Friday, April 3, 2009

Outside "Fun"

It was such a nice day out today that after naptime and lunch we immediately went outside to soak in the sun and fresh air. It's been raining and dreary for days and the sunshine seems to have put us both in great moods!

Here are the highlights from our time outside (let me state ahead of time that it only lasted a little over an hour...):

* Isabella picking me flowers and grass

* Isabella attempting to eat said flowers and grass

* Me digging said flowers and grass out of her mouth--in return she bites me

* In return of the bite I threaten that outside time will be over if any other form of violence towards Momma continues

* Cat joins us outside

* Cute until she eats grass and starts doing that disgusting gagging and cat throwing up thing

* Isabella runs to see what is wrong with her kitty and tries to inspect said throw up--with her hands

* Dog poops within feet of my chair while we are inside getting water

* I do not discover this until Isabella picks up said poop with her hands.

* She manages to get it on her shirt and shorts as well

* We rush inside to clean up all dog poop on Isabella. She is now in a diaper, socks and cute hairbow--sans poopy clothes....

* Outside time is officially declared over for the day until Daddy comes home and scoops up all dog poop

So there you have it...our joyous, fun-filled afternoon outside!

Although I did manage to read one and a half magazines while out there--yay!


Kristi said...

THAT IS TOO FUNNY!!! It sounds like something from a TV show with the poor mom running from one awful catastrophe to the next! HAHAHA

Nel said...

I so know it wasn't funny at the time but ... ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!

This will become one of those baby-days you'll never forget.

I've one to share with you (and you know how old my babies are now) ...

It also was a sunny day, and I was also pregnant at the time. I decided it would be nice to just go outdoors and relax in the lounger while the baby played and got some fresh air blah blah blah.

After putting on a pair of shorts so that I could get some color on my legs - and getting a glass of juice for child and myself to enjoy while outdoors - I finally made it to the lounger.

And with all the grace of a preggers, I finally was able to plop myself down into the the lounger. And with said grace - immediately tried to get OUT of the lounger because something was stinging me!!!!!!

When I finally managed to roll, push and get into a standing position, I realized that I had plopped myself down onto a wasp.

And that became a "sunny day fun" event that lodged into my 'mama memory bank'.

:-) Enjoy them, sweetie. They'll go by so fast. :-)

Susan said...

Sounds fun!!!!!! :)

Krystyn said...

What a great day outside. Isabella gave you lots to talk about!

Jennifer said...

That funny! The joy of mother hood:)

Jill and Rick said...

Cracked me me!! I'm glad that at least the sun was shining for you!

Susan said...

Poop....not a joy of spending time outside.
Glad the day was beautiful for you though.

Anti-Supermom said...

Chelle, this was too funny. I love me a good poopie story :)

Hera said...

Hahahaha. Oh the patience of a good mommy to handle her daughter playing with poo.