Tuesday, June 30, 2009

{Gulp} Things Sure Are Starting to Drop Around Here....

When I woke up this morning....I felt different.

I was sick.
Extremely sleepy.
Bad, bad lower back pain...
And then?
I noticed something.
And Leo noticed something.
Madelyn wasn't as high today as she was last nite...
She is lower...much, much lower...
35 1/2 weeks now.
Not too much longer....

I'm Sure She Now Calls Me....Momma-razzi....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Bits of Randoms....

**You may remember me drooling over this gem of a bag from Monogram Divas a few weeks ago. Because I really wanted to avoid having a diaper bag...I wanted to still feel like me. Well, my lovely sister surprised me with it for my birthday. Complete with bright pink monagramming. I am so in love with it. LOVE it!**

**I {heart} Mary Kay Andrews. Love her to be exact. And I have been waiting for sooo long for her newest book to come out. I ordered it online the other day and it just arrived yesterday. I can't wait to be utterly absorbed in her southern charm and fun read. Perfect book for summer!

**Leo is painting this weekend! I am sooo excited! I have been wanting to paint for two years now. Isabella and I may have helped jump start this painting project (or projects) for him. I was taking off some wooden decals that were all around her walls and *oops* wouldn't you know some paint came off! (We have that lovely paint that the builders used...the kind that comes off if you dare wipe it down...). So he agreed to do her room and the hallway by her room. I really wanted the foyer done....so my darling little girl decided to take a red crayon and draw big. red. "x"'s all over the wall. Along with a lot of red lines. As upset as I was, I secretly cheered that now we would have to paint there as well....I'll have to post pics of his finished projects!

**We went for my ultrasound on Wednesday. Only to get all the way up to Radiology and have the fire alarms go off. We were then escorted outside to evacuate. In the 100+ heat. Lovely. Mind you I'll be 35 weeks tomorrow. And on top of that? I had to drink 32 oz of water beforehand. So there I was swelling up like a balloon, almost wetting myself and then? I really thought I was going to pass out. We were out there for over 45 minutes. Lovely.

**I had to wait almost another hour before I got seen...I have no idea how I kept my bladder from exploding...but I managed! I think I probably sweat out a majority of the water. Anyway, the ultrasound went fine. My doctor had told me that they would call me if anything was abnormal about her size or weight. I have yet to hear anything so I am assuming Miss Madelyn is doing just wonderfully.

**Speaking of Madelyn it was confirmed she is now head down...which I could already tell by how I now waddle everywhere...and just feeling like she is going to fall out at any moment...sorry if that was a little too graphic, but seriously? That's how I feel! I'm crossing my fingers she'll arrive a little early or right on time. Bella Mella was my little princess who loved me so much she was eight days late and was only born when she was due to me being induced. I secretly wanted her to be an October baby, though. I {heart} fall!

**Last, but for certain, not least....I won Summer's adorable Red, White and Black giveaway! I cannot wait to dress little Madelyn up in all of the cuteness that was given away. And if you haven't been to Summer's blog? You. must. go! Now! She is so talented and crafty. She is a true inspiration to me! Oh--she also posts the most amazing recipes and pictures. Yum!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Her 1st Movie...Quite Possibly Her Last...

Look how sweet she looks as we were walking out of the door....

I took Isabella to go see Up! on Tuesday.

We left before the movie had even been on for 30 minutes.

It was that. bad.

Our short experience was filled with:

Lots of talking (which wasn't bad), anytime she'd drop and M&M she'd say "uh-oh!" (again, not bad--I laughed a little at this one), then the chair kicking started (of the older woman in front of me with her grandchildren), which got followed by running away from me and climbing the stairs to the very top, screaming "NOOOO!" at me as I attempted to grab her and take her home, and ending with dragging her down the ramp while she screamed, "NOOOO!" the entire. way. down.

Once we were outside on the way to our car she looks at me, smiles and says...."Happy!"

I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or quite possibly do both.

It looks like we'll be waiting quite awhile before we venture to the theatre again...and I don't think she'll mind one bit!

Isabella Bathtub Fun! {Videos!}

You can hear her say "cheeeese!" in the first one--anytime she sees a camera she says cheese-haha!

She also sees her Dora bubble bath--oh, how she loves Dora...


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Entering All of These Giveaways Has Really Paid Off!

I have won 3 really fun giveaways since Saturday! I can't believe it--I rarely win anything, but lately I have been entering, entering and entering!

From Pink Martinis and Pearls I won this. I love this prize--how fun is it?! And go check out her blog--she's fabulous!

From Cloudy Day Creations I won this. I got to pick out 4 hairbows of my choice! I love hairbows--I love making them, buying them, winning them...and Dani has some of the cutest I've seen!

And last, but certainly not least, from Fabulous Fun Finds I won this. Heather's blog always showcases the cutest finds and she is always hosting some, well, fabulous giveaways! Go and check her out and enter some of the fabulous giveaways that she's currently hosting.

Have fun browsing all three of these wonderful blogs! I heart all three of them.

I Do, I Do, I Do

When Isabella was born I was always making up little songs to sing to her.

There is one favorite that I sing to her all the time--it's so simple, but we both love it.

It goes:

"I love you, I do, I do, I doooo..."...and I just repeat it to her over and over.

It's usually when she is having a meltdown, had a bad dream or just needs some snuggling from her momma.

Today she was fighting getting her diaper changed and I think we were both frustrated with another--me at her for fighting getting her diaper changed and she at me for changing her diaper when it wasn't covenient to her.

I started singing our song to her and after I sang the I love you part?

She sang, "I dooo, I dooo, I dooo".

Now that is a moment that melted this momma's heart.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Oooohh...Another Week of Giveaways!

Head on over to The Vintage Pearl for another week of fun and fabulous giveaways!

There are 3 giveaways daily--and today's are really amazing!

Good luck!

Hairbow Giveaway!

Dani over at Cloudy Day Creations is hosting a giveaway for 4th of July!

She's graciously giving away FOUR hairbows--with one being a 4th of July hairbow!

But hurry--her giveaway ends today at 4 pm.

Good luck!


This morning at breakfast I was getting Isabella's cereal down.

She's standing next to me with her juice cup and sees me pour her cereal.

I ask her if she wanted milk on her cereal--sometimes she wants it dry, other times with milk.

She doesn't answer me so I ask her again.

She looks at me and says, "No! Cuhkee! Cuhkee!"

While pointing at her and Leo's bag of Chewy Chips Ahoy.

I told her no, we don't have cookies for breakfast (well, I can count a few times that I've had a cookie or two for breakfast....)

She then boycotted her breakfast.

I think she may be on a cuhkee strike....

Sunday, June 21, 2009

We're Back!

We are back from Florida...and I think we are all exhausted!

We got there Friday afternoon--a little later--I had to stop at Target for a maternity swimsuit (no luck--they only had smalls!!) and then I had to stop a time (or two) for a break....

When we got there our temp on our car was 104 degrees! Liz (my dear friend) called us and told us it was 111 degrees...wow. The heat was seriously no joke!

We bbq'd that nite like we always did in Turkey, the guys sat out and drank beers, I ooh'd and awww'd over their adorable baby girl, Emma and we played some fun games--Uno Attack, Cranium. It was just like we were in Turkey--except now both families have little girls! Amazing!

Isabella was once again mesmerized by Emma. Giving her tons of lovin' and kisses. She was just so excited to be with bay-bee!

Saturday we woke up and the guys went and got us some delicious donuts--they were awesome! After eating we got ready for a day at the beach down in Fort Walton. We stopped at the BX on base first where we looked around and had a Starbucks. Then off to the Boardwalk and beach. We found me a pair of swim shorts there and then went and had the most delicious lunch at Anglers. It was to die for!

Isabella gagged on part of our quesadilla and proceeded to throw up all over me while the guys were off playing some video games the restaurant had. Nice! Why is it Leo is always MIA when catastrophe strikes? *smile*

By the time we made our way to the beach I had to sit down. The heat was sooo intense. Both for me and little Emma. The guys decided that we could go to the waterpark--and of course I cried b/c I felt like I was ruining everyone's day. Have I mentioned how sensitive I am this pregnancy? I just feel like I should have realized at, ahem, 34 weeks pregnant I would have known that the beach and 100+ degrees would make it impossible for me to endure.

After being reassured that it was more than fine to leave we headed to the waterpark.

Isabella was asleep within seconds of being buckled in her seat--complete with the baby drool--it was adorable! There's something adorable about baby drool when sleeping. Or toddler drool--aw!

We had a blast at the waterpark. Isabella, Leo and I went on a double raft down the lazy river. Isabella was laid back on Leo's lap just enjoying it. We've never taken her to one before and she was just in awe.

After we circled a few times we went to the wave pool where I took Isabella out and sang to her and let her just have fun swimming with me. She wasn't so sure about it at first, but after a few of her favorite songs she really enjoyed it. We sang, floated and just enjoyed her first true waterpark and swimming experience.

(I decided to opt out of taking my camera into the waterpark. I had it for at the beach, but I didn't want to be lugging it around a waterpark or have to cram it in the locker we rented.)

We had a wonderful, relaxing time--Leo hated having us leave Saturday, but he had to work at 4:00 am today (Sunday).

I can't wait until we can make it there again! We LOVED Florida! It's gorgeous and the vibe there is so relaxing. Our friends totally made us feel at home (like they always have) and we soaked up every last second with them. Even Isabella stayed up late on Friday and got to miss out on naptime on Saturday--what a lucky little girl!

Giveaway Alert!

One of my favorite bloggers ever is hosting a giveaway!

Her name is Summer and she's the creative mastermind behind Sumo's Sweet Stuff.

Her blog is FULL of crafty tutorials, to-die-for yummy recipes and the most adorable little girl barrettes and leggings.

If you're feeling lucky head on over there now to enter! The giveaway ends on June 24th.

PS--let her know you found her through me and we both get an extra entry! Pretty sweet, huh?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Florida, Here We Come!

I am beyond excited!

We are going to Florida tomorrow for a couple of days to go and stay with our friends.

Beach, bbq, relaxation...I cannot wait!

Our first stop is Mobile--this pregnant momma needs a swimsuit.

And a cover-up!

You honestly didn't think I would be strutting my stuff without a cover, did you *smile*

Hopefully I'll get lots of cute pictures--I forgot to take pics of all of us last weekend (pregnancy brain anyone?).

So until Sunday/Monday, I'll see you later! I'm sure my Reader will be filled to the max by then!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Poor Mom--a Funny Story...

Leo tried calling me today for my parent's address--I had some books for my mom and then my dad's card and gift for Father's Day--so he could mail the package from base.

He called during naptime--which I always turn my phone on silent--I don't want to be woken up and I definitely don't want my Bella to get an unwelcome wake up call.

So what does he do?

He calls my mom...which is no big deal.

Except...he never calls my mom unless it's an emergency.

My mom answers, hears his voice and thinks I'm in labor!

She had to stop for a minute, her mind racing that it's too soon....poor thing!

After he let her know that he just needed their zip code and I wasn't in labor--just napping away-- she calmed down...haha!

I'm just happy she didn't faint...hehe!

Love you, Mom!

I Found Another Cute Blog....

.....and she's hosting a giveaway!

She's in need of some followers and is hosting giveaways for her follower milestones--I just made it as her 75th!

Go over and visit Lulu, leave her some comment love, become a follower and enter her giveaway!

Sun Laundry Detergent {Review & Giveaway}

First I would like to thank Mom Select for the opportunity to reveiw the Sun burst in Clean and Clear!

I recently recieved a 45 oz bottle of Sun Laundry Detergent scented clean & clear.

Ever since I've been pregnant with Madelyn I have become extremely picky about my laundry detergent. If it's too strong you will find me gagging somewhere--it's lovely!

When I opened the bottle to do our first load I took a sniff at the detergent inside. It smelled so fresh and clean! I knew right then that this would be a detergent that my family could use.

The bottle may look small, but guess what? That's because it's 2x double concentrated--so nice because I don't have an enormous bottle taking up a lot of unneccessary room in my laundry room. The bottle instructs that there are 29 loads that can be washed with the 45 oz bottle--nice! We go through a lot of detergent these days with washing all of the new baby clothes and with the amount of clothes changes that Isabella has throughout the day.

After the first load was done I smelled my clothes--because sometimes just because it smells good in the bottle doesn't mean that your clothes will smell the same. The clothes smelled wonderful. They smelled fresh, clean and good. Even after being taken out of the dryer they still had that wonderful scent!

Here is what Sun Laundry detergent says on their site regarding this product:

Sun detergent combines strong stain-fighting power with irristably "Sunsational" scents inspired by the great outdoors. Your clothes will be left clean, soft and smelling like a fresh summer breeze.
Sun gets its cleaning power from a plant based ingredient that is gentle on clothes and skin. And because it's made from a biorenewable resource, it's gentler on the planet as well."
I can say that I do agree with their statement. Great stain fighting powers, soft and great smelling clothes. And it's good for the environment? Bonus!
You can find Sun detergent in the following scents: vanilla lavender, mountain fresh, wild flowers, tropical breeze, clean & fresh, and free clear.
Now for the giveaway!
Five {5} lucky winners will get a free coupon for one full size bottle of Sun detergent!
I will take the first {5} commenters who comment on this post--and they will be my winners.
Please leave me an e-mail address in your comment so Mom Select can contact you and send you your coupon!

Diane Birch CD {Review}

Recently I was lucky enough to review the much anticipated cd of Diane Birch (titled Bible Belt) courtesy of One 2 One Network.

I had never heard of Diane Birch before they contacted me to see if I would be interested in doing a music review so I headed over to her MySpace page. She did not disappoint!

Her music is so soothing, soulful and just made me feel good. It's definitely a cd I would listen to if I was having a stressful day or out driving with Isabella. It's so hard to find cd's that the entire family can enjoy and I would have to say that "Bible Belt" is a cd for the entire family.

Here's a short bio that I recieved from her official site:

Since she was seven, Birch had been studying piano via the learn-by-ear Suzuki Method and had cultivated the ability to replicate a melody upon hearing it. As she explains, “Ever since I was a kid, I have been incredibly fortunate in that I could hear something and then just play it.”

When she was old enough to live on her own, Birch moved to L.A., with the notion of becoming a film composer: To make ends meet, she quickly learned a standards repertoire and pursued work as pianist-for-hire, eventually landing regular gigs at the Beverly Hills Hotel and L’Orangerie. Prince once saw her play and invited her out to jam with him and his band at his home – an invitation she duly accepted.

Up until this point, Birch had always seen herself as a pianist and hadn’t tried to sing until a friend cajoled her into taking a class. In order to have something to perform there, Birch wrote an original song, which her new classmates immediately loved. So she wrote another for the next class, then another after that; thus she became a genuine singer-songwriter.

"Peease, peease!"

Last nite Leo and I were watching Revolutionary Road (which I liked, btw--good movie).

Isabella was crying so hard in her room so we took her out to comfort her. I never like her sobbing herself to sleep...ever.

She sat on my lap for the longest time, snuggling and cuddling.

She got down after awhile and played with her baby and her pretend food. Just sitting there quietly and enjoying some extra time with her mommy and daddy.

After about an hour Leo announced to her it was time for bed. He got up to scoop her up--already armed with her "mimi" (blankie) and paci.

She looked at me, eyes wide and ran towards the chair that I was in.

"Peease! Peease!"

I looked down and there she was with her arms held up to me so I would scoop her up onto my lap.

Leo and I died laughing!

"Peease" is her new favorite word...and she's really smart on when to use it--such as begging me to peease pick her up to save her from bedtime, ha!

Little stinker....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Big Sister

This past weekend some wonderful friends came to visit us in Mississippi. We had met them in Turkey and they were recently relocated to Florida--only a couple of hours away! How lucky are we?

I had invited them to do some shopping, bbq'ing and most of all?

I wanted to meet their brand new baby girl, Emma, who is only 2 1/2 months old. (who by the way? is simply adorable! she is seriously a beautiful baby--and i never heard her cry. ever. she may be the happiest baby i've ever met!).

When they arrived Isabella was in love with Emma.

She fed her pretend food.

She gave her hugs.

She gave her kisses.

She would cry when Emma was asleep.

She truly loved baby Emma and called her babeee all weekend long.

As they were leaving Sunday we went outside to see them off.

They loaded up into their car and we were waving bye to our friends.

All of a sudden? Isabella's lip started to tremble.

I knew what was about to go down--the meltdown.

She started crying--and crying hard--she was pretty much sobbing and saying, "No! No! No!"

She tried to get out of Leo's arms to chase after baby. She had no idea why baby was leaving her.

After her nap that day she was walking around saying, "Babeee...babeee...babeee". I asked her where her baby was and she looked at me with total seriousness.

She walked over to the front door, pointed and said, "No. Babee go."

And it broke my heart.

She has been looking for Emma ever since and she has been extra attentive to my baby belly these past days--kissing Madelyn, hugging her, feeding her pretend food, patting her.

But we have a surprise for her...we are going to visit them in Florida this weekend! We are leaving on Friday and we are so excited!

I can't wait to see her face light up when she realizes we will be with babeee.

This weekend really helped me realize that she will love baby Madelyn. And I can't wait to see that first moment when big sister meets little sister.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Big 3+0 and a Belly Pic (33 weeks and a day)

I remember when I hit 20. And I loved my 20's.

The good.

The bad.

And everything in between.

Here are a few highlights from my 20's:

*Joined the Air Force at 21

*Met my husband

*Married my husband

*Went to Iraq

*Survived my tour in Iraq

*Got pregnant, but the baby passed away a few weeks later

*Moved to Turkey for 2 years

*Got pregnant with Isabella

*Left the Air Force at 27 to be a stay at home momma

*Moved to Mississippi

*Bought our first home

*Had my lovely daughter, Isabella

*Got pregnant with Madelyn


I'm not sure how my 30's will compete with all of that--but I do know that my 30's will be amazing. I've grown so much, learned so much and best of all?

I am a wife and a mother. Just saying those two things takes my breath away. I am incredibly lucky to have a great family.

So, good bye 20's....and hello 30's!


33 weeks and a day!

Notice the lack of wedding rings--the lovely swelling has officially begun!

Friday, June 12, 2009

She's Going Dot Com!

Tip Junkie is going dot com on us!
And to celebrate she's hosting an amazing giveaway with over 50 fabulous prizes!
The fun is from June 15-19 with 10 great prizes each day!
To learn more on what to do to be eligible to participate head on over and give her a visit.
Good luck!

Nesting, Nesting...One, Two, Three

It's started.

You know, nesting.

I have been a baking fool lately. I just want to bake. And bake. And bake.

I've made quite a few homemade yummies in the past couple of weeks. Most of it gives me heartburn, but I don't mind. I love homemade yummies!

I've made the following:

blueberry coffeecake--totally ooey, gooey, and to die for

lemon bars

apple cake--which gave me the worst heartburn. I blame the vegetable oil. Or maybe the apples.

Jell-O cake

I did the same thing a few weeks before Isabella arrived. I baked anything and everything.

I really want to do some homemade cinnamon rolls. I've been craving them for weeks now!

I would do anything for buttermilk brownies, but think I'll wait until after Madelyn arrives....chocolate cake type things have been my enemy for the past few weeks now.

Oh--and cleaning. I've scrubbed doors, spots on the fridge, organized Isabella's clothes, getting all of Madelyn's stuff ready, using Clorox wipes wherever I can, vacuuming, dusting, Windexing, hunting for any of those cobweb things in corners or on lights.

Seriously. I've been a little crazy.

The past couple of days I've taken it easy (Isabella is back to waking up at unheard of hours in the morning) but poor Leo has been doing everything. He refuses to let me do anything while he is home...but then I find so much that needs to be done.

You get the picture.

But for the record--he is such an amazing husband! Lately he cooks, cleans anything, he organized our entire closet, pulled weeds from my gardens out front. He.is.amazing.

I just had to throw that in there, I don't think I give him enough credit sometimes.

Love you, babes!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Won A FAB Giveaway!

I recently found a new blog that I adore.
She tells it how it is, is a total sweetheart and she hosts some awesome giveaways--one of which I just won!
It was for an eye mask and body butter--I totally need that right now, wouldn't you agree?
I haven't won anything for awhile--I did win a book for Isabella, but it never arrived, so I don't count that.
Anyway, you must go and check her out at Trying to Make it All Work.
She's also giving away some iPod speakers--be sure to go over and enter!

It Tastes Like Metal....

The other nite Leo brought me one of the delicious lemon bars that I made while we were watching tv.

I took my first bite and that's when the following went down:

Me: Yuck!!

Leo: What's wrong?! They're really good!

Me: My fork! It tastes like....metal!

Leo: (looks at me like I've completely lost my mind....) Um, babe? It is metal!

Me: No, no--it has that bitter metal taste. It's disgusting and it's making my teeth hurt. I can't eat anymore. Not with the fork. (**note** in no way am I ever dramatic. Ever.).

Leo: (rolling his eyes) Do you want another fork?

Me: No, I'm okay. See? I'm using my hands.

Has that ever happened to anyone? That bitter metal taste? Do we need new silverware? We've had this for 5 years now (it was a wedding gift).

Just wondering if I'm the only lone metal sensitive person out there...

Sometimes a Hug is All I Need....

The other day I was sitting on the floor picking up some toys (story of my life!).

I've been so tired lately and the weather is unbearable. Heat index of 100 and the humidity? Um...don't get me started.

Isabella came up to me and I swooped her into my arms to give her a big bear hug. I love hugs from my girl--how her hair smells, the stickiness of her toddler-ness, her baby lotion--I love it all.

As I'm patting her on her back telling her how much I loved her....she reaches around and starts patting my back, too.

I think she was letting me know that everything will be okay. This crazy pregnancy train is almost to the end and we will make it.

That's when I realized that sometimes? All I need is a hug from my sweet, sweet girl.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It Was a PB-n-J Kinda Day....

PS--Notice Isabella's new haircut? She has bangs courtesy of her momma....and I love how they turned out!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Final Countdown! And a Couple of Randoms Thrown in...

I had my 32 week check up today and it went wonderfully! Madelyn is still kicking around and her heartbeat was in the 150's.

I also get another ultrasound--yay!

They want to make sure she isn't too small due to me being on Advair to control my out of control asthma. They reassured me that she more than likely is growing accurately, but it's just a precautionary measure in case she is on the smaller side.

After my appointment was over I scheduled my next appointment...it's in early July...and after that? I go in every single week! I can't believe it's this close to her due date. Unbelievable!


This afternoon after our Isabella's nap we decided to wash all of Madelyn's (that is how we've decided to spell it...too cute!) bottles, towels, washcloths, bibs.

As I was taking out the new towels (which are adorable--got 'em at Target and they are too cute for words!) Isabella took one look and said, "PRETTY!" with so much heart. It totally melted this momma's heart.


Isabella loves my dad--she calls him Papa and always wants to see pics of him--whether on our fridge or our wedding pictures.

She has now discovered a little flip album that we have with some pictures from a few years ago.

She flips through it and says, "Papa, papa, papa" and looks at all of his pics.

What can I say--he was the first person that ever got her to laugh! He is a pretty funny guy *smile*


And one last bit of random...and this has really bugged me. Maybe it's my hormones, but nonetheless...

Last week I got a text message from a girl I knew in Turkey. I have never hung out with her here in Mississippi and we never hung out in Turkey. I just knew her. Nothing more.

She asked me if Leo had told me about her baby shower.

Um, no...and when did the invites go out? Did I miss something?

She told me she e-mailed him with the info on Monday (this was Wed or Thurs I think)....I wanted to tell her that he is extremely busy at work and doesn't have time to go over e-mails that often that aren't work related.

Anyway, I told her we had plans so I didn't think I could make it. I even wrote her on Facebook to tell her.

I didn't hear anything back from her. I assumed she was mad or didn't really care if I went. I mean, after all, it's not like we HAVE EVER HUNG OUT!! And it really ticked me off that she has never asked me to do anything, but all of a sudden she's having this baby shower and wants me to attend? For what? A free freaking gift?! I don't think so. I have my own toddler and baby on the way thankyouverymuch.

So, after my appointment today I'm driving home and here my text alert. I waited until I got home to see who it was.

Guess who.

It. was. her.

She asked me what happened, that it made her "sad" I didn't go.

I told her, listen, we had family plans. I told her via text and Facebook. I had a bad week last week--the last thing I wanted to do was talk to someone who doesn't really want to be my friend (I didn't tell her that last part...but I was tempted to tell her exactly what I thought of her).

She then keeps texting me. I kept telling her I was sorry. But really?! What did she expect?!

She then called me a punk a$$--although she put "lol" after it. Wow. Sooo funny. Really.

And she then made her point that "only 5 people bothered to show up and it really hurt her feelings".

At this point I wanted to tell her, at least you got a shower!!! I'm not getting a shower and you don't see me sending out a last minute e-mail to people I knew of in another country but never hang out with.

Sorry that was so long. She just really got under my skin. I can't stand fake people. I can't stand people who use me. And I can't stand it when someone pretends to be my friend so I'll do something which benefits them.


That's all for now....

Oh-one more thing!

I need to start thinking of what kind of birthday cake I want for my 21st 30th birthday on Sunday. Any yummy suggestions out there? Chocolate now gives me heartburn. It's very tragic! So anything besides chocolate out there?


Monday, June 8, 2009

Loving the Monogram Divas!

Today I've been browsing The Monogram Divas and well, I've fallen in love!

I've found two cuuute bags that I would use as a diaper bag--I'm not crazy about the traditional style of diaper bags. I would rather have something super cute that I could carrry---both of these bags would make me feel a little more like myself than a sleep deprived mom.

Here is what I've set my heart on (in no particular order):

Love this bag with my initial monogrammed in bright pink:
This bag is perfect as is--I LOVE it:

And I added this to my wishlist, because...well, I would love to have one for the summer after Madelyn is born:

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Have I Really Stooped to This?!

I am beyond excited for the newest season of Bridezillas that starts tonite!

I'm not sure if it's because there's not a whole lot on tv right now or because I am constantly exhausted...but I've been looking forward to this nite for a couple of weeks now.

How sad is that?!

Please reassure me that you, too, look forward to a summer show starting....please?

And what are you watching? Is there anything on that I've been missing?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Name Changes, New Laptop, Etc...Basically Just Some A Lot of Randoms

***I have decided I couldn't see this little one in my belly kicking around and making my bladder go ca-razy as an Addison. It just wasn't vibing with me....you know? We have now decided on name number three. Which is Madalyn. I'm not sure of the spelling yet...but at least I have a name that won't have me up at nite wondering if it is the name. I think I have officially lost my mind....

***My laptop...yes...that was a lot of fun today. Isabella wanted some strawberries. I think this was bowl, oh, number two? I get up and as I am slicing them I hear a loud noise. I call out to her and she comes into the kitchen with a look of panic. "Uh-oh" is what she tells me. Hmmm...this can't be good. I go and see my beloved laptop on the ground. The screen is ruined. Leo is going to get all the photo's off (thank goodness!! we should have done that a looong time ago) and he went and bought me a new one. I love that man! And I love my new laptop!

***This week has been crazy. Insane. Remember I told you our dog ran away when Leo was in Orlando? I decided earlier this week to go on Craigslist...I wasn't looking for anything, really. I see the lost and found tab thinking maybe? Maybe Chewy will be on there? And wouldn't ya know...there he was. The woman that found him took him in and really liked him. He is a pretty good dog. Oh--she even groomed him! He was due for a haircut....too. funny!

***I am really tired lately. Like exhausted. I think with Isabella's tantrums this week and the early waking up and the crying at nite have pushed to my point of exhaustion. And the fact that I can't fall asleep at nite no matter how exhausted I am. I need my sleep...I'll be 32 weeks on Sat and I have been stressing enough about all we have to do in the upcoming weeks. It's Leo's three day weekend this weekend, so I'm really hoping to sleep. And sleep. And sleep.

***Isabella has now started saying "hhhmmmm" when looking for her things. If I ask her, for example, "Baby, where's your paci?". She'll look at me, puts her finger up to her lips and says, "hhhmmmm"! It cracks me up!! Cutie little girl!

***She can count to ten now!! I am so proud of her. She still wants nothing to do with the abc's. Anytime we start to sing them she screams this piercing scream--but you can tell it's a joking one. It's really funny! I guess those will have to wait until she's a little older....

***She calls Leo Daddy now. And she called me Mommy for the first time today. *sniff* My munchkin is getting older. The next thing I'll know she'll be in kindergarten....

***She's terrified of bugs. Even when they are on tv. She was watching Oswald and there was a fly buzzing around the penguins head. She freaked out. I had to change the channel! We try to show her that bugs aren't bad--even me, who is terrified of anything creepy, crawly, flying and buzzy. I hope it's just a phase...

***My sister is going camping this weekend. Well, it's camping to her...she has a cabin, electricity and water. Oh--and a bed! I keep teasing her about it bc if you know her you know she is NOT the camping type. Today I text her: "Are you in the wilderness yet? Don't be turning all Man vs Wild on me now....". To which she wrote back that they were waiting at her friends' house and she was scared. I hope she has fun--even though it's a work thing that is lasting for a few days. I love you, sis!!

The Girl Seriously Cracks Me Up!

Isabella woke up pretty early this morning...like before 5 a.m early--gotta love thunderstorms!

She came and snuggled in bed with me and watched Noggin while I dozed on and off.

A commercial with George Lopez came on.

She asked me, "Sat? Sat?"

I opened an eye and told her it was a man.

She then sat up and shrieked.....


Of course I had to call Leo at this point and tell him that he obviously has a twin...ha!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Fabulous Birthday Giveaway!

A NYC H.I.T (Housewife-In-Training--cute, right?!) just turned 28 25!

Yesterday was her actual birthday but I'm sure she won't mind if you stop by there today to wish her Happy Birthday!

She's also hosting a giveaway of some of her favorite things...and they.are.fabulous!

So, what are you waiting for? Go and visit her and wish her a happy birthday! And while you're over there don't forget to enter giveaway!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Must Love Wine, Crafts and Shopping...


Someone (a girl, please, no men....) who loves to craft. Willing to spend time making lots of fun crafts, learning craftiness. I'm willing to learn anything and teach any "skills" I may have.

Must also like to have wine and yummy margaritas. Preferably on the front or back porch while the kids are playing and the husbands/boyfriends/fiances are bbq'ing.

Bonus if you have children--they can play while we craft it up. Plus they are a great inspiration, right?

Likes to go to garage sales, craft shows, antique shops. Must love a bargain and must love finding a treasure that we can be proud of only spending a few bucks on.

Maybe start a bookclub of some sorts. But only if we agree on the book.

Likes to go get pedis, shopping and watching a movie at an actual movie theater!! Where we can eat popcorn and candy and pick out the movie of our choice. Sad, scary, happy--doesn't matter. Just going to the theater will make my day!

Oh--and we must live near each other in order for this to work out. I'm not so great at the whole long distance relationship thing....

***I wish I could place an ad like this! Is it really this hard to find people that live by you and that you truly want to hang out with? Is it because I'll be 30 in 12 days? Is it harder to make friends when you are older?***

Windex Outdoor All-in-One {Review and Coupons to Giveaway!}

I recently got asked to review the new Windex Outdoor All-in-One outdoor window cleaner courtesy of a Bzz campaign that I gladly took up. I was more than happy and excited to accept this product and review it!

If there's one thing I dislike doing it's cleaning the windows--outside. Especially now that I am pregnant and have been bugging Leo to do it for the past few weeks. Poor guy!

I had seen commercials for the new Windex product, but I am usually leary on buying new products that seem too good to be true--especially after not hearing anything about the product from consumers. I knew it had to be fate when my Bzz Agent contacted me.

When it arrived I was surprised to see how small the packaging was--after all, it was supposed to clean our windows outside? After opening the package you could see that all you had to do was assemble and read the instructions which were printed on the cloth cleaners bag--very convenient!

My husband, the sweet guy he is, insisted on doing the windows. He refused to let me help since it was, oh around 90 degrees outside.

Isabella and I sat back and watched. It took him no time to pop off our screens and line them up on the fence. He then soaked the cloth and got to work.

It was super easy!!

*wet your windows with your hose

*use the Windex cloth that is attached to their pole and clean your windows (it should suds up--if it doesn't wet your cloth again)

*spray down your window again to get the cleaner off

And you're done! That's it, no more work.

After they dried our windows looked great. Seriously. All of my doubts about it were gone.

I would recommend this product to anyone--family, my readers, my friends. It works and is so easy! Window cleaning won't be such the dreaded chore around here anymore, that is for sure.

Thank you BzzAgent for sending me this product! I loved reviewing it!

For my readers!
My BzzAgent sent me {5} coupons for $3 off a Windex Outdoor All-in-One
starter kit!
If you are interested in {1} coupon simply leave a comment and I will e-mail you for your address and send it off.
I only have {5} so they will go to the 1st {5} comments!

Monday, June 1, 2009

She Was What Some Would Call....Exhausted....

This is what occurs when someone felt 45 minutes was enough of

a nap....

PS--she was tucked in when we put her to bed...my girl just has another idea of what comfortable means *smile*