Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh, Chili's, I Love You.....

Today Leo and I got into an argument.


*crickets chirping*

We have made up.

Which is also known as I have apologized for my maniac ways.

I had a not so good day...and then Leo got the wrath.

Which is not good.

But guess what...we went to Chili' a truce.
We had a wonderful time....I had a couple of Presidentes (minus the salt) that is one recipe I wish I had on hand....

Could you imagine?!

"Honey, I'm home....and I had such a bad day. Do you happen to be in the mood for a Presidente?"

Me: "Are you kidding me?! In the mood for one?! I had the batch of 'em whipped up ever since you called and said you were on your way home!"

Okay, so this is a bit of a stretch. Leo is a beer man.

But I would happily drink that batch for myself....


Danielle from Life with the Hewitt Family has tagged me with a meme....and we all know how much I love a meme!

Here are the rules:

1.Post the rules on your blog.

2.Write six random things about yourself.

3.Tag six people at the end of your post.

4. If you are tagged, JUST DO IT, and pass the tag along.

Without further ado, here we go....

1) I will only eat Heinz Ketchup. No other ketchup will do. I'm not sure why, but that's how I am. Leo thinks I am crazy for this. I think I just know my ketchup.

2) I have a huge movie collection. After living in Turkey for two years we built up quite the collection. I would say at least 250-300 movies. It's a little insane and I'm not sure what we'll do with them. It's not like we love every single movie, but still. Maybe I'll sell them on E-Bay some day....without Leo knowing.

3) I don't like talking on the phone....except with my Mom, sister, etc. I would much rather "talk" via e-mail, Twitter, blog, etc. A lot of my friends will call me and I'll just look at the phone and think, um, I'll call her back....really, I will! Except by the time I actually do call them back they think I am mad at them. So for any friends that may read this, I'm not mad! Just not a phone person.

4) I like to be organized. If my closet is organized, I feel like life is organized. Same thing with my cabinets, drawers, etc. I am always re-organizing them and making sure they are stacked just right. Same thing with lists. I have lists for so many things in my life. Grocery. Cleaning. Gifts. Food for Isabella's birthday. I could go on for awhile. Leo doesn't understand the need for a list. I say if I don't have a list then all things will be chaos, unorganized and out of control. I blame my mom for this....she is the queen of all things with lists. Seriously.

5) I hate children's stores where everything is so packed together that you can't fit your stroller around anything. It's a children's store. Make the aisles bigger. Or move the clothes racks apart. The worst store I have been in is a little boutique where I live. It's a childrens' boutique. But impossible to walk around in. With or without a stroller. I haven't been back since.

6) I used to work at a frozen custard store in Missouri. I worked there from 15 1/2 until I was 20. I still have dreams/nightmares about that place. I would say on an average of once a month or every couple of months I dream I am at work there. It's a little bizarre. Does anyone else dream about their old jobs? Does anyone know why I am dreaming about this place?

Okay, so that took me oh, forever to think of things you probably wouldn't know about me. Hope you enjoyed reading more on what makes me who I for who I am tagging, I tag anyone who would love to tell me more about them. Have fun!

Monday Madness....

*Leo is back safe and sound. He brought me home a cute Starbucks mug and a bad of my favorite Starbucks coffee. Have I told y'all how much I adore my husband?

*I have a million and one blogs to catch up on. I was sick this weekend and didn't feel like doing much of anything. I promise to catch up on everyone.....

*I can't believe Isabella is going to be one this Thursday. She was born on a Tuesday last fall....and I still remember it like it was yesterday. Why must time go by so quickly? I am trying to take everything in and remember everything....because she is changing more and more everday.

*Someone asked what the BBQ Bible was. It's a bbq cookbook and my husband already has the other book by the guy. If you want more info e-mail me and I'll get it for you. I'm too lazy to walk across the house right now....please forgive me!

*Here is the link for Amanda's pumpkin bread yumminess. I hope you enjoy it and leave her some comment love while you're over there...

*I got offered a job. The pay is amazing, it's on base where Leo works and every other weekend is a 3 day weekend. The part that is holding me back is (obviously) Isabella. I know she would love making friends and playing on everything, but it literally kills me to think about being away from her 10 hours a day. My heart aches at having to make this decision.

*My Grandpa has completed round one of his chemo. He also got some meds that would bring his appetite back. We are all praying that the chemo is helping.

*I'll be taking Isabella's one year pics this weekend. I hope that I can do a good job! I think we'll be taking her to the park and then I may take some of her on our front porch with the white columns. So excited!!

*Last, but certainly not least....thanks to Krystyn I have a catchy new title for my Monday posts. Thank you, Krystyn!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nature Girl

Hey, everyone! It's me, Isabella. Momma told me since I have been so well behaved this week while Dadda is in Texas (she keeps telling me this, like I know what Texas is....) that I get to post today...yay!

So, let me fill ya in on some things that are happening in my life right now. I turn one in a week. A week from today. Momma keeps getting all sappy on me and telling me she can't believe how fast this year went....and for me? This year was dragging! Seriously, could it have gone ANY slower? I think not.

Momma always says the following to me when I give her kisses (instead of bites....although in my opinion I like biting her....but she gets a little mad when I do that....), " are such a sweetheart!". So now when she does something that I like, I look at her and say, "Awwww". She thinks this is really cute....

I have also been sleeping in my big girl crib all by myself for almost every nap and through each nite. I must say I miss being in my Momma's arms and I sometimes put up a big fight, but all in all it's not bad. Dadda says that the next step is moving the crib back in my room....I'm betting Momma won't let that one happen for awhile....

I hope you enjoy the pictures of me. Momma took them while we were playing outside. She kept saying that she needed new pictures for her blog and I agreed with her. I told her that I am sure there were a few people out there that were having some Isabella withdrawals. But when I was telling her this I don't think she understood a word I was saying...but it worked because look at me typing away.

Well, Momma says I need to go now. I hope you enjoyed hearing from me--I always love reading about you all, too!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You've Changed Me....In a Good Way

Since I became an obsessed-slash-addicted a pretty regular blogger I have met some of the most amazing women.


I can honestly say that I share more with all of you than I do with a lot of my friends in real life.

Why is that?

It just feels like so many of us actually "get" one another.

I think it's easier reading through blogs, seeing if they do anything for you and deciding in that moment, would we click or would we not click?

In real life it isn't always so easy....

Sometimes you get stuck being someone's friend b/c your spouse is friends with that person's spouse.

Sometimes the other person might think that you two actually click...but ya don't.

Sometimes you start a family and your friend doesn't and you drift apart....

Whatever the reason I haven't found any good friends for awhile.

Sure, I hang out with people, talk with them occassionally, but my bloggy friends?

I "hear" from you or read about what you are up to

A day away from all of you is like taking away my coffee or Diet Coke away for a day.

Those kinds of things just do. not. happen. around here.

I'm not trying to be all mushy or sensitive.

I just want you all to know how much you mean to me....Heather for the amazing birthday package you sent for Isabella, Amanda for giving us that amazing chocolate chip pumpkin bread recipe (so much for losing any weight for awhile....) and basically everyone for leaving me comment love, sending prayers when I ask for them and being so sweet on days when everything seems to be going wrong.

Dear Kirby

Today you came to my house.

Right at naptime.

Silly me left my garage door open after a late morning of window shopping, Chick-Fil-A and a not so much window shopping trip at Wal-Mart.

I now know that no matter what, that sucker (my garage door) will remain closed.


First you made me ooh and ahh over your fancy vacuum.

I thought my house was clean.

I thought I had a case of ocd when it came to cleaning my house.

But you.




The dirt, the dust, the everything.

I thought I was going to have a panic attack seeing all of that filth come off of my "Itrytovacuumeverysingleday" floors.

However, I must give myself a pat on the back.

I did not fall for your "falling prices" selling technique.

Although I do admit you calling your boss multiple times was somewhat convincing.

I did not fall for you once the two stains that would not come off of my carpet came up.

And I did not fall for you when you cleaned my entire living room for me.

If your price was lower I would want you, love you and cherish you forever.

Maybe if Mister Kirby is reading this I will receive you. For free. (one could hope, pray and send some vibes out to the Kirby corporation, right?)

So in my conclusion of this letter, I promise if you give me a free Kirby I will be kind and treat him very, very well.

Besides, we all know my obsession with's a little scary.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

When the Husband's Away, the Momma Will....SHOP!

Recently I have become back in touch with an old side of me.

Not the side that wanted to go out and play darts all night.

Not the side that would hunt down the best bands and listen to them play while drinking apple martinis (or pineapple....or chocolate).

This side is a much safer, more sound side.

The shopping side.

I'm not sure what's gotten over me.

It's not like Leo's salary suddenly doubled or anything.

But I have just been in the mood. To shop.

Take Monday for example.

Isabella took an extra long morning nap, we had our lunch and we were off.

We went to Petsmart and bought some things for the cat and dog.

Next we went to Hallmark and bought all of the needed birthday cards through the end of October.

And we then ventured to our favorite store. Our most favorite place to go, relax and browse.

Know where we went? Barnes & Noble.

I got a pumpkin spice latte for me and a Rice Krispy Treat for Isabella.

We were in Momma and baby girl heaven. I bought the latest issue of Real Simple, Bella got a book and Leo got a BBQ Bible (which may be a Christmas gift. Not sure, though).

As you can see, our day was perfect. We had such a fun time together just browsing and talking.

And the plus side? We didn't spend very much money at all.

Leo will surely be pleased.....

Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Randomness....It's My New Thing

*Remember how I am in love with Target? Ha! How could you forget! Anyhow, we went to Mobile on Friday and went to Target. They were having an AMAZING sale. I was in somewhat of a Target coma browsing the isles of each and every section. I found an awesome quilt for our room that was 75% off. Wow! We got some new sheets (flannel for the cold weather months ahead), a new rug for the front door, a cute shelf for our bathroom and countless other things. I was in heaven. And the best part? Isabella was an angel the entire time. I love my little shopaholic!

* Went to the outlets on Thursday night. Bought Isabella tons of clothes for less than $30. I puffy heart our outlets and was buying so much stuff that was on sale for next years summer clothes. I love buying her clothes on sale for the next year. I feel so accomplished when that happens (and Leo? Yeah, he gets oh so proud of me, too).

* Leo is gone on a TDY (that's military lingo which basically means out of town). Isabella and I were sad to see him go--but he had to turn around 1/2 hour into his drive because he forgot his sleeping bag. Poor honey! I did make him some pancakes early this morning for him to eat. He won't be getting any good food this week.

* Isabella and I were somewhat productive today after her nap. We went on a long walk, came back and gave her a bath and THEN we made a ham and cheese omelet and toast. (Man, I just said a lot of "and"s--sorry!). Our night was going great until I got a phone call from someone in our neighborhood who found Daisy running the streets. The girl was so nice and loved Daisy, but I must have looked like a sight--carrying Isabella on my hip, carrying the dogleash all the while with dripping wet hair from my shower. Thanks, Daisy.....

* Isabella will be one in a week and a half. So crazy. Really blowing my mind. Has it been a year already?

* Isabella can say "sssss" now when I ask her to. She likes to help "clean" her tray and face after eating and LOVES to share her meals with momma. She loves making me laugh and smile--and she LOVES to laugh. I could listen to her laugh all day every day.

* Have you seen those Swiffer commericals with the brooms where they try to romance their owners back who have switched to a Swiffer? For some reason I think they are HILARIOUS! As you can see it doesn't take a whole lot to humor me these days....

* We survived our first nite without Leo. We missed him! It's lonely without having him around. Very lonely.

* Going to be buying some fall clothes for me in a few weeks. Any suggestions on where to go? I want clothes that are affordable but will last me awhile. I have so many pairs of jeans, but (I'm about to get personal) I still have some baby belly leftover. It'll probably be with me for awhile, too. I want jeans that will help conceal it, but not be too high. I can't wear the lowcut jeans because when I sit down it all is right there for the world to see. Where do you buy your jeans at?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lets Talk About Swap, Baby


Can you see all the amazing favorites I recieved from my amazing swap partner?
I was SO lucky to be paired up with Raising Allikaye. She is a wonderful craft maker, a loving momma and oh so sweet!
Here is what she sent me:
Raspberry Bath & Body Works lotion and body wash,
Dr.Pepper Lip Smackers,
a yummy fall candle that smells so good,
lots of fall candy (yum!!),
a picture frame magnet for my fridge,
and some blocks that spell out Isabella--that are HAND MADE!
Yes, you read that right.
She makes the cutest blocks. Ever.
She has an Etsy shop, so if you click on her blog above you can get to her Etsy shop!
She can do more than just names, so be sure to check her out.
I love my swap goodies.
I wonder if I can always be paired up with her?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cancer. Just. Go. Away.

My Grandpa saw the doctors today.

My eyes have been a non-stop tearfest since.


I am going from devastated. To pissed off at cancer and why cancer even exists. To in shock.

And the cycle keeps.repeating.itself.

My heart is torn to pieces.

It's breaking from the pain.

To imagine what my poor Grandpa is going through.

And my poor Dad.

Cancer has not been kind to a lot of people I know.

And I just want

Here is an excerpt from my mom's e-mail to us tonight:

"Anyway, as we suspected it is not good news. They said it's Stage 4, small cell cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes around his pancreas (I didn't even know we had lymph nodes there) and it's also in his bones.Without chemo, they would expect him to live only 2-4 months. With chemo, they really don't know because they don't know how the cancer will react. They're starting treatments tomorrow (Friday). "

So, as you read this, could you spare a prayer?

Please? For my Grandpa? For my Dad?

Because we really need them.

I cannot stop crying. I am sitting here with the tears falling down my face.

I love you, Grandpa. And I am here praying my hardest for you.

And Dad? I am praying for you, too.

Thank you for the prayers.

And sorry this post was all over the place.


The Day of Two Bella's

Yesterday our momma's took us to the park. It was so much fun!

After the park they surprised us each with a Happy Meal from McDonald's. I loved the french fries and my apple juice. Yummy!

We were supposed to go and play in the sprinkler, but we both fell asleep on the way to my friend's house. Our momma's put us in the crib for our nap.

After our long nap our mommas heard us on the baby monitor talking. When they came into the room this is what they saw--Momma said it was the sweetest thing she's ever seen!

I finished my day with some sprinkler fun. I think this was one of my favorite days ever!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Randomness Once Again

I am sort of getting used to this randomness Monday thing.

And I like it. A lot.

Here we go with my random thoughts that I just had to tell you....

*Thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts for my Grandpa. You guys are all the best, seriously. I have much love for you all and hopefully Thursday will be filled with news that will be somewhat good.

*Isabella loves to gag to herself. It's kind of funny. But kind of not. Yesterday we decided to do some shopping. I got some things for my swap partner (I hope you like it!), some fall decorations and a birthday present for Isabella's bestest friend. So I'm carrying her, we had just eaten at Chili's and she puts her finger in her mouth. Not bad you say? Wrong. She starts gagging herself. She will not stop doing it and it's kind of funny at this point. A woman looked at us--her eyes were wide open and she was kind of laughing--and says, "Is she really gagging herself?" To which I reply, yep. And she does it all. the. time. Oh, Isabella.

*I saw a movie that made me cry last night. It's called Grace is Gone. I loved it. It's an indie movie, which I almost always love, and this one was no exception. It's about a father that has to break the tragic news to his two young daughters that their mother has died while serving in Iraq. Such a sweet movie. I think Leo liked it, too....which is a plus for us to like the same movie.

*Finished reading Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster. Loved it!! If you have never read any of her memoirs I am demanding that you must. She. is. freaking. hilarious. I laughed so hard through so much of the book--Leo thought I was crazy and I tried to have him read the parts that were funny, but he didn't....anyhow, read it! You will NOT be disappointed!

*Went to the Beau Rivage on Saturday night with one of my bestest friends. I love the girl--it's Isabella's best friend, Isabella"s, mommy. Did that make any sense?! Anyway, we looked in their shops, drooled at all of the overpriced stuff--which I loved--and prayed to win big at the slot machines. I did go home with $15 more than what I went there with, so that's good! Leo thought for sure I would lose, but I proved him wrong. However, with only winning $15 I did not get to buy any of the overpriced items in the stores. Bummer. Maybe next time?

*Forgot that another thing I love about fall is candy corn. I bought some yesterday and cannot put it down. Know what I had for breakfast? Coffee and candy corn. But to give myself some credit Isabella woke up at 5:30 and to me that justified fueling my body with caffeine and sugar.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Need Your Prayers. And Bad.

My grandpa was diagnosed with lung cancer.

He called my dad with the sad news last night.

We will find out more on Thursday.

But I know he (and the rest of us) would appreciate any sort of prayer you can send his way.

Thank you and I will post more later this week when we find out more.

Momma Got a Brand New 'Do

I am really happy with the results!
I haven't had bangs since junior high (lets just say that was back in the day when big bangs with a ton of Aqua Net were in style, shall we?) and I wasn't so sure about them at first.
But since I came home and straightened my hair I LOVE it!
What do you think?
And be honest my friend.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Crazy About Mandarins

You were waiting patiently while Momma washed the lunch dishes.

You were all clean.

Your highchair was all clean.

Momma was just rinsing off the final dishes.

Momma turned to talk to you.

And she laughed.

And laughed.

And laughed.

Why did Momma laugh at you, honey?

It's because you are smart.




You grabbed the can of mandarin oranges from the table.

Momma had pushed them far away from you.

But not far enough.

You love them so much you ate almost the entire can.

In one day.

In one simple lunch setting.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Isabella + Moose = True Love Forever

Meet Moose A. Moose
A few of you had asked me who this moose guy was and I had to share with you.
I think it's Moose's voice.
It's different.
If I ever met the man who does Moose's voice it would freak me out a little bit.
Moose is Isabella's true love.
Her one love.
Moose is on in between shows.
He will sing songs, do puzzle games.
You get the idea.
His songs?
There is a new one each month with a new theme for the month.
And you know by the end of that month I have the entire.thing.memorized.

The Cutest Tooth Brusher I've Ever Seen (WW)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oh, Isabella

Isabella is changing.

And quick.

I swear there are days when I cannot keep up with her!

In any way.

She has another tooth on the top row. This is her 5th tooth. I saw it and it looks like it's been there for a little while. When did I miss it coming in?

She is walking more. And more.

She says the following words: doggie, Daisy, kitty, dada, mom (I so know she means momma. She just doesn't know it yet), tickle, yeah. It makes me laugh how she says doggie, tickle and kitty. But no momma. Should I be worried?

The biting has ceased. For now. Ever since she has been sick she has stopped biting. But now I am wondering if it was all because she was teething? Hm...I don't know and who cares---no more bruises, no more biting! Yeah! Oh--and I must add that she only bit me. Never anyone else.

I bought her one of those corn poppers that you push around. Except hers is pink and girlie. So cute. So Isabella. She loves it and I love it. It takes me back to being little again and seeing how happy it makes her makes me happy.

She loves Noggin. Especially Moose A. Moose. Say the following scenario is playing out in my home: Isabella is screaming. Throwing a tantrum. And getting madder by the second (no kidding, friends. This girl KNOWS how to throw a major on the floor kicking and screaming tantrum. I think we may be in trouble later on.). Noggin is on the television and Moose comes on. Everything suddenly turns quiet. All focus is on Moose. I don't know what it is about him, but she is in love. And for all it's worth? I am 100% fine with that.

She loves anything pasta. And oatmeal with raisins. And broccoli. If any of the mentioned foods are placed in front of her she tears it up. She can't get enough. Cracks. Me. Up. Every single time.

She had asked me to update everyone on the above. She told me in so many words if I'm not feeling so creative to write about her because it'll make her momma happy. Plus she said she had to update her friends Beans, Ella and Will. Actually, she said she had to give them a shoutout. Is that word even used anymore?

Monday, September 8, 2008

In a Funk

Lately I have been at a loss on what to write.

I have been sitting at blank blog posts everyday now.

What is wrong with me?

I have rarely encountered writer's block.

My entire life.

I always have a story to tell.

A joke to crack.

But lately?


Is my life truly so boring and lame that I cannot think of a single post?

I don't think it is, but obviously something is going on.

I am under a little a lot of stress.

Birthday parties.

Husband and daughter were sick (thankfully both are fully recovered. Yay!).


TDY (which is a fancy word for business trip in the military world).

Leo has told me that this weekend I must go and do some things for me.

But anytime I have a slight chance I back down.

I think it's because sometimes I may feel guilty.

Being on one income has totally changed our lifestyles.

Complete turnaround.

So much so I have pondered about getting a job.

But that's another post in it's own.

But maybe, just maybe, I will go and get a pedi. Get my haircut. Drive to Mobile and go shopping (me to Target: "Hello, lover!").

So I apologize for the blah posts.

Lack of pictures.

Lack of everything.

Maybe this week this block will pass and be gone for quite awhile.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Long Overdue Book Swap!

I know it's been a few weeks since the last book swap, but it has been just a little busy over here.

If you want to giveaway a book here is all you need to do:

* Write a post on your blog about the book you are giving away

* Come over here and add the book name to Mr. Linky

* The first one to comment you on your post gets your book

You don't have to give a book away to snag a book--just remember to come over here once you are done and put it on Mr. Linky for someone else to grab.

Easy, right? And who doesn't like getting mail?!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Randomness...Because That's How I Roll...

*Isabella woke up on Friday with a 102.5 fever. We took her to the peds clinic where it turns out she has some virus that is making rounds around here. Leo had it for a couple of days, too. No other symptoms. Just a fever. She seems to feel a little better today--her temp was a little over 100 this morning when she woke up. And Leo? No fever today! Woohoo! He even cleaned the bathrooms for me this morning. I love this man so much!

* My mom told me how gorgeous the weather is in Missouri. Can you say I am just a teensy bit jealous? Because I am! Sometime this next week I am going to go to Hobby Lobby to buy fall decorations. I bought a pumpkin cinnamon candle and have been in such a fall mood. Who cares if it's still hot down here--September will ALWAYS=fall in my heart.

* I gave Daisy a doggie haircut. She looks a lot better! I just trimmed up the crazy fur from the top of her head. It made her look a little on the crazy side....

* Hurrican Ike is not looking so hot for us. Who knows....if he heads this way maybe we can go up to Missouri? I'm not sure how my mom and dad would feel about the zoo that would be with me, though...a puppy, a cat, Isabella and me.

* I have all of Isabella's birthday invitations addressed. I can't wait to mail them! Next weekend we are going to go shopping for her party! And we are going to buy her a sandbox...ssshhhh....don't let her know....

Friday, September 5, 2008

What a Strange Little Man

Remember how I was rambling on and on how strange things are always happening to me?

Something else happened to me yesterday.

It was weird.

A little creepy.

Here's the story (you may want to pour a glass of wine, a Diet Coke, grab some chocolates.....):

Isabella and I had to run some errands yesterday. She was not her usual shopaholic self (and no that is not my random weird thing. Keep reading.).

After getting home I felt that she was warmer than usual. Took her temp. 101.5.

Decided to give the little sick one a bath and while doing so our puppy Daisy was hanging out with us.

After sitting in the water for so long and her fingers were pruned to where they could prune no more, I got her out.

Her teeth were chattering, she was cold and I knew I should let Daisy outside before I started getting Bella dressed with lotion, detangler for her hair, etc. ( I use the detangler to keep her hair a little more in place. Works like a charm!). I didn't want another poop episode to happen.

We let the pup outside.

After Bella is dressed we snuggled together on our recliner chair.

She is getting comfy and just as she was falling asleep my cell phone rings.

It's not a number I recognize and I usually don't answer these calls, but I was hoping it was the appointment line letting me know that we could bring Bella in for an appointment on Friday rather than come in as a walk-in during the morning.

Not the appointment line. At all. Here is the conversation that awaited me on the other line:


"Are you missing your dog?" a male asks me.

"Um, excuse me?" (Mommy brain had taken over--I momentarily forgot I had a dog. I then remembered that I did have a dog but had no idea where she was. Or why this creep was calling me).

"Are you missing your dog." he says yet again.

"Oh! Um, I'm not sure. She was just outside. Like just outside." I stammer (I am so not the you-can-catch-me-off-guard-and-I'll-be-prepared-and-witty type of girl).

"Well, I have Daisy. Where do you live?"

Okay, I am NOT giving this creep my address. He is weird and just giving me a bad vibe.

"I live in ______"

He then says, "I KNOW that. But where? What's your address?"

I didn't give it to him. So he asks for my name. Which I stupidly tell him.

He then gives me his address and says he'll meet me out back with my dog. Way to run to the creepiest guy on the block, Daisy.

Way to freaking go.

I go outside with Bella (who is in her jammies) and he walks over with our dog.

"Wow, you have a baby and a dog?" he says.

I just gave him a half smile, apologized for the inconvenience and went inside.

Where I went around and double checked every single lock on my house.

He was a little creepy and just how he kept going on and on with the whole what's your name, what's your address thing was weird. I left out some of the conversation because he was so repetitive. But it was weird.

This now concludes my second lesson in random weirdness that enters my life.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Do You Get This, Too?

Random things are always happening to me.

Just plain, out of the blue happenings.

They are usually comical and even if I am the only one laughing, well, hey--that's what matters the most, right?

So, back to my randomness.

Just a few minutes ago I checked my e-mail...okay, who am I kidding?

I always ALWAYS check my e-mail to see if I got any new comments. What can I say, comments rock my world.

I see this one e-mail titled, "Have You Painted Your Kitchen Yet?"

Hm. What is this?

Is it spam?

Because I despise spam. It clogs up my e-mail and takes forever to delete due to the fact that I just let it build up until well over 500.

But that's beside the point.

I open it up praying that it isn't spam.

It's not.

It's actually from someone who was googling for oatmeal colored paint.

And my blog came up on her search.

She wanted to know if I had painted my kitchen yet.

How funny is that?! Do people ever e-mail or comment you after your blog comes onto their search?

Do you write them back?

Just wondering if I was the only one....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...With a Splash of Words

Oh-how-I-love this 11 month old little girl

Everytime I look at this picture I crack up!

Have I ever mentioned how feisty she is?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

So Happy to Be Home

This sock was her favorite "toy" at our friends' house....
We saw sooo many of these tree trimmer trucks on our way home
My sweet girl sleeping on our way home. Love this picture!
Up from her nap and so excited to almost be home!

I have never been happier to see my home than I was this afternoon.

We had some branches down.

That was the damage that Gustav left us.

I am so thankful and happy and relieved.

I am hoping to catch up on your blogs tonite.

Or tomorrow.

Thank you ALL for the kind words.

The prayers.

And your thoughts.

They worked.

We ended up going to Montgomery and stayed with some really good friends of ours.

They were so sweet and we had a lot of fun.

We went shopping a few times (they had Target, Kohl's and Toys-R-Us!)

We had some amazing food--Angel is an awesome chef. Out of this world amazing. I think I gained five pounds...or more...
PS-Today is Isabella's 11 month birthday! I cannot believe she is almost 1....