Monday, August 31, 2009

The Running

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I did it.

I ran tonite.

I ran a mile--maybe even a little more.

I hardly had to walk.

It may not sound far or like that big of a deal.

But to me?

This is big.

I haven't ran for over 2 years. It was when I found out I was pregnant with Bella.

And then, you know, life happened.

I left the Air Force.

I had a baby daughter.

I had a pretty rough recovery time after having Isabella.

Then I got pregnant with Madelyn.



I never thought I'd be able to run like I used to.

But it's not that bad.

I even liked it.

A lot.

So here's to me to keep on running.

Fast, slow...I don't care.

I just want to run.

Even on those days when I just won't feel like it...

Those days when life gets in the way...

I just want to keep on running. Because now?

It is a part of my life.

And I love my life.

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When Husbands Dress the Kids...

I asked Leo to get Isabella dressed on Saturday...which he did (happily I may add).

He walks by me in the living room where I'm reading some blogs...not paying attention to him.

He asks if whatever outfit he had in his hands was okay.

Yeah, sure's fine.

That is until Isabella got up from her nap.

And I saw the outfit.

It would have been okay.

If the skirt wasn't a size...
0-3 months!

And she's...oh...almost 23 months!


At least he tried, right?

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sharing Another Great Giveaway...

Sandy from Tales From a Shopaholic Mommy is hosting a HUGE giveaway in honor of her little girl's 2nd birthday!

The giveaway will include an Amazon giftcard, shoes, clothes, watches...and MORE!

The fun begins on September 5th through the 12th. Have fun!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy {1} Month Birthday, Sweet Girl...

Sweet Madelyn,

You are one month old today, sweetie!

I can't believe your first month has gone by so quickly...where has the time gone?

I know I've said it so many times, but you are such a wonderful little baby.

You are the BEST sleeper. Ever.


You wake up one time during the nite to eat. One.

I'm still in shock...and hopefully I haven't just jinxed us all.

I love it when you sneeze--and I love it when you sneeze and try to sneeze again, but you can't--you make the cutest noise!

When you sleep you sometimes grunt and make cute baby noises...simply adorable.

You eat like a champ--and you almost always chug your bottles. It makes me laugh everytime.

You are recognizing'll turn your head when you hear us talk.

You love our bed's headboard--you stare at it all the time. You also stare at our paintings in the living room--I think they comfort you!

OH-and one last rolled. over. today!

I had you on your tummy for tummy time...and you started to roll on your side...and then? You were on your back.

In shock.

As was I!!

Happy one month, love. We love you and are so blessed to have you as our daughter.

Adorable Giveaway Alert!

Kristy from The Vintage Clothespin is hosting a fab giveaway!
And get this...YOU get to pick what you win!
After thinking long and choice would be the changing set--changing diapers isn't much fun when your running around shopping, but with her adorable changing set? I wouldn't mind so much!

Fall Giveaway!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

You've Done it This Time, Miss Dora the Explorer...

Isabella is now obsessed with Halloween...thanks to none other than the Dora Halloween movie my mom sent her.

She loves that episode sooo much.

Love is actually and understatement....she is obsessed. For real.

All day I hear, "Ow-ween! Ow-ween, Mommy! Dora Ow-Ween!"


She came up to me saying "Ickereat!"...

I'm now wondering what will be next.

Hopefully she won't want to watch my scary movie collection with me...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

She's Got a Green Thumb, Y'all!

So excited about her own flowers she planted with her Daddy (or 'Babe' as she now calls him...haha!)

Her sunflowers...they're the, uh, small variety...

Hm..not sure what this one is called--but it's beautiful!

Another one of the sunflowers...

And this one is my favorite--I just love the bright orange colors--it's so fall!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mommy's Little "Helper"...Ha!

Seriously--how CUTE is this wine glass?!

I won this little gem from Shell over at Stuttering Shell...and I LOVE it!

She knows me sooo well! I mean after all, we both go by the nickname Shell/Chelle...and she must know my love of wine, too!

Thank you, Shell--this made my week!

We Survived...and I Got Pictures...

**Adorable and sweet...what a great combo. (Notice her newborn hair is falling out? *sniff*)**

**I love it when she hold onto me...melts. my. heart.**

**She LOVED her lunch today--can you tell she was lovin' it?**

**I love this smiling, beautiful, happy face! And those curls...**

Sunday, August 23, 2009


...if these random-bullet-type posts are all that I am capable of producing as of yet? Because if you ask seriously looks like it...

*Went and got some new Clinique makeup, love, LOVE it. Wow.

*Also stopped by Old Navy and hit up their sale. I bought some cute v-neck tees (4 to be exact), a lace cami (ca-uute!) and then a tee for Leo. All for $31 and some change. Love their sales! Especially on things that I'll be wearing at home with the girls each day.

*My memory lately has been crap. I can't remember anything--walking into a room, I forget what I was doing, what movie I watched the nite name it. I forget it.

*I'm so happy to be chugging drinking my Starbucks Breakfast Blend each morning. Nothing else wakes me up like their coffee...and right now it's a necessity for me to be somewhat functional each day.

*Leo goes back to work on Monday. Crap.

*I still haven't read my Mary Kay Andrews book...I've read some, but when I'm not not busy around the house I'm reading blogs, on Facebook catching up or blogging.

*Got my Nikon D40 book for Dummies. Lets just say I am sooo happy I bought this book. I can't wait to take pictures with what I've learned.

*Speaking of taking pictures, that's on the top of my list for tomorrow. I've been really bad about it. So, that's priority over everything tomorrow. Well, almost everything....

*Getting my hair cut next month. Not sure whether to keep it long or cut it. Decisions, decisions...I know...

*Madelyn is still doing wonderfully. Sleeps (most of the time) like a champ, eats like a champ and is just a great baby. Isabella is doing much, much better--she adores her sissy and loves to help me out. What a great big sister!

*Isabella went potty on her potty chair Saturday nite! What a big, big girl! She hasn't done it again, but she has been reading lots of books on her chair. I am hoping this is a promising sign that soon she'll really be ready to really, really try to potty train.

*Been feeling somewhat domestic again. I made crock-pot meat loaf on Sunday nite. Monday nite I'm making a chicken recipe I found in my Real Simple subscription a few months ago that I have yet to make. And Tuesday? I'm making an enchilada casserole... Crossing my fingers that they're both delish!

*Called the gymnastics place to get Isabella enrolled in their fall classes...they should be calling me back tomorrow. I can't wait to get her enrolled! I think she's really going to love it.

*I think it's been decided that Bellers wants a Dora party. That's her obsession. Ah, to be 22 months again...

*Thinking about getting her hair cut. What do you think? Do it or wait for awhile?

*Did I mention Leo is going back to work on's hoping this week is a good one without him here all day letting me sleep in, letting me nap, running errands with me, cooking dinner during the week helping with the girls....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

So Ready For Fall...

I don't know about you....

But I am so ready for fall.

After reading what she is looking forward to, I decided...

Hey! What a brilliant idea!

So, here's my whatIcan'tforinfall list:

*Hello, fall decorations at Hobby Lobby! How I wait for your big debut all summer long...

*Nothing says fall like a delish pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. Non-fat, por favor!

*Cooler more it's so hot I'm going to die weather...

*Sweaters, jeans, long sleeve shirts. I love it all!

*Isabella's birthday--by far my favorite fall day!

*Halloween...the trick or treaters, handing out candy, dressing up Isabella....

*Watching my huge collection of scary movies that I don't watch the rest of the year. Cheesy? Maybe. But I love it nonetheless.

*Thanksgiving. Food. Parades. Leftovers. Need I say more?

*New fall shows and the return of all of my faves that sooo left me hanging with their season finale.

*Clothes shopping! I love getting new clothes for fall/winter. I can smell the new clothes smell now...

*Going darker on my hair, wearing the new fall nail/toe colors. Just read that grays are really big this season--I may have to test out this revelation...

*Candy corn. By far my favorite fall candy. Ever.

*Cool mornings...ahhh...I'm so ready to turn off the ac...

*Making my lists of Christmas gifts, planning my Christmas card and this year I'll be taking the girls' picture for the card excited!

*Oranges, yellows, reds and browns. Some of my favorite colors. So warm. So inviting. So beautiful!

*What are some of your favorite things about fall? Anything in particular that you can't wait for?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Made Up Post

*Right now I'm having a glass or two of Monkey Bay. Yum.

*Right now I'm still on my high from my Target shopping trip. I puffy heart Target. A lot. I got 2 cute tees and a pair of shoes. I never, ever buy for myself. But since I've done sooo good losing weight? I treated myself. Oh--I bought Bella the cutest nite lite. Cuteness!

*Right now I am super excited...because Leo and I are painting our entry way hallway tomorrow...and the next nite! Yay! Now Isabella's red, Crayola "x's" will be removed. But not to worry. We still have yellow ones in our room...

*Right now I'm still shook up about Beller's and my walk tonite. We were approx 2 feet away from being hit by a teenage driver. A teenage driver who pulled out from one of our side neighborhood streets. A teenage driver who drove way too fast doing so. And a teenage driver whose face at that moment? I will never forget. I hope he learned a valuable lesson. And I hope I never encounter said teenage driver. Again.

*Right now I am super happy that I've lost over 30 lbs since having Madelyn. I needed to lose weight before getting pregnant with her (I like to call that weight my Bella leftovers), but still. I feel great. And I'm wearing my normal clothes again.

*Right now I am wondering if I've mentioned that I walk 2.2 miles. Every nite possible. In a few weeks I hope to be running/walking. And eventually? I hope to be just running. I have goals, people, and I plan on meeting them.

*Right now I am wondering when the terrible 2's will end? And she's not even 2 yet....

*Right now I am order the Nikon D40 book for Dummies. Yep, I sure am. I want to learn and their manual? Lets just say lets note that I am getting the book for Dummies...'nuff said.

*Right now I am going to get another glass of wine...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Swimmy Pooool!

Have I mentioned how much Isabella loves water? Anytime she sees a pool, waterpark or splash pad she say, "swimmy pooool". Adorable.

I love this shot of my sister Ashlie!

Isabella and another one of her fun Aunts, Annie!

This is my favorite picture....this Bellers with her Aunt Annie

Isabella going down the slide...looks like fun, right?!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Baby Love...

Perfect baby toes and baby feet...

Such a sweet, sweet little her so much

Madelyn with her Papa--she LOVES having her hair and head rubbed....see that little baby grin?

Rollin' With the Randoms...

**Right now I'm watching The Notebook--I love this movie! Romance, tears....Ryan idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon at home with Madelyn.

**Leo and Isabella took Leo's daughter, Ashley, back to Houston this weekend. Madelyn and I stayed behind. I cleaned, napped, read magazines, read part of my book...just basically relaxed all weekend. It was nice to have some quiet time and time to just rest. I feel well rested and I'm so ready to see my Bellers!

**Due to them being gone I have survived on cereal (Golden Crisp--it's yummy and fat free!), coffee and Diet Coke all weekend. I threw in a granola bar or Pop-Tart (now that's healthy) here and there, but mainly the cereal was my food of choice. Does anyone else do that if left home alone? Or am I just weird?

**Looks like things (aka tropical storms, etc) are just starting to get exciting over in the Atlantic. Three tropical storms right's the season for hurricanes--now I'm just hoping they all stay clear of where we live...

**I'm less than 10 pounds away from my pre-Madelyn weight---yeah!! Now if I can just get down to my pre-Isabella weight--I'll be sooo happy! Isabella and I take long walks around the neighborhood at nite, so I'm really excited she gets home today so we can take our walk. I'm hoping to start running again. I say again, but it's been so long since I've ran. I'll let ya know how that goes.

**I'm super excited because we'll be driving to Mobile this week to do some shopping since our Target isn't open yet. We'll also hit up Toys R Us and possibly even Kohl's. I want to get Bella's birthday presents--I can't believe she'll be 2 in less than 2 months. Where has the time gone?!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Can You Hold This?

Tonite I had Madelyn in one arm and a dirty diaper in the other.

I walked up to Leo and asked him, "Can you hold this?"

And I handed him Madelyn.

Um, I so meant can you throw this dirty diaper away...

Not can you hold this--with "this" being Madelyn.

I think I need some sleep...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Letter to My #2...

Dear Madelyn,

I really want to write you this letter to document all of your amazing baby behaviors so far. I have been mesmerized by you since the day I met you. It's like this rush of love came and flooded me and I love it. Everything about you makes me smile more, laugh more and best of all?

Love more.

You are such an amazing baby.


You are so mellow and calm that I sometimes worry if you are okay! You rarely cry--and when you do it's usually because of something that Isabella has done to you (don't worry, I know she doesn't mean it. She just doesn't understand yet--although she is getting better each day!).

Your sleeping habits? I'm still amazed!

For a little one who kept me awake so much during my pregnancy at nite you are definitely letting me start to catch up now.

Like last nite? You woke up just for your paci and didn't wake us up until 5 to eat. I was shocked! And proud of you at the same time.

Now lets talk about eating...girlfriend, you were made to be an eater! You take the bottle like a champ--you literally chug it and gulp it down.

Take today at the doctor's office--a few important pieces of information for the Madelyn record books.

1) You have gained 1 pound (on the dot) and 1 inch (again, on the dot) in your two weeks and one day of life outside of the womb. The ped? Was so impressed with those stats, honey!

2) At your hearing test you were hungry (surprise surprise, honey!) and the doctor performing your test cracked up at my little piglet chugging away. She asked me if there was tequila in your bottle--although personally? I don't know too many people who chug tequila...

I love you so much, Miss Madelyn Reese. I know how blessed I am to have you as my little girl.

I want to raise you to be a loving, caring and compassionate girl. One who is able to forgive people, share with others and as someone who knows how truly lucky they are to be in such a loving home.

I love you, sweetheart, and thank you for the 2 amazing weeks so far. I'm looking forward to so many more with you.

Your proud and adoring Mommy

Our First Day Alone...

Today Leo had to go into work to do a report which meant that I would be home with the two little ones...eek!

The good news is we all survived--that's always a plus, right?

I must say I am exhausted, though. Even with a little nap squeezed in.

It seemed like when one needed a diaper change, the other was crying.

When one was eating, the other was crying.

They both managed to nap at the same time which allowed me to take that little nap--yay!

I also folded all of the laundry, washed dishes and picked up the house somewhat. I hope Leo doesn't get used to that--I can already see somedays will be a struggle for all of us!

So that's it. We survived.

This tired momma and her two sweet girls.

I can now breathe a BIG sigh of relief!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

She Needed a Day...Where it Was All About Her...

I can tell the past week (can you believe Miss Madelyn is one week old already?!) has been rough on Isabella. And rough may be an understatement.
I feel like her whole world was shook upside down when we came home with her baby sister. She went from being my only one to being one of two. She's done a lot better with Madelyn the past couple of days--lots of hugs, kisses and very protective. Big sigh of relief from Leo and me.
So with all of this weighing heavily on my mind I told Leo that Isabella needed a day...her own day where we go somewhere fun, special and all for her.
Where did we take her?
To the BEST indoor bounce/jumping place ever--Kangarooz! It recently opened up (almost next door to our soon to be open Target!!) here where we live.
At first she was a little reluctent to do any jumping. She watched a little boy that was in the toddler area and then before we knew it? She was a jumping, bouncing, extremely happy little girl!
I haven't seen her this happy for what seems like so long. She was playing with the other toddlers and oozing with smiles and sweaty toddler bouncing.
She then decided that the little toddler area was just way too small--so she took Leo and Ashley (Leo's daughter) over to the older area! I sat with Madelyn but when they returned I could see the happiness smiling in her eyes. Leo told me that she was doing everything on the big side--climbing, crawling, bouncing--you name it. Ashley had to come to her rescue a couple of times when she couldn't figure out how to get through different parts, but even then there were no tears, just smiles and happiness.
When we left she didn't cry, didn't scream--and this is a big accomplishment for her--and she kept telling me "happy!". And this is all with her missing her naptime today.
I'm so happy that she had such a great time. I really think that today being Isabella's day was what we all needed. I love that little girl more than anything and when she's happy? I'm happy. *sigh*
I love my life.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Now This is Love....

Isabella swimming with Ashley

Madelyn hanging out with her Momma

She loves to sleep

Madelyn approves of her Daddy--maybe next time he'll get 2 thumbs up?

This was after her first bath at home

Our first few days have been wonderful.

Madelyn is such a great baby!

She's very calm and quiet.

She loves to snuggle with anyone who will hold her--which lucky her there a lot of volunteers for

She's a great eater--she had gained an ounce at her check up on Saturday!

The nurses were very impressed with her weight gain.

Isabella is trying very hard to love her little sister, although there have been a few rough patches along the way--which was to be expected.

I'm so in love with both of my girls and my husband.

Life is wonderful and I have been very blessed by the gifts that God has blessed me with.