Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Adios, Papa!

I am still in shock. Leo is still in shock.

And Isabella is probably still in shock.

This all started a few nights ago. We were having a not-so-hot day and we all really needed a laugh, a smile or just some stress free time.

We were in our bedroom, Bella had just finished with her bath, her bedtime lotion was put on and her jammies were snapped shut. I was being silly, she was laughing at me and Daddy was laughing at us.

She and I turned to go prepare her final bottle for the evening.

Momma: Isabella, can you tell Daddy bye-bye?

Isabella: Bye-bye

Momma and Daddy: Oh my gosh!!! She said bye-bye!!

Isabella: laughing and kicking her legs...so proud of what she has accomplished...

I am so proud of her and cannot believe she has started to talk. *sigh*

It's true what everyone has told me. They sure do grow up quick.


Kristi said...

That is so cute! She is the smartest baby ever!!

I have to admit, I was hoping her first word would be Kristi (or Chi-Chi - whatever was easiest for her to say)
just joking

amanda said...


must be something in the water honey - we got "duck" today :)

yeah for our big girls!!

Jenny said...

that is so awesome! go bella!

Kelli said...

They do grow up quick. Too quick!!! My little boy just turned 2 and I still can't believe it. That's so exciting that your little one is starting to talk. It's just amazing, isn't it? So cute!

BookMomma said...

You have no. idea. how fast it will go from here! Believe it or not, you might find yourself wondering in the next month or so "How do I turn this kid off?"

Yay for your Big Girl!! "Mama" is right around the corner!

Thanks for popping by the HH for POWs - I hope to visit more often!