Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Hole in the Middle by Kate Hilton


Sophie Whelan is the epitome of the modern super woman. When she operates at peak performance, she can cajole balky employees, soothe her cranky children, trouble-shoot career disasters, throw a dinner party for 10, and draft an upbeat Christmas letter—all in the same day.

But as Sophie’s 40th birthday looms, her seamless life reveals disturbing web-like fractures. Conflict with her boss, blossoming jealousy of her husband’s femme fatale business partner, and her feelings of hopeless inadequacy as a mother and daughter, are cracking the edifice of her life.

Rescue may be at hand when Lillian Parker, a wealthy widow who befriended Sophie during her university days, makes Sophie an irresistible offer. Why, then, does Sophie hesitate? The answer is the reappearance of Lillian’s nephew, Will Shannon, the great unresolved love of Sophie’s life. As she remembers the vivid drama of their college romance, Sophie confronts the choices she has made in life and in love and looks for the one answer that has always eluded her: what does she really want?

The Hole in the Middle is a heartbreaking love story, a laugh-out-loud portrayal of the twin demands of work and family, and a fresh take on the hot debate about having it all.


When I saw that this book was a review opportunity, I jumped at the chance. Being that I am in my 30's and knowing that the big 4-0 is looming in the near distance, I felt a connection to the main character, Sophie before I even had a chance to open up the book. Sophie is a lovable character and a woman that I think a lot of us can relate to. So many women today try to have it all--and I have to wonder is that even possible? If you are questioning that yourself, this book is a must-read. It's the perfect book to cozy up with a drink of choice, a snuggly blanket, and lose yourself in. Kate Hilton nailed it when she wrote this book!

I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

About the Author:

Kate Hilton has worked in law, higher education, public relations, fundraising and publishing.  She has an English degree from McGill University and a law degree from the University of Toronto.  She holds down a day job, volunteers for community organizations, raises two boys, cooks, collects art, reads voraciously and likes her husband.  In her free time, she writes. On good days, she thinks she might have it all.  On bad days, she wants a nap.

The Hole in the Middle is Kate’s first book.  Kate is represented by Beverley Slopen of the Beverley Slopen Literary Agency in Toronto.

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A huge thank you to Chick Lit Plus and Kate Hilton for the opportunity to read and review The Hole in the Middle. Any opinion expressed above is my own, and no other compensation was given.