Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jump, Jump!

It seriously blows my mind to think 8 months ago she was just learning how to walk.

And now?

My girl jumps!

She jumps her little heart out, that's for sure.

She starts by jumping. Which then turns to her jumping and landing on either booty or her knees. Which makes her start laughing uncontrollably and in turn it makes me start laughing uncontrollably!

We're signing her up for gymnastics soon--I think I may have a little gymnast on my hands...

Monday, April 27, 2009

I Laughed So Hard I Cried....

My poor husband. He really deserves a break from me--seriously!

But sometimes things are just so funny....and make for a great post.

Leo was sitting in the recliner tonite. I noticed the tiniest of a scrape but didn't question what happened. He must have read my mind because the next thing I know we're having this conversation:

Leo: (touching his scrape gingerly) I fell today, babes.

Me: (trying SO hard not to laugh) Oh? What happened?

L: Well, I was coming out of the gym this morning-

M: (Interrupting him) Were you in your blues?! (The Air Force dress type uniform)

L: Yes. Anyways, as I was saying. I didn't see this concrete curb and I fell.

M: (Starting to laugh uncontrollably--as does Isabella who is on my lap) What do you mean you fell?! That is hilarious!! I would have LOVED to see that!

L: (Still not seeing the humor) I didn't actually fall. I did a flip.

M: Ohmygawd!! A flip?! How did you do a flip?! Did anyone see you?? Hahahahaha!!!!

L: I fell forward and then somehow flew on my back. And, yes, one guy saw me and asked me if I was okay.

M: Thanks for the blog post honey!! A flip!! Hahahaha!

Leo wasn't exactly thrilled I was blogging this...but it's just too good not to share--I mean, come on--a flip of some sorts?!

Too funny!

***Note to Leo*** I love you babes, I do! But I really needed a laugh after the day I had today...Love you!

Not Much, Really

Just a bit of randomness today...I'm so tired and just don't feel like using my brain much today *smile*

* We went to Houston on Thursday and came back yesterday--we had a so much fun! We met our newest niece, Emma, who is 2 weeks old. She.is.adorable! It was great practice for Isabella, too--and she did great! She loved giving Emma kisses and touching her little arms. I think my heart melted just watching her be so loving towards baby Emma.

* Isabella had her 18 month old check up last week and did great! She didn't cry at all during the exam which is a first for us. (She gets her shots this week, though, so I know there will be some tears). The ped couldn't believe how much she has changed and how tall she is. She's tall and thin--what a lucky girl!

* I'm pretty sure there aren't any more car trips in my near future if Leo has any say in it...I can't even count how many time we stopped on the way home yesterday. Lets just say it was a lot and I never want to see another public restroom again.

* While in Houston we went to my favorite store...that's right....Target! (Oh--quick side note--our Target here is being built, finally! The shopping center should be open October'ish....yeah!). I found a cute purse there, but didn't buy it...I'm really kicking myself for not getting it. I may be looking it up online and ordering it.

* All of Isabella's toddler furniture and blankets arrived last week. We now need to paint her room (yay!) and put it all together. I'm so excited for her to see it all together--and I'm really hoping she'll do okay with it...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Take it Back--I Can Wait

I remember when Isabella was born and I marveled at how beautiful, tiny, innocent she was. She was a perfect human being--and I brought her into the world.

I remember always looking forward to that next milestone--holding up her head, rolling over, first tooth, crawling, talking, eating solids...I couldn't wait for her to hit each and every one of them.

Fast forward to yesterday. She got in for her 18 month check up and her ped couldn't believe that Isabella is now such a toddler. And it hit me.

I can wait for the next milestone. I want time to stand still...I want to remember everything. Every little thing.

Like how yesterday we were at the hospital and she stopped to softly touch the wall made out of small rocks.

How yesterday she took off her diaper and was running around naked shrieking with laughter.

How she takes everything in and has to know what everything is--"Sat? Sat?"

How she says momma--"Mamamamamama"....I never want to forget how that sounds.

How at every meal she tries to climb up on the table to eat no matter how many times we tell her no--the girl has determination, that's for sure.

I take it back. From the beginning when I said I can't wait.

Because I can. And I will.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Girl Had a Craving...

It's happened. After 18 months of non-existence in our home, the day has come.

The day when my sweet Isabella ate out of the trash.

Before you gag, it wasn't that bad. In fact, I don't even blame her for what she did!

It started when I was making Leo's cakes. She kept telling me "mmmmmm" and "cookie".

She thought I was baking cookies. I then showed her the two round cakes and told her they were for Daddy's birthday.

After they were all cooled I frosted them. I made the mistake of giving her a lick of frosting. Now even more exaggerated "mmmmmmm" 's came from her.

After the cake was done, I pushed the cake as far back as possible knowing that she would stop at nothing to eat this cake.

I left the room to fold some clothes--leaving the laundry room door open where we keep the trash can.

I all of a sudden heard more of the same "mmmmm" 's that I had been hearing this whole time. I thought that maybe she had somehow gotten the cake--I wouldn't put anything past my little monkey.

Sure enough she had chocolate all over her hands, fingers, face.

She looked at me with her big brown eyes and told me much louder "mmmm".

I glance at the cake--no harm done.

I stopped to think...and then it hit me. She had dug her little hands into our trashcan in search of her one true love--chocolate frosting.

What can I say? The girl had a craving for chocolate and nothing would get in her way....

The Big 3-2!

Happy birthday, honey!

You are the bestest best friend, the best husband and the best dad.

Heck, you're the best all around!

May you have a fabulous day and a fabulous year being 32.

We love you!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One Toddler Bed Comin' Right Up

The toddler decor is bought and getting sent to our home as we speak.

I bought her (all from my favorite store, Target, of course!) a bed, nightstand, new bedding, a quilt, a cute pillow and a swimsuit.

Of course the swimsuit has nothing to do with the actual toddler decor. And I didn't tell Leo I bought her another one, but it's just so cute!!

I'll be sure to take pictures once it's all set up.

Oh--and don't tell Leo about the new swimsuit m'kay?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Shouldn't Have Said a Word....

You know when you say something and you automatically shut your mouth and think I SO should not have said that!

Because, you know, you'll jinx yourself and whatever you were happy and having a convo about will no longer be true.

Lets just say this happens to me more times than I care to count...

No joke.

My latest and greatest example?

It went along the lines of Leo and I cleaning up the kitchen last week. I turned to him, smiling, and blabbing something along the lines of, "I feel so lucky that Isabella hasn't learned to climb/jump/throw herself from her crib yet! Are we lucky or what?! I really think it's because we lowered it so early!" I'm surprised I didn't stick my hand out for a high five.

To which he responds, "I know! We are lucky...."

So...you can see where this is going, right?

Today at naptime I heard this strange sound coming from Isabella and her supposed naptime.

What in the....?! I thought to myself.

Thinking it was just the cat I continued to lay on the couch....my eyelids heavy with exhaustion.

Then the sound happened again. I immediately knew she was up to something and jumped up. Fast.

I open the door and gasped. Loudly.

She was half basking, half dangling. From the top of her crib.

We now have a crib leaper.

And I am now looking at Target for her new toddler decor.


While trying to fall asleep last nite I kept thinking of everything we need to do before Addison arrives. Not just baby things, but house things that will be easiest if we complete before her arrival.

After tossing and turning for what seemed like an eternity I decided to stop thinking about anything and everything that was stressing me out. I decided to think about things that I love, things that make me happy.

*Sipping sweet tea, reading a book on our front porch. It's so peaceful and relaxing....

*Isabella holding my hand when we are shopping....

*Sweet kisses from my baby girl. There's just something about her baby kisses that lite up my life.

*Leo raving about my dinner that I make him...or him thanking me for doing something as simple as laundry. What a sweetheart!

*Reading to Isabella. Even if it's the same book over and over....I just love seeing her face lite up when she is being read to.

*Going to church. After mass it feels like everything is peaceful and calm.

*Being pregnant. Although the first few months were so hard, it's totally worth it to feel Addison moving and to hear her heartbeat. I realize how lucky we are and that babies truly are a miracle of God's work.

I know my list is longer, but that's all I wanted to type for now. Maybe I'll start doing this more often. Especially if I'm feeling down or stressed.

What about you? What makes you happy?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Pics--2009

Coloring eggs--she had so much fun!

Isabella would rather hunt for remotes than eggs...

She found one! With her momma's help *wink*

By far my favorite picture from Easter--possibly my favorite of them ever!

She cooperated with her dadda more than with me for her Easter pictures.....her face cracks me up in this pic!

Belly Pic: 24 weeks!

Here I am at 24 weeks--time is flying by!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


That's what I feel. Worn down. Worn out. And just tired.

It doesn't help that Isabella's new waking time is anywhere from 3 am to 4'something am. I'm not sure what's going on there...but it's a new schedule that we're not used to and we're really not sure we like a lot...

So many tears, tantrums and a tired momma. And tired dadda.

Hopefully her new schedule will correct itself soon...oh, how I hope!

It's a Bird....It's Momma?

Isabella's new favorite animal is a bird. No bird in particular--just anything that tweets, flies and has feathers.

Anytime we go anywhere and she sees a bird? We must stop and watch the bird.

Same thing if she hears a bird. It's my duty to find where that birdie is.

I tell you this because I recently got a new feather pillow. And we all know that with feather pillows the feathers will fall out...or poke out and get pulled out by me.

For the past couple of days Isabella has been finding the runaway feathers and collecting them. (Remember--she loves loot and treasure of any kind!)

Today she started putting the feathers on me....I think she wants me to be a bird!

You know, because birds obviously sing prettier than me....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Most Brilliant List. Ever.

While being pregnant with Addison, I have come up with a brilliant list of what I've learned this time around. I hope by writing this I can help others learn from the mistakes I have made:

**Never, I repeat, never let the husband leave holiday candy at home while he is at work. I may or may not have downed 4 *cough* Cadbury Cream Eggs in a matter of one day. And there may or may not be a dent in the enormous bag of Fun Size Skittles....

**Do not attempt to ride any kiddie rides with your toddler. Doing so may result in dizziness and all around being nauseated the remainder of the day.

**For the husbands--if your wife tells you she has a craving for something the appropriate response is not "sure! we can get it on the weekend!" And then do not try to argue with your 6 month pregnant wife that yes, you do indeed know what having a craving is like. Because can I say something? You. have. no. idea....

**Get yourself pampered every once in awhile! Get your hair done, read a book, get a pedi...so worth it...

**When your husband accidentally buys sausage tortellini instead of cheese....don't eat it. Unless you want to be awake all nite long with heartburn. Not fun!

**Back to the whole pedi topic. Don't attempt to do one yourself. Chances are you won't reach your feet and your husband may offer to help. Which is super sweet! But the end result may not be as sweet....

I Never Said I Was the Next American Idol....

Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

Am I the only one who this happens to?

You're on the couch with your little one....who is 18 months old.

You're watching Yo Gabba Gabba together because you love her so much and dvr'd it...even though you've seen this episode a countless amount of times.

You, the mom, start singing along--not loudly, just softly as you read some of your favorite blogs.

Your little one shrieks out loud.

Hm, you think. Is she shrieking at my voice?! No way! (I mean, I'm no American Idol, but I don't think I'm as bad as some of those who try out for the show....)

So you sing a little more.

She shrieks a little more.

You sing again. And again.

Guess what follows it? That's right...shrieking!

She then head butts you on your cheek and shrieks.

The singing stops.

And then? The shrieking has ended.


Monday, April 6, 2009


Congrats to #21, Wendy!
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Would I ever! Let me give you and overview of what The Homemaking Cottage has to offer as a company and then we'll get to the giveaway part.

This giveaway is definitely for anyone who loves crafting, cooking and homemaking. As soon as I had logged onto her site I was in love with it.

They offer sections on home & garden, crafting, kitchen and cooking, family, entertaining, decorating and many, many more.

From the owner, Shiloah:

I began the website in 1998 to support homemakers as there were no websites with that focus at the time. We've grown over the years to over 2,000 articles, recipes and crafts. We have 7 full time writers for the website and over 40 volunteer writers. In addition we run an ezine and a blog.

My website is focused on inspiring women in their callings as homemakers. Many feel it is a thankless job and get tired of the mundane day to day life at home. I have a passion for homemaking and wish to uplift and inspire all the women who come to the website. It is updated almost daily. The Homemaking Cottage is the right fit for today’s homemakers!

I am inspired by women over the centuries who raised strong, influential, hard working youth who later became leaders of our country. I look to those women who endured times of hardship, illness or even separations from their husbands due to war, missions or death and despite the trials persevered and came out victorious and their children called them blessed. Women such as Abigail Adams, Martha Washington, Emma Smith, and many others. I'm inspired by the influential women of today who are successful mothers, homemakers, business owners and writers and I wish to inspire other women to become the same.

Being a mother of seven children, I have learned much on how to keep a smiling face and cheerful attitude while I tend to the home. I love what I do and hope I can share that enthusiasm with the website visitors.

I loved reading more about her and the company, The Homemaking Cottage. She and her staff are truly, truly talented--and to offer all of this in one place is amazing! They definitely know us moms are too busy to search all over the web to find information when all we have to do is log onto their site.

She has been oh-so-generous and has offered one lucky winner an all paid one year membership (valued at $36!) to the Deluxe Edition on The Homemaking Cottage!

Here is a brief description what the Deluxe Edition is:

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Good luck to all of my readers!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I *Heart* These Things....

Lately I have been wanting to do a post on some of our favorite things. Food, toys, whatever they may be--our family loves them and I just wanted to share a few with my readers. Hope you enjoy them and who knows--maybe you'll discover a new favorite, too....

Isabella LOVES her Playskool Glowie! She puts herself to sleep every nite with her--we will definitely be buying Addison one.Bath and Body's Butterfly Flower scent--so summery and wonderful! I have requested Leo to surprise me with the body butter...it's my latest favorite scent.

Chelsea Handler's Book "Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea" is a light, easy read--and a must have if you are needing to laugh and forget about things for awhile! I am halfway through this book and am loving it! There are so many parts where I've laughed out loud--LOVE it and LOVE her!

Leo loves this book--a must have for any bbq lover! He has this and the How to Grill book--he loves them and I love them because he has created so many yummy recipes with them! Definitely an idea for Father's Day for anyone already wondering what to get their husband or dad.

I found this soap at Wal-Mart--and I love it! It's called Sweet Pea and Violet--it smells amazing for summer time and is so refreshing. Another perk? It's not expensive! So you get to smell amazing and save money at the same time.

With each of my pregnancies I have been pregnant in the spring and summer. And with both I am addicted to ice cream....this time around it's Ben & Jerry's Imagine Whirled Peace inspired by none other John Lennon. It. is. to. die. for!! I was even nice and shared with Isabella and Leo and they both loved it, too.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Outside "Fun"

It was such a nice day out today that after naptime and lunch we immediately went outside to soak in the sun and fresh air. It's been raining and dreary for days and the sunshine seems to have put us both in great moods!

Here are the highlights from our time outside (let me state ahead of time that it only lasted a little over an hour...):

* Isabella picking me flowers and grass

* Isabella attempting to eat said flowers and grass

* Me digging said flowers and grass out of her mouth--in return she bites me

* In return of the bite I threaten that outside time will be over if any other form of violence towards Momma continues

* Cat joins us outside

* Cute until she eats grass and starts doing that disgusting gagging and cat throwing up thing

* Isabella runs to see what is wrong with her kitty and tries to inspect said throw up--with her hands

* Dog poops within feet of my chair while we are inside getting water

* I do not discover this until Isabella picks up said poop with her hands.

* She manages to get it on her shirt and shorts as well

* We rush inside to clean up all dog poop on Isabella. She is now in a diaper, socks and cute hairbow--sans poopy clothes....

* Outside time is officially declared over for the day until Daddy comes home and scoops up all dog poop

So there you have it...our joyous, fun-filled afternoon outside!

Although I did manage to read one and a half magazines while out there--yay!


* I must have missed the memo. You know the one that Isabella got that said anywhere from 4:30-5:00 am is the new wake up time. That's been her favorite new thing lately...but why?

* I really don't want them to weigh me at my appointment on the 13th. With Isabella I gained SO much weight. And never lost it all before I got pregnant with Addison. I know I ate way too much last week in Missouri....and this week at home isn't much better. It's like I grew an extra stomach or something?

* Yesterday we had horrible storms move through where we live on the coast. Isabella helped me get pillows, blankets and her lovies in the hallway in case we had to take cover. She settled down on top of our massive pile with a blueberry muffin, milk and a hairbrush. You know, because she loves getting her hairbrushed even amidst tornadoes...

* I am loving Lifetime Movie Network. Love that channel! Call me what you want but there are somedays that you just need to watch a cheesy movie and forget about everything for a couple of hours. Trust me.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy 18 Months

Dear Isabella,

It's official. You are now one and a half years old.

When did this happen? How has time gone by so fast? I swear it's like one day I was in the hospital holding you for the very first time and then I blinked and you are suddenly 18 months old. Amazing.

I want to take a moment to capture what you are up to. I can't wait until the day you are old enough to read this and see all the adorable things you did!

You are a very sweet, beautiful, funny and full of life little girl. You LOVE making people laugh and you do it so well!

You can say so many different words and little phrases--it's amazing! Anytime you say something new and Momma cheers you get so excited and proud--sometimes you even puff your little chest out. Too cute!

You are an animal lover, although you prefer kitties over doggies any day. I love how much you are like me--it makes me smile each time I see another similarity.

You are getting more aware of my growing tummy. You now come up, rest your head on it and say baby. And if I'm extra lucky? You start giving my tummy lots of kisses. You are so fascinated with babies--whether they are real, on tv or dolls, you love them all. I know Addison is going to have a great big sister!

A few weeks ago I was getting you dressed. As I was pulling your jeans up you sucked your tummy in so far--I hadn't laughed that hard in a long, long time. It's even funnier because you are so little and have nothing to suck in. Silly girl!

I made you a hair bow holder and you love it. I love making you things and see your face light up as I show you what I've made. You appreciate everything and it's a great reminder to me to be thankful for what I am blessed with. Thank you, sweetheart.

We love you so much, big girl! Happy 18 month old birthday and I can't wait to see how much you continue to grow, love and surprise us.


Momma and Daddy