Thursday, July 3, 2008

Will She Ever Catch a Break?

Isabella is sick. Still. She has now been sick for over 3 weeks. It's still the bronchitis and double ear infection. She got put on Amoxicilin again, but this time 3 times/day. The urgent care doctor told us she needs to see her ped on Tuesday (we get home on Monday). They will be talking to us about getting tubes placed in her ears as well. Please send any prayers that you can so she will get well soon. I am worried that she has been sick for so long!

The pics above are of her having a vapor bath tonite. She looks so happy and I think that was some of the most fun that she had all day. I just love those little teefers!


Jill and Rick said...

Sweet sweet Bella, we want you to get well baby girl!! I love the cute pictures, Chelle, and it does us good to see her smiling! Keep us posted on her, hon. I love you all.


grandma said...

We are so sad that little Bella is still getting sick. We hope she'll get ALL better this time. love and hugs, from great gma and gpa.

Kristen said...

Oh Chelle, I am so sorry to hear she has been sick this long.

I hope that your Ped. doc can figure out how to make her better really soon!!

And we call them teefers at this house too. She is such a cutie!

Jenny said...

Hi Chelle,

Thoughts and prayers for you and your little Bella. I hope she gets better soon!
Ear infections and bronchitis, no fun at all.
Have a great 4th!