Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Let's Get This Party Started!

Wow! Y'all are the best for being interested in the book swap.
I am so excited to get started!
For rules, I am open to all ideas everyone has. I had a few ideas, let me know if you like them, don't like them and PLEASE tell me if you have more ideas. I am open to anything and everything.
Would you all like to create another team blog for our book swap? Or everyone just post on their blog? Or we all designate one person to be the blogger that runs this? I almost like the idea of a team blog. What do you think?
I said earlier that 1st one to comment is the 1st one to get it. Does that seem fair? Does someone have a better idea? Like I said earlier, I am open to any and all suggestions! My mind is a little frazzled--we just rearranged our entire living room including our enormous Turkish entertainment center. (we were stationed there for two years).
Er, sorry, I'm way off subject now *hehe*
So, that's all I have for ideas. I'm really new at this swap thing. Let me know what you have in mind. I can't wait for us to start! I should be done with the book I'm reading by this weekend and then I'll be posting it up for grabs.
Thank you again for your interest in this. Thanks for making my week an awesome week my friends!


BookMomma said...

Hmmmm. Not sure about how to do the who gets it thing either... let me think about it.

My bookclub does a "Dirty Book Swap" at the holidays but I don't think that would translate well online. Are we swapping the books amongst ourselves only? How will new folks participate?

Mamasphere said...

Perhaps you could do a weekly or monthly mr. linky?

Susan said...

As "mamasphere" suggested, maybe you could do a weekly or bi-monthly mr. linky. People can link up if they have a book to swap and maybe give a description and review on their blog. The more difficult piece is figuring out how to make sure that everyone is actually getting and receiving books...and "fairly".
I'll keep thinking because I love the idea!

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

hmmm... this is more confusing than i originally thought it would be. i was wondering too, would we be sending and receiving the books in the mail to eachother? and what happens once I read a book that I received from someone else, do i return it to them, or does it continue on?

i haven't yet read the rest of what you posted, I'm very behind in my blog reading! i'm headed there now, so i'm sorry if i just asked questions that you already answered :)