Thursday, July 24, 2008

Move Over Mommy

Hola! It's me, Isabella.

I have decided that it is MY turn to post. Mommy really needs to learn how to share--she never ever lets me have the laptop. So occasionally I have to sneak around to have a chance to be on here.

Except with Mommy there is no sneaking around. She always-and I mean always-has that flashy thing with her. I think it's called a camera because she says, "Bella, smile for the camera!" a lot.

An example of her being quite sneaky is here:

This was me typing up a post the other day. And she caught me! It was supposed to be a surprise for her, but I am guessing Mommy isn't too big on surprises.

We have a puppy now! She is really nice to me and always gives me kisses. She likes my toys. And my pacifiers. And all of my food I throw to her from my highchair. Except mommy thinks I "accidentally" drop it. Ha! I have her fooled!

Since getting Daisy I have been acting like a puppy, too! I crawl around with things in my mouth. Here is a picture of me doing that the other day. Mommy laughs and says I look like Daisy when I do it. I just think it's fun! And I love getting laughs from Mommy and Daddy.

I wanted to show you a picture of me and my new favorite toy. It's my first American Girl doll! I got her on Christmas from my Mema and Papa. Her name is Molly and there's a story behind this doll. Mommy always wanted a Molly doll. So for Christmas one year Mema and Papa asked Mommy if she would like Molly. Mommy said no, she wanted an electronic keyboard. Ha! Now she never got her Molly doll. So Mema and Papa gave me one for Christmas. Mommy was so excited when she saw I had Molly. I love her! I don't get to play with her unless Mommy is with me because she is very special.

Well, I need to finish my baba now. Mommy is drinking her coffee now. She says coffee is a that true? Does she really need it to survive as she puts it? She makes it really strong because she says I am teething and I don't sleep well. I can't help it that teething hurts so bad. It's painful!

I had fun with you today! I'll try to post more often, but it depends if Mommy lets me or not. Happy Thursday!


Vashey Fam said...

So cute! I love the pic with her acting like your puppy! Yes, coffee is a *much* needed survival tool for teething!

amanda said...

oh bella, what a lovely post!! i am sooo impressed :) who knew you had such great typing skills!!

Krystyn said...

Your Bella is a doll! She's a good typer, too!

And just wait until she can tell you to put the computer away, or she finds the magic button that immediately turns it off! That's fun!

Jill and Rick said...

Oh Bella! I hope you can sneak a little more time on the computer - we LOVE hearing from you! I promise I won't tell mommy. Love you bunches!


Elaine A. said...

Bella you have some mad typing Skilz Girl! HA!

Too cute!

(i have a few pics like that with my little guy at my laptop too!)

Mama Les said...

She is so cute!!! I love the pic of her on the computer... my kids always try to get ONLINE! LOL

Jenny said...

so cute! bella is really talented on the keyboard!
Happy Friday!

Philly said...

Bella , what a pretty little girl you are !! Do you have red hair?
I always wanted a little girl with red curly hair. Instead I got the I-talian looking kids.


Fawn said...

Hee hee - great post! Thanks for visiting my little corner of the world. :)

Kelli said...

You are a lucky little girl, Bella! A new puppy and an American girl doll to play with? My little girl would be in heaven.

Your mommy sure takes cute pictures with that flashy camera thing. Fun post! :)

Lisa said...

What a sweet idea. She sure is a smart little girlie, isn't she?

Susan said...

She is really cute! My son is equally interested in trying to use my computer. One day he colored on my screen while I was in another room. That was not a happy discovery.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Your Bella is ALL sweetness! She is so beautiful, and those pictures make me want to scoop her up and tickle her little tummy!

Loved her guest post :)


Becks said...

What a sweetie!! Love her sneaking on the laptop.

Bella you are a doll!