Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good Grief That's Awesome!

Isabella is such a character. For reals. Girlfriend's vocabulary has been growing...and growing...and growing. I know where she picked up a few of these words/phrases, but some of them leave me scratching my head thinking where did she hear that?!

The other day I was eating lunch with her. I had a Lean Cuisine and she had her cheese pizza and oranges. She wanted a bite of rice and I pushed the meal closer to her. She got a bite and a piece of rice flew off of her fork. She looks at me and said, 'Good grief!'

Haha! I love it! Everytime she says it I die laughing! And she knows exactly when to say it. Crazy girl.

Her other newest and favorite word is 'awesome!'. And to her everything is awesome! Shows, books, snacks...it's all awesome to her! She learned that one from the Fresh Beat Band show on Nickelodeon--Dora and Yo Gabba Gabba are (for now) dropped from her favorite show list. Kind of relieved...I needed a break!

And her last silly behavior? She does this fake laugh about everything--and sometimes slaps her knees when laughing.

It. is. hilarious! And the fake laughter is just so funny it makes me crack up.

I love her so much...I can't believe she's almost {2} already. One thing's for sure....

She loves making Leo and me laugh!


great gma and gpa said...

Sure would love to see that little sweetie carrying on with her "good griefs" and slapping her knee.. I can sure picture it though! :-)

Amanda said...

I have 4 boys, but when i hear little girls talking i think it's hilarious!

blueviolet said...

That cracks me up that she said good grief! When kids say the things we say, it sounds so much funnier!

Elaine A. said...

G loves to say "that's aweseome!" too but I know EXACTLY who he got it from - big brother!

So cute. I just love the things they come up with!!

Anonymous said...

What a funny girl!! I love the good grief!! We have been having some issues with some new phrases such as Hush mom.. the only thing we tell to hush is the dog at my MILs house.. oo its going to drive me insane to break this little habit!!

amanda said...

it really is hysterical what they say isn't it honey?? there is never a dull moment in our worlds huh?