of exposing myself to UVA & UVB rays.

***About SmartShield***

SmartShield was founded after finding out that a freckle was not a freckle--instead it was a precancerous spot on Harl's skin in 1992. Knowing that they wanted a formula that would smell great, be non-greasy, eco-friendly and protect from the sun, they perfected their formula in 1995.

 SmartShield's Self Tanner is an eco-friendly self tanner which uses DHA rather than dyes or stains to color your skin. Not only is it oil-free, but it also contains Vitamins A, C and E & aloe vera. With an SPF of 15 it blocks UVB and UVA rays that are harmful to our bodies.

***My Review***

I've used it for two days now and I've already noticed that I have a little more color than I did on Monday. I'm not orange {thank God!!}--that's one of my big turnoffs to many of the self tanners on the market. The smell isn't overpowering to me, either, which is another plus. Putting it on is simple--it's not thick or creamy which made it easier to rub into my skin. It didn't leave a white film for me to have to keep rubbing which was another plus. I love lotions that absorb easily! Oh--and it didn't aggravate my eczema. I can't use a lot of lotions due to having an eczema breakout so I was really pleased with SmartShield.

My bottle of SmartShield

 SmartShield is available for purchase on their website or many other beauty supply shops online for $12.99/bottle. They are also on Facebook & Twitter if you want to follow them there!

I was provided one bottle of self tanning lotion in order to perform an honest product review. No other compensation was given.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pouring it Out...Glass Two...

It's Wednesday--which means pour your heart at over at Shells's--Things I Can't Say. Love her and I love her Wednesday meme.

I had a friend...she was one of the best friends that I've ever had. She was bold. Didn't care about what anyone thought or said about her. Before I met Leo if a guy tried to talk to me she would give him the 3rd degree and question him on his motives. When I met Leo she loved him. She told me that I had a keeper. I loved her.

She took me to my first horse races. She would go to the gym with me and make me get my {then} skinny booty in shape--she told me even though I was skinny didn't mean I was in shape and healthy. She was totally right. I loved her.

She was like an older sister--the older sister I never had. She took care of me. She talked to me about everything. I loved her.

She moved away to Germany a few years after we met. It was from there that she called me to tell me that she had found a lump. While showering. At the gym.

She assured me that it was nothing. But I could tell how scared she was. I told her to call me as soon as she found anything out. And she did.

And the news was the worst news possible. She had breast cancer. And she was young.

She came to San Antonio for some of her surgeries. Her treatments. She would always come and stay with me when she could. The same went for checkups when she was cancer free. She would stay at our home--she would go shopping with me. Hang out with us at one of our favorite bars. Her mom came down and we all went out. Oh, her Mom. I totally saw where she got her spunk from--I immediately loved her mom.

She was there in San Antonio when I realized something wasn't right with my first pregnancy. She was there with coffee made when I came home with the puffiest eyes ever and she didn't need me to tell her what was wrong. She knew my baby was in heaven.

A couple of months later, before Leo and I were to leave to Turkey, she called me. We talked forever. She was so excited that I would be in Turkey--we talked about visiting one another. She told me she was playing softball and how much she loved it. She told me that her back was bothering her, but she totally blew it off.

A little over a month later we arrived in Turkey. I hadn't heard from her and I assumed she was just swamped with work. I emailed her a few times telling her 'Helloooo! I'm here!! Where are you?'. It was a week after that I found out her cancer had returned. It had spread and it was bad. Really, really bad.

Shortly after? She died. My best friend died. I never told her goodbye. I never got a chance to tell her how much she meant--and still means--to me. I loved her. I love her. I'll never, ever forget her.

And her name? Is Angi. Angi who fought cancer. Angi who beat cancer. Angi who inspires me still to this day.

Love you, Ang. I'll never, ever forget you. Your spirit. Your happiness. Your everything. xoxo

A Couple of Ways to Make Some Cash

Okay, I love to shop. Not only for myself, but for my girls, my home and yes, even for Leo. Being a one income family has made me limit how much I can shop--but I do a couple of different things for extra money and I wanted to share them with you.

SponsoredTweets referral badge

The first is Sponsored Tweets. If you use Twitter and use it often, why not get paid for it? It's easy--they DM you that they have an opportunity for an ad. You log onto their site and check out the opp. You either decline it or accept it and write up the tweet. They provide the link for you and what the tweet should be about. So, not only is it super easy, but it lets you make money!

Search & Win

The second way is Swagbucks. Omg--this one? Super easy. Fun. I've earned $60 in Amazon giftcards in 3 months. For searching the web. There are TONS of ways to earn Swagbucks. If you sign up and want more info on all of the different ways, let me know--I'll email you and answer any questions that you have. This one is so easy--I'm online during the day anyway, so why not use their toolbar?

And this concludes my lesson today in earning somewhat free money. I love them both and have used my earnings for things that I may not have gotten without it!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Post-It Note Tuesday!

I swear, these are the days that I love to blog--when I can just whip out a few post-its and life? Is good. Wanna play along? Go visit the oh-so-fabulous Supah and link up. Easy. Right?

This or That? Tuesday Time--Movie Edition

Wow--this past week has flown by! When I realized that today was Monday and tomorrow is Tuesday {I know, I know, I'm that smart.} I had to kick it into high gear for This or That? Tuesday.

For any newbies--grab the button below and answer the post on your blog. Then simply come back and link up. Easy AND fun!

The Winey Mommy

This week's question: Do you prefer to watch movies at home or at the theater?

I am a theater girl for sure! Don't get me wrong, I love watching movies at home, but unfortunately that's the only place that I watch them now with us having the girls {Go Netflix!}. There's something about movie theaters that take me back to when I was carefree, responsibility free. I love the popcorn, the sodas, the darkness of the theater--basically if I am lucky enough to go and watch a movie now it takes me away from everything for those couple of hours. Love it. Even though the prices are crazy, the floors are sticky and I'm usually freezing by the time the movie is over I love it. That's what I call true love...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mommy & Me...and Someone Turns 8 Months on Monday!

This weekend was fabulous--the weather, the sunshine, the everything. I'm jumping in for another Mommy & Me Monday from Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious?.

This is from a trip to the park yesterday--we had SO much fun! And, yes, that's my Bellie walking in the distance--the slides were calling her name!

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?
Hosted by Krystyn

 As for the double dip post...guess who turns 8 months old on Monday? My Madelyn Reese! Can you believe it?!

Her latest and greatest? Still doing the Army crawl {or the wounded soldier crawl. So funny and cute!}, she can clap, says ni-ni-ni when she's tired, cries out for mama as needed, sits up {when she wants to...she'd rather crawl than sit up}, eats so many different foods {except peas and meat. Ew!}.

Here's a picture I snapped of her outside today. Love her, her chubby cheeks, her long eyelashes...I love it all. She is such a sweet baby girl!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hooters Girls or Margaritas?

Tonite we went to the best little hidden treasure of a restaurant--Pepe's Bosque--which is home to the best margaritas on the Gulf Coast. It was buyonegetonefreenite...aka?

Chelle's favorite nite of the week--well, that and the fact that it's Friday.

Anyway. After a dinner of Gulf Coast shrimp, chicken fajitas, quesadillas & a few margaritas for me, Leo went up to pay. This is where my big question comes into play. As he is trying to pay their credit machine is down. Leo and Bella decide to head to base to an ATM--Madelyn and I are there to finish my 'ritas and hang out one on one.

I am at the prime spot of their new restaurant--the back with a full view of everyone. I observed the ~21 year old group of guys with their crazy hair and t-shirts--they totally reminded me of friends that I had when I was that age. I had the families who would peek over at me probably wondering if I was going to be driving after the table  few glasses of empty 'ritas were on my table {for the record I never drink and drive. I was pregnant for 20 mos of my life--Leo has a few more months of being DD before I need to become the DD *wink*}.

And then they walked in. I nearly gagged on their cheap body spray/perfume drafting to the back of the restaurant where I was. They were dressed in their tight tops with "Hooters" splashed across the top. Their long hair and shitload a ton of cakey makeup to boot. To top it off their fake tans and crotch shorts were the icing on the cake.

They hugged the waiter and owner {hey, we got free shrimp--that's no hug, but we got free food--haha!} and sat in the table directly in front of ours. They didn't smile once. They didn't talk to one another. They ordered the skimpiest of meals and water with "loads" of lemon.

And then I noticed them. The table ordering round after round of 'ritas. Laughing, smiling and eating. I loved them at that instant. They were like "my people". I got them. Never mind that I had never spoken or uttered a single word to them in my life. I got them. They were like me. Love to laugh. Not intimidated for an instant of the calories that a margarita or a tortilla chip contained.

I glanced at the Hooters girls in front of me. One of them was eating salsa by the forkful. No talking No smiling. Lots of lemon.

It was there, in that moment, that I realized that I will never be one of them. I will always be the one smiling. Laughing. Drinking. And not counting my calories.

Which table would you be at? Honestly. If I were to look up would you be at the laughing/smiling table? Or the table counting the calories in their water with a "load" of lemon?

What I Needed

After my post where I poured my heart out I decided to take a couple of days off. I wasn't sure if that would help me, but guess what? It did. It truly did.

Well, that coupled with my Mom, Dad & three of my adorable sisters coming down! They arrived from their vacay in Florida and stayed two nites with us. It was amazing to say the least. We talked, we ate, drank margaritas, went to the bouncey place that is Bella's new hangout and then?

Rearranged my living room. Awesomeness. We moved our enormous Turkish entertainment center from in front of our large living room window...and wow. I am in love with my living room all over again. The windows are open and letting in so much fresh air.

I think between my parents & sisters visiting, my post and changing around our living room that it did wonders for my soul. I love feeling happy. And new. *smile*

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

EcoSMART Winner

Congrats to fashionfrugality for winning the EcoSMART giveaway! She has been emailed and has 48 hours to contact me before a new winner is picked.

Thank you so much to all that have entered my giveaways!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pouring it Out...One Glass at a Time...

I know I've talked about it before, but for the record after I had Isabella I had postpartum depression. Miserable, miserable stuff.

I got placed on Effexor after trying Zoloft and being unable to take that. We started out slowly until I finally got to a dosage that was comfortable for me.

I've been on that dose for 2 years now. Effexor saved my life. My family's life. And probably my marriage, too. I don't want to go into a lot of details, but it was a dark and lonely place for me. It should have been the most joyous time of my life. And yet at that time I was the saddest that I had ever been.

Flash forward to a few weeks ago. I had been feeling amazing, happy, on top of the world. I decided to go and see my provider to slowly start weaning myself off of the Effexor. She seemed a little hesitant at first but I reassured her that I? Totally wanted to this--that I could do this. So we cut my dose in half. I felt so confident that it was the right time. I thought I would be great--better than before.

I'm telling was the worst decision of my life. I called her yesterday to be asked to go back to the old dose. I could feel myself slipping back. And I hated it. The anger, the crying. Horrible.

I try to remain as upbeat and positive as I can on my blog. It's my happy place--where I can always count to go and smile. I just felt like I needed to get this out and off my chest. And I know once I hit publish? I will feel a lot better...and after all, it is Pour Your Heart Out over at Shell's. So what better time and place than now, right?

Thanks {as always} for listening to my rambling thoughts. Heart each and every one of you!

And remember to click on the button at the top of my post to visit Shell--I l-o-v-e love her. She's awesome and I know you all will heart her, too {if you don't already}.

Post It Note Tusday!

Adventures of a Wanna-Be Supah Mommy

Go and visit Supah to link up!


Monday, March 22, 2010

This or That? Tuesday {Week 2}

The Winey Mommy

Here we are on week two of This or That? Tuesday! The past week has seriously flown by--I've been really busy, but I actually prefer it that way.

You know the drill--grab the button code and write up your little post--it doesn't have to be anything long. Just short and sweet if that's what you feel like. Then come and link up on the linky below & try to visit as many participants that you can!

Do you buy your makeup at a discount/drugstore or some type of specialty makeup store?

 I typically get mine everywhere, but mainly Ulta/Sephora. I'm somewhat of a makeup junkie/makeup whore and love playing around with different makeups and am always on the lookout for "the next best thing" to cover my dark circles, make my skin look amazing and to look, well, pretty. Don't get me wrong--you'll find a little bit of everything in my makeup bag from everywhere. But my #1 shopping spot is Ulta {which is what we have here}.

Crafty Flower w/Fabric Covered Button

So...I finally attempted to make a fabric flower...not bad for my first one...and I can't wait to make more. I'm hooked!

Tropicana Juicy Rewards


With my Tropicana Juicy Rewards slowly building up I have been browsing and trying to decide what to redeem next with them. I've finally managed to pick out the next reward:

The New Orleans Audubon Zoo! I cannot wait for this--I have heard their zoo is amazing. And the reward that I have picked out is buy one adult admission, get the second for 50% off! I love it! I'm hoping that we make a weekend out of it--maybe around Leo's birthday in April?

Are you redeeming any great rewards? Are there any that you have your sites set on? I can't wait to hear what you are saving up for!

I wrote this review while participating in the Tropicana Juicy Insiders Ambassador program by Mom Central on behalf of Tropicana. I received 12 free Juicy Rewards points and a $50 Visa gift card to use in redemption of the points and to facilitate my review.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blogaholics Anonymous

One of my favorite blogs Mommie Life just started a new meme for Monday mornings--and I absolutely love the idea!

It's called Blogaholics Anonymous Monday Meetings--and to play along copy her button, post and link up over at her blog.

So for week one I'm going to list a few of the reasons why I could be considered a blogaholic:

  • I sometimes have dreams where my blog friends and I meet. We shop. Drink. Laugh. It's awesome--until I wake up and realize that I'm dreaming about people that I've never met--at least we get along in blogland and in my dreams!
  • I get a little stressed when my Reader builds up. Today I had to go through and delete all unread items. It's was well into 500 and I was seriously stressed out. Down to zero now--I'm vowing to not get so behind this week!
  • I am constantly thinking of what to write about. What will my meme question be that week. Etc.
  • I consider a lot of my blog friends REAL friends. I laugh with you, cry with you and celebrate with you. 
  • I feel like I've know y'all forever--and I love it.
Want to join in? Just click the button below and head over to visit Ali from Mommie Life--you'll love her!

Fabric Covered Buttons {Ponytail Holders}

Isabella loves them! This is the one she wore tonite.

Set {1} of adult sized

Set {2} adult sized

Set {1} child size

I had so much fun making these! Just wanted to share--I know that there were a few of my readers who wanted pics--and can I just say how proud I am of myself?! Hehe!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Winey Wondering...

*How did I get so far behind on my blog reading?! Definitely need a bottle glass of wine to catch up!

*I always feel guilty if I haven't made it to my fave blogs in a day--or in this case two. I'll be there! I promise!

*For some reason I bite the end of my tongue when I drink . Um....

*We watched Precious tonite. Recommend it--good, sad, will make you cry.

*I made...wait for it...fabric covered button ponytail holders tonite. Pre-wine consuming. I love them. I am wearing one right now. Super cute--I promise!

*Took the girls to a new park--across the street from the beach. We had sun, surf, Gulf Coast breeze and laughter. It was perfect.

*Although my day started off with some male PMS. He stayed up too late playing video games. Ugh! I won't wish the XBox 360 was broken--last time I did? It broke. I chit you not.

*I have a date tomorrow nite--with some fun moms from my playgroup! I can't wait. Dinner and maybe a movie--here I come...!

*I miss y'all. I promise to be by your blog by the end of the weekend. The past two days have been a little insane! Heart you all!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Parenting. Pour a Glass of Wine for This One...

Last nite I was browsing through blogville and came across a blog that at first I thought sounded interesting, but it soon left me, well, pissed off.

The post that made my blood boil was the one where she ended it saying something like this:

If your child doesn't know how to act, don't bring them in public.

Um. Excuse me? I realize that in your line of work {retail} that you come into children every. single. day.

But guess what? Most of us have to shop with our child/children. It's not as if we always want to--believe me--when they start crying and screaming? I want to shrink back into a hole until they come down. I want to turn us all invisible and soundless until the storm clears away. But we can't.

It goes on and on and on--about trying to "help" the parent in the situation {which fyi? stay out of it. you aren't helping and it usually turns the situation even uglier}.

I was thinking of leaving a comment and decided not to. Until I read the comment from one of her readers. Here it is--and I am quoting this to not get it wrong:

"Hahahaha!!!!!! I was a cashier (at Wal*Mart of all places, so you know I saw A LOT) for 3 years (during hs and college) it's hillarious because this sounds like rants I went on *all* the time! :D And trust me, as someone who is now a mom I still totally and 100% feel the way that you just wrote!!! My daughter has never once had a temper tantrum in a store. If you raise your kiddos RIGHT they DON'T!!!! It's that easy!"

Ohnoshedi-int.  I was furious. I quickly clicked on her name to see if she, herself, was a mother. And *gasp* she was. So, what I gather is that her child has never thrown a fit? A tantrum? Anything?!

This woman should write a book--because clearly myself, who thought I was raising my children "right"--am doing it all wrong. I would LOVE to hear her thoughts. Her tricks. Her secrets. Maybe she is this "Super Mom" I hear so much about all the time, but that I have never been able to be.

Maybe it's me and my PMS, maybe it's because my girls were grumpier than ever--but the whole post and especially that ignorant comment made me irate. What happened to moms supporting other moms? Is that just the way our country is now? I know that anytime I hear/see/witness a child acting up in any way, shape or form, I feel for that parent. I know exactly how it feels when everyone is staring at you and saying rude, inconsiderate and uncalled for comments about your parenting skills.

So, readers and followers, what is your opinion in this? Do you think that parents who have a child that throws a tantrum or dares to misbehave in public should be belittled and made to feel like they aren't parenting correctly? Or do you just want to give them a hug--as is the case with me.

Can't wait to read your comments--this should be an interesting topic...

snackTAXI Winner!

Congrats to the Bombtastic Belle for winning the snackTAXI giveaway! I will be emailing you shortly for your address.

Yo Tweeps! {A Twitter Follow Party}

I love new followers--whether it's on my blog or twitter, I heart you all!

So when I read about this awesome twitter party? I was in!

Here are the directions that I snagged from Supah:


To play along and increase your twitter twaffic do the following:

1.   Follow the first  5  Twitter Twaffic hosts listed on  the linky.   Netiquette and courtesy!   They'll reciprocate your love on twitter!

2.  MAKE A BLOG POST LIKE I  am doing.   Copy and Paste these directions.

3.  Grab the YO Tweeps  Twaffic Exchange Button pictured below.   Put him in your post.
    **to grab the button visit Supah and snag the code!**

5.  Put  YOUR OWN  twitter icon / link on your blog post like I did. It should directly link to your TWITTER PROFILE.

For example--mine is: <----follow me!

6.  Now link up your post below in the linky!

7.  Visit some other #YOtweeps linkers on the list.

8.  Follow them if you choose and shout out to them on twitter  that you are following so they can instantly follow you if they're on. (Follow their blog as well if you're interested.) Example: @personsname #yotweeps  I'm following! 
9. If someone follows  you JUST  reciprocate on twitter.  It's that easy.
Join in the fun and grab the html code to paste the linky into  your own site !

Spread the word.  WE'LL BE BACK every THURSDAY TO DO THIS AGAIN! ( yes THURSDAY)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


There will never be enough words for me to describe the amount of love I have for this little girl.

Monday, March 15, 2010

This or That? Tuesday {Week 1}

The Winey Mommy

So. Here we are. The very first week of 'This or That? Tuesday'!

I have to admit that I have butterflies in my stomach--like a nervouswillanyoneevenplay type of butterflies. I've had fun coming up with questions--at first I was thinking to myself what have I started?!  What if I can't come up with ANY questions?!?!

Then I laughed and reminded myself that I'm always full of questions. And this? Will be fun!

To play along simply copy and paste the scenario below and write out a post with your choice of 'This' or 'That' answer. Copy the button code into your post and then come back and link up on the linky! After you link up go and visit as many of the other link ups that you want--who knows, maybe you'll find a fabulous new blog to follow!

Here is this week's scenario:

You show up at a party of an acquaintance.  It's an evening party and you don't know very many people there. For whatever reason you decide to show up alone--and pray that your friends will indeed make it. 

Would you rather show up under dressed or over dressed?

My answer: I would MUCH rather show up under dressed. Seriously. For one I hate getting dressed up...and I always notice the people who just seem over dressed. Under dressed to me would be a cute pair of jeans, a casual top and a cute pair of shoes--preferably ballet shoes or my beloved flip flops. At least if I stick out I may as well be comfortable!


Tropicana Juicy Rewards


As I mentioned before I'm a Juicy Insider for Tropicana--which is my favorite orange juice. Now that I have my points building up {have you registered yet?} I decided to put them to use--in redeeming a reward.

To be honest there aren't very many rewards where I live--there are a few in New Orleans that I want to redeem in the future weekends, though.

So for my first reward I saved 100 sq feet of the rainforest. I'm really big into preserving land and wildlife--so I thought this would be a perfect first reward for me to select.

I can't wait to update you all with my future rewards. And if you haven't yet, register today--it's free and you can earn free stuff, preserve the rainforest and enter sweepstakes!

I wrote this review while participating in the Tropicana Juicy Insiders Ambassador program by Mom Central on behalf of Tropicana. I received 12 free Juicy Rewards points and a $50 Visa gift card to use in redemption of the points and to facilitate my review.

What's on the View This Week!

I know you are probably wondering to yourself, hm...what's on The View this week?

I'm here to fill you in on this week's schedule:

  • Tuesday:  Marisa Tomei--I love her! She'll be discussing her new film Into the Heart of Italy.
  • Wednesday: Kate Gosselin will be filling in as co-host. I'm wondering what her hair will look like? 
  • Thursday: Joy's month in ReView. Also they'll be going over Macy's spring fashions.
  • Friday: Evan Lysacek--the Olympic gold medalist and Dancing with the Stars contestant.
So there you have it! I'm looking forward to Tuesday's and Thursday's episodes for sure. I'm a little over Kate Gosselin {sorry, Kate!}.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The One Where You Laugh...At Me...A Lot...

Ever since the bisexual post yesterday it got me thinking of all the not so bright moments in my life. I admit it--when it came to street smarts I was a bit naive...

I think I was in high school for this one. Which makes it even more embarrassing--the fact that I had gone years thinking this? *Groan*

There I was. Watching the news and there was a story of a body that was found. I looked up and listened to what the reporter had to say when I heard it.

"The body of Jane Doe...."

I stopped what I was doing and yelled out to my mom.

"They found another one? OhmyGod!"

She asked me what was going on.

"The found another girl--and guess what her name was?"

She asked me and was probably wondering where I was going with this.

"Her name was Jane Doe. I am SO glad that wasn't my name--they are always finding girls named Jane Doe!!"

It was then that my mom explained to me--while laughing so hard--that Jane Doe? Was a name for unidentified bodies.

I was a little annoyed that nobody had taught me this...seriously--how was I supposed to know?!

Have you ever had one of those moments? Please tell me I'm not the only one that's had a ditzy moment...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Randomness...

*I love weekends! Especially when I get to bed at a decent time on a Friday because I'm a loser... I came down with another cold. I'm feeling better today...except for the left side of my neck and throat. I am just thankful that our weather is getting warmer...yay!

*I lost a follower the other day. I'm thinking it was a) my dancing or b) the occasional language slip up. I'm thinking it was b--and thank goodness they don't talk to me in real life...haha!  

*Mi familia is coming down to Florida and then to visit us here in Mississippi. Isabella has planned out their stay--Just Dance, Annie and Hotel for Dogs. Hope they're ready!

*Leo tested for Master {the next rank in the Air Force that he can be} yesterday. I have all of my fingers and toes crossed for him. He works his butt off and seriously deserves it. Good luck honey!

*Due to my feeling like crap last nite I have a brand new bottle of Pinot Gris waiting for me...yum...

*Getting my hair done next weekend. Keeping the length, but the real question is go lighter? Go darker? I change my mind ALL of the time about my hair. And now I'm really not sure which to do. The only part about going lighter is that by the time 8 weeks rolls around? My roots. So maybe I'll get some chocolate and caramel colors. {Oh--I always compare the color of my hair to food. Anyone else do that, too?}

*Madelyn said mama mamama! So adorable. And me? Totally floating on air happy.

*I'm wondering if I have a margarita tonite it will kill whatever yucky sick I have? Or make me feel worse? I'm hoping it's the first...

*Not sure what just made me think of this, but now Leo and I are laughing our asses off. So, when I was in middle school CK One was realllly popular. I was shopping with my mom one day @ Famous Barr. We were walking by the fragrance section and I told my mom how much I wanted CK One for Christmas. She asked what it was or something and I told her it was the new bisexual fragrance--for a guy or a girl. Yeah, the word I was looking for was unisex. Even trying to tell Leo this story I couldn't think of the word unisex to save my life. Thank God for Google!

*Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend! Heart you all...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Well, Well, Well...

Isabella BEGGED to dance this morning. And seriously--she's such a cutie, I thought why not? Here you go--your Friday cuteness:

Don't forget to head over to Shell's and Supah's--and vote for your fan fave!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

You Say Bring It--I Say Oh, It's Already Been Broughten...

I uploaded the wrong video...haha! Here is the updated version

Ahem. So here we are again. Time to make an ass of myself dance my bloggy off--courtesy of the fabulous duo Shell and Supah. And, no, I'm not saying they're fabulous to suck up--these two make me laugh daily. Go check 'em out if you're not already.

Here we are. Me with my "high" score. I say that term loosely. Someone deleted my video for my high score. No names mentioned or anything...oh--and one more thing--head on over and check out all of the videos and vote for your FAN FAVORITE. Yay!

click me...

This or That Tuesday...

I've been wanting to try something new for awhile. I honestly have SO many ideas floating around my head when it comes to blogs, reading blogs and my blog friends.

The Winey Mommy

I ultimately came up with this. Meet "This or That Tuesday". This is when I'll give you two choices--and which would you choose. I would LOVE for you to grab my button {made by moi--who knew?!} and play along. After you're done writing your post come back and link up.

Easy, right?

And if you have an idea for upcoming weeks, please--tell me! I would love to use your suggestions!

Does this sound fun? Like something you'd want to join in? I'm open to any suggestions that you have!

Cranky Cat Studio Winner

A big congrats to Misty who was the winner of the $30 gift card to the Cranky Cat Studio giveaway!

She has been emailed and in the case of no response a new winner will be drawn.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

He Tried...And Filled the House Up W/Smoke

I have to say that my husband is usually a great cook. He can make some yummy barbecue, a breakfast to die for....oh--and some yummy enchiladas.


He is no Pioneer Woman. I'm serious.

It all started when he has been practically in tears begging to try out the Chicken Fried Steak recipe. Like every single day.

With me being in a cinnamon roll induced coma--please don't ask me what my diet has consisted of for two days...okay, fine: cinnamon rolls, Diet Coke, a few bites of mashed potatoes and some Mexican food. Ugh. I'm going on a water diet tomorrow--I have refused to make it. But he kept begging and begging--so I told him what any sensible woman would do.

I told him if he wanted it that bad to make it himself.

I knew it was a bad sign when I walked in the kitchen and he was turning the meat over in the pan and they were pretty burnt. Moments later I heard windows slamming open, the back door opening and fans getting turned on.

This was all followed by smoke filling my entire house. Oh my Lord. It couldn't get much worse...until I sat down to eat and tried to cut it open. Um. It was raw. Red. Bloody.

I told him that it wasn't cooked and man, did he get defensive! He was all oh, please, babe. You eat steak redder than this.

Uh, this isn't steak...and my plate is filling up with red yucky juice....after seeing he was upset I told him it was okay--we all know how many things I've screwed up trying to cook!

He asked what I was going to eat--he would cook me something, run to get me something else. I told him not to worry about it--and did what any sensible woman in my shoes would have done.

I picked up my can of Diet Coke and grabbed just one more cinnamon roll....

Organic Bug Control {A Winey Mommy Giveaway!}

With spring in the air a lot of things come to mind. Sunshine, warm days, barbecues, trips to the zoo, trips to the beach, gardening and bugs. Living down in the South it's a part of life that I've grown used to--and although I despise bugs {big time--I cannot stand bugs!} I am also looking for something that will help keep them away.

organic bug spray

I have partnered up with EcoSMART once again--because honestly? I love their products. They don't smell like disgusting/harsh chemicals and they are safe to use around my family and our cat. Why? Because they are an organic bug control and are non-toxic. That is SO important to me! With so many unsafe products out there on our market I simply want the safest products available. EcoSMART delivers that to me--and I love it.

I also love the fact that they offer an organic weed killer. Leo loves to kill weeds out in our flower beds. Seriously--he goes a little crazy sometimes and the smell from the chemicals always causes us to go inside until the stuff dries up and the air is clear. I can't wait to try the EcoSMART organic weed killer. Maybe I'll surprise Leo with a bottle...

I can also say that their products work. After using their Organic Pest Control in a product review back in February we haven't had any ants come into that part of our home. Once it stops raining Leo will be going outside to spray around the doors and windows to ensure that this spring and summer remain as ant free as possible.

***Win It!***

This time EcoSMART is offering ONE lucky winner a value bundle of their choice! To be the winner of this great prize simply tell me which value bundle you would pick. Easy! This MUST be completed in order for any bonus entries to count. 

***Bonus Entries***
Please leave one comment per bonus entry

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{1 entry} Follow me on twitter

{1 entry per tweet} Tweet this giveaway--up to 5x's/day. Leave one hour between tweets. You can use the following: 
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 {10 entries} Blog about this giveaway linking to EcoSMART & The Winey Mommy. Don't have a blog? Email 5 or more of your contacts linking to this post.


 This giveaway will end on March 24th @ NOON CST. Open to all US residents 18+. To to be eligible to win you must do mandatory entry. If you do not follow that rule all entries will be void. Leave a valid email address in comment or available on profile. Winner will be drawn via and will have 48 hours to respond to notification email. If winner does not contact back w/full name/address a new winner will be 
picked. All winners will be posted on blog when picked. This blog is not responsible for prizes not being delivered, getting lost, etc. I will try my hardest to work with company if something should go wrong. This blog is not responsible for anything regarding to your use of product.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sticky Fun...

I really can't believe I've never done Post It Note Tuesday over at Supah's. Seriously, I feel like a cave woman or something. So, here we go. Are you ready? Because I know I am...

Oh-and if you want to join in {because I know you do...} head on over to Supah's!