Sunday, January 31, 2010

Glasses USA {A Winey Mommy Review}

Recently I've been in the market for a new pair of eyeglasses. I've worn glasses for so long--and it's always hard for me to find "the pair". For those of you who wear glasses I'm sure you can agree with me--glasses that are great priced, great quality and cute are hard to find. It would seem if I found one pair that I loved it would be a few hundred dollars. And if I found a pair that would be decently priced they would be such poor quality that I didn't even bother buying--no use in throwing money down the drain!

When I saw that Glasses USA had affordable prescription eyeglasses that looked great, got great reviews and were decently priced, I was intrigued. I knew what style I wanted--plastic frames--and got to searching. Oh my gosh, they had a ton of cute glasses to choose from! I literally couldn't decide, so I finally asked Leo to help me pick. We ended up picking out the Taylor Black Amber pair. They were cute, modern and exactly what I was looking for.
 As soon as they arrived I was so pumped to have my new eyeglasses! I opened the box and right away I was pleased. They were packed in a box that fit the eyeglass case perfectly--and that was wrapped in bubble wrap. I opened them and fell in love. The eyeglass frames were made wonderfully. They are high quality and not flimsy at all--which is a huge factor in my book because with a toddler and an infant? I need a pair that will uphold everything that could happen with my little girls stealing my glasses! They also included a cleaning cloth with my prescription. I tried on the glasses and fell in love. They fit perfectly and they looked great. When Leo got home he complimented me right away--I was so happy he noticed my cute new frames.

Glasses USA has prescription glasses--lenses included--that start at just $18! There is free shipping on all orders over $99--at that price you could get 3 pairs of glasses {maybe more}. They are that reasonably priced. All you need is your prescription and it's so easy to scan it onto your computer to send in. They have wonderful customer service and a help center if you need any assistance or have questions. I'm telling you, it was SO easy to order my glasses. I loved the ease and ability to order from home.

Thank you to Glasses USA for the opportunity to review a pair of eyeglasses. I will definitely order through Glasses USA again and I highly recommend all of my readers to order their next pair of prescription eyeglasses from Glasses USA.

All opinions expressed above are based on my own honest opinion. I was able to order a pair of glasses that were my choice in order to complete this review. Thank you to Glasses USA for this opportunity.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Celebrity Look Alike... we all know this week on Facebook is:

"Doppelgänger Week. Change your profile picture to someone famous (actor, musician, athlete, etc.) you have been told you look like. Just do it!"

Would you like to see my pic?

Before I proceed I would like to say that I may or may not have had a few adult beverages. 


I present to you....ME!

Omg. I may need to go to bed....

Friday, January 29, 2010

Whatever Happened....

To sleepovers? 

You know...

The ones where you would eat pizza, chips, candy, ice cream, drink Dr. Pepper, make milkshakes and stuff your face with so much junk that you honestly thought that you may possibly die from a sugar induced coma.

The ones where you would watch movies like Dirty Dancing, Footloose, Can't Buy Me Love, Teenwolf, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and The Goonies.

The ones where you would listen to your favorite songs--New Kids on the Block, MC Hammer, Milli Vanilli, Vanilla Ice, Cathy Dennis.

The ones where you would gossip until the sun came up--about who was dating who, who your newest crush was, who was crushing on you.

The ones where you would fix your hair, your makeup, dress up or just dress silly.

The ones where you would giggle endlessly about anything and everything.

The ones where your parents would come in at 5 in the morning to ask you kindly tell you for the 100th time to please. go. to. bed. already!

The ones where you would stuff backpacks full of toilet paper to go and tp the house of an unsuspecting neighbor.

I truly hope my daughters have memories like me... and for the record....

Can moms have a sleepover? Could you imagine the fun, the laughs, the adult beverages?

I think it would be a blast...what do you think?

Jane Was Here...

While I have been celebrating the six months of Madelyn,

another family is grieving the loss of their beautiful, beautiful 6 month old, Jane.

Your heart will weep.

You will probably cry.

I did. A lot.

Jane was a beautiful little girl who I am sure will touch your heart as she did mine.

Remember your blessings today and always, friends.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Don't Believe It...

My Madelyn Reese? Is totally 6 months old today. 

January 29th.

I love you princess. So, so much.

You are such a ray of sunshine in my life.

I love your smile.

Your laugh.

How you roll across the room to get something that you want.

Your babbling and cooing.

The way you grunt/growl for food {totally need to Flip's hysterical}

The way you give me the sweetest baby kisses.

The way you pat my back when I pick you up from your nap.

The way you play quietly in the morning so Mommy gets to sleep for a few extra minutes.

The way you love animals--especially our cat, Boo.

The way you look at me. That my love? Totally melts my heart and fills me with so much happiness.

I love you Princess Madelyn. More than you'll ever, ever know.

Love always, forever and back,

Mommy. Your silly, silly Mommy.

Win With Pampers

Pampers diapers are a favorite in my home. I love that they aren't stiff feeling, feel softer than other disposable diapers and that to this date we haven't had a leak from Pampers. And I'm sure that anyone who has changed a diaper that has leaked can tell you what a pain it is!

Pampers has recently redesigned their Cruisers diapers--with no change in their fabulous performance. Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max helps to seal in wetness for up to 12 hours--which is great for car trips, naptimes and bedtimes. With the new Dry Max feature it is Pampers driest diaper to date--and they'll be all set to hit the shelves at a store near you on March 12th.

This Olympic season babies will be able to showoff their very own high performance attire--Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max. To celebrate the launch of the brand’s first-ever high performance diaper, Pampers has outfitted Team USA athletes and their families, with branded Team USA Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max as they head to Vancouver for the Olympic Winter Games

The Team USA diapers are will not be for sale, but Pampers has something even better to offer my readers and all parents. Beginning January 29th {which is tomorrow--Friday!} you can log onto the Pampers website and register to receive a FREE 3-pack of Pampers Cruisers w/Dry Max!! And to make this even more exciting, once you receive your diapers and open them check to see if there is a diaper that is stamped "Team USA". If you are lucky enough to have this diaper you will win a year's supply of Pampers diapers! {stamped diapers are randomly inserted into select sample packs}. 

Good luck to all of my readers who register for their sample pack. And if you are one of the lucky winners come back and let me know! How awesome would that be?!

I wrote this post because I love Pampers diapers and wanted to spread the word to my favorite readers. No product or monetary compensation was received.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

That's it. I'm Totally Wearing a Band-Aid on My Jawline.

So y'all remember how I was just talking about my skin and how I feel like I have been hit with the hormones of a 13 year old--well, except for being older and with the occasional gray hair that makes its way onto my head {which fyi? I pull  that sucker out. I don't care if two grow in its place--I'll totally pull that one out, too}.

Anyways, back to the story at hand. I'm sitting on the loveseat feeding Miss Madelyn. Isabella was snuggling on me, giving me hugs, tons of kisses. I couldn't believe my good fortune--instead of hitting, getting hit by thrown objects or an occasional bite I was getting love and attention!

Then she starts looking at my jaw. Which just happens to be where the dreaded "p" word is. I'm hoping she doesn't see it. The thing causing me pain to just think about. {It hurts. Badly. Because not only do I have a pimple, but it's a painful one. Shoot me now...}

She looks at me with love and concern in her eyes and says....

"Oh, Mommy, owie. Me get you Dowah {Dora} Ban-Aid."

I looked at her. Told her thank you.

And cursed the pimple Gods above me.

Disclaimer: this may or may not have been a wonderful excuse to go eat fajitas and margaritas tonite...hey--if I have a pimple I may as well be happy off a couple of 'ritas, right?

Revlon Fantasy Lengths Eyelashes {A Winey Mommy Review}

Being a stay at home mom allows me to dress comfortably day after day. I could quite possibly be the queen of yoga pants and Gap sweatpants. Paired with a cute top and comfy socks, I'm ready to go! I always fix my hair and almost always put on makeup. When I do those two tasks I always feel more put together--for what my "mom uniform" is lacking at least my hair and makeup look good, right?

But then occasionally I feel the need to step up the routine. Maybe a cute outfit--but that rarely occurs because it's hard to take care of two little ones, clean, fix meals, etc while wearing an outfit I usually save for going out.

I first heard about Revlon Fantasy Legths Maximum Wear Self-Adhesive Eyelashes when I was on the Product Review Place site. I looked them up and thought that these would be fun for me to try out--especially on those days when I want to feel prettier.

I tried out the Intensifying pair that you see above. The instructions were so simple. Clean off any oil/makeup off of your eyelid. Carefully remove the eyelash strip from the box {the eyelashes are even labeled for which eye to apply them to. Cool right?}, trim if you need to shorten them and apply to your eyelid. That's it! There's nothing more to do--no adhesive glue to mess with and super simple.

I applied the lashes and voila! I loved the instant pick me up. I felt super pretty and they weren't so over the top that I felt like I was ready to go clubbing or out for a girls' nite. They were perfect, feathery and wonderful. I totally felt pretty!

The lashes are waterproof, so if you were to get wet you don't have to worry about your eyelashes half dangling off.  And again, there is no glue involved. Simple and easy so almost anyone could use them.

You can find the Revlon Fantasy Lengths Eyelashes where you find all Revlon products to include HEB, Wal-Mart, AAFES, Target, Walgreens and more. Click here to find a store near you that carries Revlon products.

I was given the product in order to write an honest review for my readers. No other compensation was given. Thank you to The Product Review Place for letting this product review be possible.

The Things I Ponder....

* Is Firefox or IE better? I've been having some major hate issues with my Google Reader lately. They told me to try a different browser. So far so long as a) it unfollows all of the blogs that I no longer read or that no longer exist for that matter and b) it doesn't log me out, oh, 5-10 times while reading and c) it lets me read all blogs in my Reader and gets down to the number 0.

* Lost another 1.3 lbs!! Yeah! That's even having margarita nite two times last week...yeah!!

* I thought I loved my haircut/ Totally unsure.

* Why do I get pimples? I'm 30 not 13. So to the pimple Gods up there? Hello? Go find a teenager to plague for awhile. Thank you very much.

* Nabisco has these 100 calorie packs of yogurt covered pretzels. Can you hello to the yummiest snack eva?!

* I want a dog. What the hell is wrong with me?! Somebody talk me down from the ledge of insanity. Please.

* Tonite I got the luxury of taking a bubble bath with my awesome philosophy bubble bath. And I got to read my Glamour mag. The only downfall? Isabella insisted on being in there and threw bottle of soap, shampoo and toys in there. Totally relaxing...

* Isabella has a new nickname for Madelyn. Boobies.

* I bought the new Wii game Just Dance. I had ordered it and read on her uber fab blog how much fun it was. She's right. It's awesome. It's a workout. And it kicks my ass. Thank you, Wii. And in case you're wondering, no, you don't have to be a good dancer. Believe me.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Toilet Paper, Poop, and Q-Tips...

The following may or may not have taken place in my home:

-A brand new roll of toilet paper pulled off the roll and was everywhere you seriously looked like someone tp'd our home...except it was on the inside.

-Leo cleaned that up and {thank God} had some tp in his hand. He was walking over to the bed where he saw something weird. He picked it up with the tp and asked, "Babe? What is this?!" I turned around where I saw he had picked up a ball of poop. Off of my bed. I guess it had rolled out of Maddie's diaper when I was changing her. Disgusting.

-I was cleaning the outside of Maddie's ears with Q-Tips--don't freak out on me, they weren't going in her ears. Anyway, I look up and Isabella had taken all of the Q-Tips so they were sticking out of her ears. Lovely. And I think Leo and I both panicked a little thinking she had damaged her hearing...

What an exciting life right? Poop, toilet paper and Q-Tips...

Tell me--what are the grossest, funniest stories that your little ones--or anyone--have done lately? I hope you haven't had poop just chillin' on your quilt like I did...

Monday, January 25, 2010

The One w/a Truck Fire and Window Banging.

As you just read the title to this post I know what you are thinking. You are probably wondering what the two have to do with one another. Well, let me tell you--they go hand in hand. You see, this post is about the time that I got awoken by someone pounding on my bedroom window and a truck fire. Settle in with a glass of wine, a Diet Coke, a margarita...whatever. Because this is going to be a somewhat entertaining post....

It all began a few weeks ago. Well, I suppose it's been over a month now, but that's beside the point. Leo's truck wouldn't start in the morning so he borrowed my Jeep. This automatically put me in a bad mood for a variety of reasons to include: being stranded in my home with a toddler and an infant, thinking of having to repair his truck, and being stranded in my home with a toddler and an infant. Not fun my friends. Not fun at all.

Then a few days later Leo decided to try and start the truck and miracle of miracles the thing actually started. This made me nervous for a variety of reasons. What if just stopped running as he was driving? What if this faulty truck broke down on I-10?! Wasn't he nervous to drive it? Would I have to be all Superwife'ish and go rescue him?

As fate would have it, no, I did not. I put my Superwife cape away--because I just knew that I would have to wear that thing one day...and I did. Oh, yes, I did.

It was {once again} early in the morning. If there is one thing that you should know about me it's that I am an extremely deep sleeper. I sleep through everything. Except for thunderstorms. But that's another post for another day.

I'm sleeping all curled up, warm and dreaming about something probably fantastic and wonderful. I start dreaming that someone is knocking on the door. That's when I woke up scared to death. Someone--or something {hey, I live by the marsh and there are alligators and stuff}--is pounding on my bedroom window. I had just watched a story on the news about this woman who is on the phone with 911 and a bad guy was all banging on her door and trying to break in to her home and she tells the operator that she will shoot this man if he broke in. Well, the guy broke in, got shot and died.

With this bit of news still fresh in my mind I tell myself , "Okay, Chelle. Breathe. Peek out the window and be prepared to get the key to the safe and get out one of Leo's guns. Most likely the shotgun. Because remember, Chelle, Leo said that more than likely whoever is breaking in will hear that shotgun get pumped {is the word really pumped? I have no clue.} and scare the living chit out of them."

I do what my brain tells me. I take a deep breath and peek out the window. Very detective like/police womanish. I was proud at my mad peeking skills. Anyway, back to the story.

I do a scan of the yard. Nothing. Then? I see Leo walking around the backyard. I then got very angry. Why would he scare me?! What is he doing at home--he should be at work. And why would he be freaking trying to wake me up?

When I opened the door to my intruder I asked him what the heck is going on?! He's late for work, locked out and scaring me to death. There have better be a good excuse for this one. That's when he told me...

"My truck caught on fire. I've been calling you and pounding on the door and windows, ringing the bell....because I'm locked out."

Just how he said so nonchalantly that, you know, his truck CAUGHT. ON. FIRE!!

He assured me that it was a small fire, that he had started his truck and the cabin filled up with smoke, he opened the hood and, well, there was a small fire just burning away. Something about an air conditioner, compressor and belts? Still unsure on how this all happened, but whatevs.

I guess I would like to thank the fire--because without it? I wouldn't be cruisin' around in my new ride....which fyi?

Is much, much prettier than that old truck anyway...

Neosporin 3-Day Lip Challenge-I'm In! {A Winey Mommy Review}

If there is one thing that I cannot stand about the winter it would be the dryness. Of my skin, my hair and especially my lips. I hate it beccause with some of my lip balm it's just so goopy and I can't stand it--my hair gets stuck on my lips, my lips stick to my Diet Coke cans...sigh. As you can see winter and I don't really get along...

I was recently asked if I would like to try the Neosporin 3-Day Lip Challenge. Would I ever! As a user of Neosporin products for as long as I could remember this seemed like the perfect challenge for me. Relieving dry lips? Yes please!

Neosporin has two different formulas. One is daytime and the other is overnight. The daytime formula comes in a tube that you just squeeze and rub the tube on your lips.It helps to lock in moisture and has an SPF of 20 to help protect your lips against the sun and its harmful rays. The overnight formula is in a tub that you apply with your fingertip. This formula helps to repair and nourish your lips as you sleep. Awesome right?

Neosporin Lip Health products are clinically proven to help repair your lips in 3 days--hence the 3-Day lip challenge. I tested them on this. I would wear it during the day and then apply my overnight product at bedtime. I could tell the next morning that my lips weren't as dry as they usually are. And now that it's been 3 days and longer? I can most definitely tell.

I love how their products are non-greasy, non-goopy, and non-sticky. There isn't a thick film just sitting on my lips--it's seriously like my lips have absorbed the product which tells me that the product is acutally working--yay!

Will I be buying Neosporin Lip Health products in the future? Definitely so. I have a new lip staple that will be in my purse and in my bathroom from here on out.

"I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Neosporin and received a sample of the Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy and the Lip Health Daily Hydration Therapy to facilitate my review and a $20 thank-you gift certificate."

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Loves It.

image courtesy of Google Images

Did I tell y'all that Leo's truck caught on fire?

I can't remember if I did or not.

But anyhow.

It was a small fire. But left ME without my Jeep.

Which meant the girls and I were stranded at our house for two weeks.

Friday we got up and drove over to Daphne, Alabama {which is my new favorite place. Gorgeous.}

And bought ourselves a....

2010 GMC Terrain.

In black.

It's amazing.

And so pretty.

Yes, I'm the girl who calls cars pretty...

but it is so I can...right?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Airwear Lenses {A Winey Mommy Review}

I've worn glasses since the 5th grade. I remember as I got older my lenses would get thicker and thicker--so much so they would be protruding from my frames. I hated it! They were bulky, scratched easily, light would reflect off of list of undesirable traits could seriously go on forever!

As I've gotten older I admit that lenses have improved, but I haven't had a pair that made me say "wow"--ever.

That is until I was asked if I would like to review the Airwear Lenses. Would I ever! I'm always on the lookout for a new product for eyeglasses. If I must wear them {which I do} I want to be happy and know that I am wearing the best.

A few of the qualities about the Airwear Lenses that caught my eye include:

*43% lighter than normal lenses
*10 times more impact resistant than standard plastic lenses
*Made of Airwear polycarbonate which is what CDs, DVDs and bulletproof glass is made of
*Thinner than other plastic lenses
*Scratch resistant
*UV protection

I would recommend to all of my readers to choose Airwear Lenses the next time you need a new pair of glasses. They are wonderful and now that I've had the chance to use Airwear? There's no going back!

You can find Airwear Lenses at most eyecare professionals in the United States. So the next time you are ordering a new pair of eyeglasses? Make sure that you request Airwear Lenses--the best material for your prescription lenses.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Airwear and received a pair of Airwear eyeglass lenses to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Peas. The Unwanted Vegetable.

This picture is hysterical.

After Maddie wolfed down her sweet potatoes we gave peas a try.

The outcome?


I'll let you decide....

ps...Leo? Is 99% staying here in Mississippi...we'll know for certain in a few days...

Got My Invite...Lucky Me!

I was browsing through my stupid spam folder tonite. You know, because I have nothing else better to do than look through spam.

That's when I saw it.

An invitation to join the club.

What club?

Why, the club that Abigayle calls the 'stiff manhood club'.

Dude. Seriously?!

That made me laugh. And laugh. And laugh.

Because I honestly can't see anyone thinking:

Random woman: Ohhh...I finally found a club that I know I'd love!

Random dude: It's like a fraternity--only online and in my own home!

Ahem, Abigayle?

Totally not joining your little {no pun intended...} club.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Straws, Spit and Margaritas. A Nite to Remember...

You know the one. The child that is a little out of control. The child that may be a little louder than others. The one who makes me want to laugh hysterically while at the same time try to manage some sort of discipline.

And in case you are wondering? It's Isabella who is this one. My free spirited, full of life little girl.

Take tonite. It was margarita nite--buy one get one free {I wish some of y'all lived closer. I would love nothing more than to take you to this treasure of a restaurant!}--so we decided to just go out for dinner. Leo's been working so much lately and I can't remember his last day off from work. I just wanted to treasure going out with him while we wait on word that it's time for him to leave for a few monts.

As I'm drinking margarita number two As I'm sipping on my drink I notice two little boys--around 5 & 6 years old behind us. Madelyn was in my lap and the boys were telling her hi over and over. Peeking at her. Playing with her.

Fast forward a little bit. I now have Isabella sitting by me. She's peeking at the boys. The boys are peeking at her. She starts giggling. The boys keep peeking. This went on forever. I pretty much ignored it, repeating to Isabella to turn around.

I then hear the little boy saying something to his Mom. I overheard her telling him to stop and for him to turn around. I glance at Isabella who was looking at me with her big doe eyes--as if she was saying "What, Mommy? What?"

I turn back to my food and 'rita...and then I see what's in her hand. A straw. Chewed up. Wet. Full of disgustingness.

And then I hear Leo telling me to take.the straw.away.

I grab it, look at him, telling her to turn around and leave the little boy alone...and then I see the boy. Wiping furiously at his face--and now glaring--at my girl.

I didn't know whether to laugh. Cry. Or hide.

I had her apologize. He accepted the apology.

And Isabella went back over to her "Pops" as she calls Leo as if nothing happened.

It made me realize that sometimes? Someone may need to just hear the word sorry. Me? I'm the most stubborn always right never wrong girl. { Woman? Momma? Mommy??} I have no idea why it is so freaking hard for me to admit that I was wrong {which I'm never wrong, haha!} and that I'm sorry.

Isabella? She made it seem just so easy. I seriously need to take a lesson from my little girl in the whole sorry thing...

Old Navy $50 off $100 Purchase {A Winey Mommy Giveaway}

I am a big fan of Old Navy clothing. Not only for me, but for the entire family. I can go there {hopefully alone...} and shop my heart out for all of us and not leave feeling as if I spent way too much money. They also have the best sales of any store that I shop at.

One thing that I do weekly is check out Old Navy Weekly. There I can find out what Old Navy's item of the week is as well as do a coupon hunt. The coupon hunts are a lot of fun! I've received some great savings from finding one of their coupons. They often have coupons for 25% off, $50 off of $100 purchase, 10% off and more! I can just envision the savings with their great prices, their item of the week AND an amazing coupon in tote.

***Item of the Week 1/22-1/28***

The Women's Boyfriend Cardigan will be on sale for an amazing $15 as the item of the week for 1/22-1/28. Regularly priced at $29.50 this is a great buy! I love my Boyfriend Cardigan. It's perfect as a cover up over a tank top or over any cute top. They’re comfy, cozy and super stylish at the same time – especially when you add a layer underneath and a super skinny belt to accessorize. With six buttons, two pockets and one stylish rolled edge, the look adds up to one stylish looking lady! Get ‘em in-store only 1/22 – 1/28.

 I wear mine all of the time--and you know I'll be back to Old Navy to buy a few more!

***Win It***

I have 10 Old Navy coupons worth $50 off a $100 purchase to giveaway! These coupons are PDF and will be emailed to the winners--all you need to do is print it off and take it with you to go shopping. The coupons are valid from 1/22-1/28 in store.

***How to Win***

Simply leave me a comment on this post telling me how the Super Modelquins should wear their boyfriend cardigan. Easy! This must be completed for your entry to count and before any bonus entries will be counted. Due to coupons being available beginning on 1/22 this giveaway will end on 1/22 @ 5 PM CST.

***Bonus Entries***

Leave a seperate comment for each entry.

{2 entries} Tell me who your favorite Super Modelquin is

{4 entries} Visit Old Navy and tell me which item you would LOVE to see as a future Item of the Week

{1 entry} Follow my blog publicly

{1 entry per each} Subscribe to my blog in a reader and/or subscribe via email

{1 entry} Follow me on Twitter

{1 entry per tweet} Tweet this giveaway! Link back to this post and leave @winey_mommy in your tweet. Unlimited entries.

{10 entries} Blog about this giveaway linking back to this post and Old Navy. Don't have a blog? Email at least {5} friends and cc me on the email.


Old Navy Weekly giveaway rules:

· Coupons are valid for a limited time only. Old Navy and M80 cannot replace a coupon that was not redeemed in the correct timeframe.

· If you, the blogger, would like to distribute the coupons to your winners on your own, M80 and Old Navy are not responsible for replacing coupons that are lost, stolen, misplaced and damaged.

· Once the coupon is distributed, bloggers assume full responsibility for any costs associated with their purchases.

· If winner fails to respond within the timeframe the coupon is to be redeemed, please select an alternate winner.

· These are only one-time use coupons. Once redeemed, code is no longer valid and cannot be used again

· The individual code should not be shared with nor used by multiple users

· If a Sales Associate advises that code is not working, customer should ask them to key in the alpha-numeric code under the barcode (if the code is valid, and it’s just a question of the barcode reader having issue with the print quality of the code, then keying in should work – unless it’s already been redeemed then it will come up as invalid).

This giveaway will end on January 22nd @ 5 PM CST. Open to all US residents 18+. To to be eligible to win you must do mandatory entry. If you do not follow that rule all entries will be void. Leave a valid email address in comment or available on profile. Winner will be drawn via and will have 48 hours to respond to notification email. If winner does not contact back w/full name/address a new winner will be picked.

I did not receive anything for this giveaway. All opinions are my own. M80 contacted me to host this giveaway on behalf of Old Navy

No More Guessing Games When Fighting a Child's Fever {A Winey Mommy Review}

As a Mom I've had to use Acetaminophen Infant Drops {such as Tylenol Infant Drops}, Children's Acetaminophen {Children's Tylenol} and Children's Ibuprofen {Children's Motrin/Children's Advil}.

I sometimes get frustrated when I have no idea how much of a fever/pain reliever to give Isabella or Madelyn. There are so many different doses to remember and I always end up making a phone call to my pediatrician. After making the consult call I then have to wait until they call me back--which is sometimes hours. And we all know that when you have a sick baby or child that desperately needs relief from their fever, hours can feel like a lifetime.


When I heard about the Pediatric Fever Fighter Dosing Card I was thrilled! This card is the winner of the January 2010 Yak About It Faceoff and I understand why. It's a lifesaver for anyone who is a parent or caregiver for children and/or infants.

The Pediatric Fever Fighter Dosing Card was developed by an ER physician who had more than 15 years of experience. There are too many times when inadequate dosing of OTC fever fighters have caused children to suffer from uncontrolled fevers--which is one of the most common ER visits or ped office visits.

This sliding card is simple and easy to read. You simply pull the card up or down until you get your child's weight {lbs or kg} in the viewing window. One side is for infants; the other is for children. No guessing, no wondering. It's all right there convenient and easy. You could easily hang it up on your refrigerator or place in your medicine cabinet so you won't have to hunt it down. They will soon be offering the cards in Spanish as well as a wallet sized card--perfect for when you are travelling or away from home!

***Buy It***

You can purchase the dosing card at all Buy Buy Baby stores, all Kerr Drug Stores in North Carolina as well as many other locations. The card retails for $3.99.

***Final Thoughts***

I love this card and will keep it posted on my refrigerator until my daughters are old enough to not need infant/children fever fighting medications. I highly recommend this card to all parents and caregivers that read my blog--because when it comes to our children it is up to us to ensure that they are given the proper dosage on all medications.

No monetarty compensation was received and all opinions expressed above are my own. I received a dosing card in order to provide an honest review.

Hillshire Farm: Go Meat! {A Winey Mommy Review & Giveaway}

With the football playoffs and the Super Bowl right around the corner it's time to think about what to serve at all of those fun football parties. I know that one of my favorite parts of football season is thinking about what to serve my guests that everyone will love.

That's where Hillshire Farm comes in for me and my family. Hillshire Farm has been making delicious meals a tradition since 1934. And I know we all have their catchy slogan "Go Meat!" stuck in our heads--I swear everytime I hear it or think of it it gets stuck in my head!

Hillshire Farm has a delicious new product out: Turkey Lit'l Smokies Cocktail Links. When I saw that they had 2/3 less fat than regular Lit'l Smokies and were made with premium turkey meat I was stoked! Not only were they okay for me {who's on a diet} but they were made with a premium meat to taste great which were an added bonus for my home.

Hillshire Farm has a wide variety of fantastic recipes that I know all of the football fans in your life will love! Everything from Turkey Bagel Dogs, Lit'l Smokies Cocktail Skewers, and Fancy {Turkey} Pigs in a Blanket. And you can make them knowing that not only do they taste great, but they are a healthier choice for everyone to love.


I have a Hillshire Farm cooking package for one lucky winner! The package includes the Turkey Lit'l Smokies Cocktail Links, a Hillshire Farm cookbook that is loaded with tons of yummy recipes and a 'Go Meat!' apron! This package will help you get ready for your fabulous football party.

To win this prize package please visit the Hillshire Farm recipe page and tell me what recipe you can't wait to try out. This is for one entry and mandatory for any entries to count.

***Bonus Entries***

Please be sure to leave a seperate comment for each additional bonus entry for them to count. Thanks!

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I was provided a package of the Turkey Lit'l Smokies, apron and cookbook in order to review product. No monetarty compensation was received and all opinions expressed above are my own.

If it Makes You Happy...

Y'all are in for a treat again. The always funny, always makes me smile Wannabe WAHM has tagged me for a great little list.

Simple yet oh-so-telling.

I present to you the "10 Things That Make Me Happy" list.

Sidenote-it's a given my daughters and husband make me happy. So with that said I'm naming ten other things.

{1} The first spring flower that blooms.
{2} A perfect cup of coffee w/a yummy creamer.
{3} Getting a handwritten note or card in the mail.
{4} Finding the perfect jeans.
{5} Having a good fabulous hair day.
{6} Seeing that I lost another 3.1 lbs in 6 days. {which brings my total to a little over 5 lbs so far! Yay!!}
{7} Cupcakes.
{8} A great movie.
{9} Wine/margaritas.
{10} When I get a comliment from a stranger--whether it be about my family, purse, etc. That totally makes my day.

Want to play along? Leave me a comment and I'll stop by to check out your list. Or you can just leave your list in your comment!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Smell Wonderful w/Jovan Satisfaction {A Winey Mommy Review and Giveaway}

Jovan has recently launched their new new fragrance line Jovan Satisfaction--the first new scent in a decade--which will be released on Feb 1st. I was lucky enough to be able to get a sample of Jovan Satisfaction before it hit the shelves!

I admit I've never used Jovan--although I do remember the name from when I was younger and growing up. Right when the package arrived I tore it open. I read the insert and the description of the fragrance which told me that Jovan Satisfaction will be sure to leave a great lasting impression. It's described as a sexy, sultry and sophisticated--which sounded very mysterious.

The women's fragrance has notes of mango, lotus flower and warm vanilla--all of which sounded very much like me. I tend to go for the combination scents. I don't care for perfumes that are based on one scent.

The men's fragrance is said to be bold and very masculine--which sounded amazing. I love a man who smells manly! The scent is a combo of grapefruit, cardamom, cedarwood and amber. It sounded really good--and mysterious as well.

So I opened the men's fragrance first. And...I loved it. Seriously. It smelled so good and just how I would imgaine a man to smell. I called Leo in and asked him to try it out. This was the real test--he can be picky about what types of fragrance that he wears. He sprayed and smelled...and...he really loved it as well. He told me he would be packing it in his bag for Haiti. Score!

After enjoying the men's scent I smelled the women's bottle. Sprayed a little in the air and sniffed. I really liked it! A lot. It wasn't too strong at all--I'm not a fan of anything too overwhelming. Leo smelled--he loved it. So all in all? Both scents are a win-win in our home.

***Buy Jovan Satisfaction***

Jovan Satisfaction {website will be up on Feb 1st} will be available for purchase on Feb 1st. It retails for $12 for a 0.5 oz bottle or $18 for a 1.0 oz bottle. You will be able to find it at CVS, Target and Wal-Mart--and it will make an affordable and wonderful gift just in time for Valentine's Day!

***Win It!***

I am offering ONE lucky reader their own Jovan's Satisfaction men and women's fragrance set which includes one of each fragrance! The approximate retail value for this prize is $24.

To be eligible to win leave me a comment to what your favorite smell is. It could be a certain fruit, cookie, flower--anything! This must be done in order for any bonus entries to count.

***Bonus Entries***

{1 entry} Be a public follower with Google Friend Connect of The Winey Mommy

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{10 entries} Blog about this giveaway with a link back to The Winey Mommy. Don't have a blog? Email {five} of your friends/family telling them about this giveaway! Be sure to cc me on the email. My email address is on my navigation bar under contact me.


This giveaway will end on February 3rd @ NOON CST. Open to all US residents 18+. To to be eligible to win you must do mandatory entry. If you do not follow that rule all entries will be void. Leave a valid email address in comment or available on profile. Winner will be drawn via and will have 48 hours to respond to notification email. If winner does not contact back w/full name/address a new winner will be picked.

All opinions in this post are my own honest opinion. I was provided a sample of each fragrance in order to perform review. I was not paid to write this post.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Party, Stick Figures and Grounded Forever...A Tale of Two Sisters...

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When I was in the 8th grade we moved from my hometown of Springfield, Missouri to this itty bitty town called Lebanon, MO. It was around 45 minutes away from the only life that I had ever known...the only life that I truly wanted to know if I'm going to be totally honest...

8th grade was hard enough. Teenager. Hormones. Attitude. Puberty. Moving.

In my mind this was the worst possible life scenario. I wasn't shy, but I was pretty quiet until I knew you and trusted you.

Anyhow. So there we were. My sister and me. She was in the 7th grade, I was in the 8th grade. You could have said we would have done anything for friends, so we did what we assumed any other junior high student would have done in our situation: we planned the party of the decade.

My Dad & Mom were supposed to go to a flower shop opening for a few hours. And us? We were supposed to be babysitting our two brothers.

We had it all figured out. Put the boys in their room upstairs complete w/video games and snacks. Have our party. And clean up before the parentals were to arrive home. {Okay, stop laughing. We were idiots.}

We made fliers. Complete with stick figures drinking peach schnapps{for the record? we did not drink. i'm guessing that it was "cool" to say you drank when you were 12 and 13 years old...}. We bought food--we managed to spend all of our lunch money at the grocery store across the street. We filled up three grocery carts with food, sodas, etc. We then filled our "friend's" mom's car with our so called party food.

We passed out the fliers at school to anyone and everyone who would take one. The cute guys talked to us. The popular kids let us sit at their table. We felt like we were on top of the world.

Oh--and our friend? Gave as many as she could to her high school brother to pass out to his friends. We were geniuses I tell you. Complete and total geniuses...

We were stoked. We thought to ourselves, now this? Is it. We are popular. We will be friends with everyone.

That is until someone from the school staff called our Mom. Foiled our plan. Got us grounded forever {you think I'm exaggerating. I'm not. In fact I'm probably still grounded...}. We had to tell everyone the party was off. It was no bueno. Finished.

Talk about the embarrassment of a teenager's lifetime. Not only did we have to tell everyone there was no party...but we were grounded. Couldn' No tv. No phone. No plans. And most importantly? We had no friends. No boyfriends. It was horrible. Every teen girls' worst nitemare.

Anyway...I still remember muffling my laughter as my Dad sat out on our front porch with a bb gun...haha! Teens were showing up in their cars...doing a small town drive by to see if the party was still going on. It was seriously border line hysterical.

So, there you have it. One of the dumber things THE dumbest stunt of my teenage life that I now crack up about.

{And I may still roll my eyes with my sister when reminded and made fun of by our parents....}

So what's the dumbest thing that you did when you were a teenager? I want to hear your dirt and laugh until I make it good, friends. Make it good.

My Lucky Seven...

Pssst...have you entered my blog makeover giveaway? No?! What are you waiting for! Go there. Now. That's all....

The ever wonderful and fabulous Mommyologist wrote a fabulous post about her seven things that truly describe her. And then?

She tagged me! I know most of you are just dying to find out more about me, The Winey Mommy, so guess what?

You? Are in for a treat.

Without further ado, I give you....

My lucky seven--all fabulousness, all me.

{1} When I was in Iraq back in 2004 I had to get stitches. I wish I had some fabulous story about how the stitches came about...but my story? Um, it's so embarrassing. We were getting ready to open the doors for the hospital crew to come eat. I was outside with a group of people. Look at my watch. Saw I was late and took off running. And then? I tripped on some cables. Fell. It was so slow motion and dramatic. My chin? Totally contacted with the concrete. Yuck! I reached up to touch it...blood. Gravel. I was crying and couldn't eat real food for awhile. My jaw is still messed up. I am sooo clumsy!

{2} I'm originally from Springfield, Missouri. I cannot wait to live there again. I love it. To me it's the perfect city. Not too big, not too small. We get all of the seasons. My family lives there. I want my girls to grow up there. It's funny because when I lived there I could not wait to leave. Once I joined the Air Force I realized just how much I loved Missouri! It's funny how you don't realize what you have until it's gone...

{3} I can't just windowshop. If I get ready and leave I want to shop. Spend. Buy. I love the feeling I get when I come home with shopping bags. It's a high...and I love it. My weaknesses would include Ulta/Sephora, Gap, Baby Gap, Target. I know that there are more, but those are the main stores that I shop at down here. I may or may not refer to Target as my lover...

{4} One of my favorite movies is Riding in Cars w/Boys. It's such a good movie! I used to watch it over and over and over again when I was was my go to movie if I needed something to just forget about life and stress in general. Love Drew Barrymore and Brittany Murphy {may she rest in peace}.

{5} I love my wine and margaritas. I know, I know, you already know this. But I had to throw it in. I like my margaritas on the rocks, no salt. Seriously yummy. Mmmm...

{6} I laugh at everything. And I sometimes laugh when noone else laughs...I remember in Turkey we went to the movie theater on base and saw Talladega Nights. I think I laughed at every single part. Especially the cougar in the car. Not many other people laughed...Leo kept telling me to be quiet which made me laugh even harder. Haha! I love being able to laugh!

{7} I'm afraid of the dark. Okay, you can stop laughing at me now, ha! But seriously, I have a very wild imagination and always think that someone is going to break into my home. I can't watch scary movies if Leo is TDY or asleep. Because I seriously freak myself out. Yes, I'm a big baby. I do use my BlackBerry to navigate me through the house when I get to bed and everyone is already sleeping. Oh--and my feet cannot be anywhere near the edge of the bed. I'm afraid someone or something will grab my feet from under my bed....don't make fun of me! Haha!

And there you have it. Seven more amazing facts that are, simply put, me.

If you want to play along let me know--I love finding more out my friends!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Right Now.

Right now it's 11 pm. Leo just got home a little bit ago.

He's been at work since who knows what time.

I keep thinking he isn't going to go...I'm a dreamer, I don't always like to believe in the truth {which can sometimes be a horrible trait...believe me when I tell you this...}.

I've been so busy with the girls. And the house. And Leo's family is here.

So it's nice. Busy. Full house.

But I'm really afraid for when he leaves. Then they leave.

My house is going to be so quiet.


With the exception of tantrums, screaming, crying, etc.

And hopefully a sprinkling of laughter, happiness, singing.

I have a lot planned for the girls and I. Parks. Bouncey place. Picnics. Sleepover in Mommy's room. Crafts.

I also have a ton of giveaways that will be written and posted. That will take up a lot of time.

I guess I'm just going back in my memory to when Leo was deployed to Iraq. I lost so much weight. I was so lonely. So sad. So depressed. I'm so thankful I have Bella and Maddie now. They will be my reason to get up each and every day.

To laugh.

To love.

To be happy.

Right now.

Mind racing a million ways.

Heart is aching.

Plans are being made.

Happiness will continue.

I will be a better Mommy just knowing I have support from so many amazing family friends...


Sweet Cheeky Designs Blog Makeover {A Winey Mommy Giveaway}

**About Sweet Cheeky Designs**

When I was contacted by Traci from Sweet Cheeky Designs to see if I could be interested in hosting a blog makeover giveaway I was ecstatic! Seriously--I couldn't be happier than to offer this AWESOME giveaway to my friends and readers!

I first "heard" about Sweet Cheeky Designs when I saw a giveaway from her on a blog. I instantly fell in love with her chic, fun blog designs. I entered that giveaway--never thinking I would win--and I won! I couldn't believe my luck! She contacted me right away and seriously held my hand during the entire process. I had no clue what I wanted and she worked with me. She was patient with me. And as a bonus? She's one of the sweetest people I have ever met.

Traci is very dedicated in her work. She wants you to love your blog design--after all, that is what everyone first sees when they arrive onto a blog. We as bloggers want our readers to enjoy what they see {at least I do!}. You want the blog to reflect your personality, who you are. I know that I love just going to my own blog and being able to be so happy with Traci's work. It's gorgeous!

Sweet Cheeky Designs offers a large variety of different blog services. She can make you a personal or small business design. She has a large portfolio of her awesomeness--I know you will be loving her creativeness!

Her prices are very affordable as well. You can get an entire blog makeover or if you are just wanting to change it up a little she offers a variety of simple changes as well. Just want to change your header? Need a new button? She will happily just help you do that.

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The amazing and talented Traci from Sweet Cheeky Designs has generously offered one of my readers a custom made 2-3 column blog {worth $40-$60!}!! How great is she?! I am so happy that one of my readers will be able to work with Traci and get an amazing blog from her!


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Friday, January 15, 2010

Leaving. Going. Gone.

{image courtesy of Google Images}

Leo will be leaving within the next few days.

He will be going to Haiti.

Please keep Haiti in your prayers.

For those who did not survive.

For the injured.

For the ones who lost everything.

For our volunteers doing everything in their power to help.

For our military men and women.

For the families of our military men and women.

For me and my girls.

I don't know how long he will be gone.

It could be weeks.

It could be months.

I've never been so proud of my husband as I am right now.

But at the same time my heart is hurting.

I'm going to miss my best friend while he's over there being a hero.

Thank you, Leo.

Thank you to everyone who is sacrificing to help.

My love and prayers are with you all.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fairytales Really Do Come True...

Once upon a time a little baby girl wanted her own pair of baby leggings....

The baby girl finally got her first pair...

And they lived happily...

Ever after.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Simply Me...

I have freckles...which I love.

I have green eyes that look exactly like my Daddy's...

I love to read...especially books by Mary Kay Andrews and Jennifer Weiner.

I have never sang karaoke and never will...

I love watching a live band with a chocolate martini or an ice cold beer.

I cannot remember the last time I saw a live band...

I love going to the movies to see a movie that I've been dying to see...

I always imagined that I would be a teacher...but life took me in a different direction...which I love...

I can never keep a manicure looking good no matter how hard I try.

I love Mexican food--I could eat it every single day and still love it.

I have a slight addiction to Diet Coke...

I'm a cat kind of girl...I love cats and they always have a special spot in my heart.

I have never been to a Bed & Breakfast but have always wanted to.

I may take way too many pictures of my girls...but in my eyes? I never take enough.

I've dreamed of living on the East Coast for so long...I would love it if Leo got orders there before he retired.

I love toffee. Especially from little homemade chocolate shops....{except now...because I am trying to be good}...

Pedia-Lax Winner!

Congrats to Chrissy MacCEO for winning the Pedia-Lax giveaway!

I'm e-mailing you now & you'll have 48 hours to contact me back w/your info.

Thanks to everyone who entered!