Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's a Bird....It's Momma?

Isabella's new favorite animal is a bird. No bird in particular--just anything that tweets, flies and has feathers.

Anytime we go anywhere and she sees a bird? We must stop and watch the bird.

Same thing if she hears a bird. It's my duty to find where that birdie is.

I tell you this because I recently got a new feather pillow. And we all know that with feather pillows the feathers will fall out...or poke out and get pulled out by me.

For the past couple of days Isabella has been finding the runaway feathers and collecting them. (Remember--she loves loot and treasure of any kind!)

Today she started putting the feathers on me....I think she wants me to be a bird!

You know, because birds obviously sing prettier than me....


Kristi said...

She is trying to turn you into Big Bird! HAHAHAHA

p.s. Remember - I am obsessed with birds too! Does Bella like Owls by any chance?

Kristi said...

By the way - I see that you posted this at that right? Does that mean Bella woke up super early again?

Adlibby said...

Your blog is beautiful! Wow! I love the design so much I'm itching with envy! Just gorgeous!

Remember that W.C. Fields quote about women? That's how I feel about birds, but you've got to say it with his accent. "they're like elephants, they're nice to look at, but I wouldn't want to own one." ;)

When my littlest, Erin, was in preschool she was bird obsessed. She had one of those Littlest Pet Shop birds that she called "Birdie-pie". Birdie-pie went everywhere she did. Now it's owls. We're big on owls.

Allison R said...

Bella is too adorable.

amanda said...

what is it with the birds friend??

tweet, tweet :)

Krystyn said...

That is too funny. You should start tweeting like a bird, too!

Laural Out Loud said...

That's pretty cute! And feathers seem pretty harmless, as far as dead animal parts go. My daughter used to put all sorts of dead bugs on me. If you're daughter's trying to turn you into a bird, maybe mine was trying to turn me into a spider?