Tuesday, April 14, 2009


While trying to fall asleep last nite I kept thinking of everything we need to do before Addison arrives. Not just baby things, but house things that will be easiest if we complete before her arrival.

After tossing and turning for what seemed like an eternity I decided to stop thinking about anything and everything that was stressing me out. I decided to think about things that I love, things that make me happy.

*Sipping sweet tea, reading a book on our front porch. It's so peaceful and relaxing....

*Isabella holding my hand when we are shopping....

*Sweet kisses from my baby girl. There's just something about her baby kisses that lite up my life.

*Leo raving about my dinner that I make him...or him thanking me for doing something as simple as laundry. What a sweetheart!

*Reading to Isabella. Even if it's the same book over and over....I just love seeing her face lite up when she is being read to.

*Going to church. After mass it feels like everything is peaceful and calm.

*Being pregnant. Although the first few months were so hard, it's totally worth it to feel Addison moving and to hear her heartbeat. I realize how lucky we are and that babies truly are a miracle of God's work.

I know my list is longer, but that's all I wanted to type for now. Maybe I'll start doing this more often. Especially if I'm feeling down or stressed.

What about you? What makes you happy?


Loukia said...

Aww, what a great post! I love it. It is always the simple things that make us the happiest, you know?

Hmm, what makes me happy? (Can I steal this topic as a blog post please? LOL!)

- Seeing my 2 boys playing nicely together. Seeing big brother teaching younger brother, seeing younger brother look up at big brother with such love in his eyes!

- Putting both children asleep. So wonderful. The cuddles and kisses and just watching them sleep!

- My vanilla latte in the a.m. That also makes me very happy!

- Oh and being pregnant was the best feeling ever. The happiest feeling in the world!

Amanda (A Business Belle) said...

I loved this post!!

What makes me happy? My sweet husband, when my puppies wiggle with excitement when I come home, a hot Georgia afternoon, a cold drink on the beach and the last day of class.

Susan said...

That's a great idea!

Some of the things that make me happy are:

**hearing my kids belly laughing, especially when they are playing with each other
**Playing outside in the bright sunshine with my happy kids
**Cooking, especially when it makes others happy and/or grateful
**My husband and the sweet ways he shows and tells me he loves me
**watching Austin "read" to himself
**seeing Mia dance to the music in her room
**the smile on my kids faces when I come home being somewhere without them
**girl's night out
**Saturday mornings when we all pile in the bed and watch cartoons together

Thanks...I needed that!

grandma said...

I love your blog today. What makes me happy? Oh, so many things like reading your blog today! When those I love are happy, I'm happy! When I look at my little great granddaughter and our little granddaughters. Walking with your gpa. Thinking about how blessed we have been.....
I could go on and on...
love to all of you!

Hera said...

"*Leo raving about my dinner that I make him...or him thanking me for doing something as simple as laundry. What a sweetheart!"

Mike does the same thing. I'll be cooking dinner, or folding laundry, etc. and he'll come up behind me and give me a hug and say "thank you" with a huge smile on his face. It's so sweet and lovely to be appreciated.

Stephanie said...

That was SOO sweet!!! I loved it :)